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Chapter 1 - Informative Referance

this story is about a dimension trekker. it's about her adventures in Hyrule, beginning with her life in the Opera Populair. She meets one of her best friends, and discovers more about life. and more importantly about herself...

Chapter 1 - Informative Referance

Chapter 1 - Informative Referance
first off, let me tell you about dimension trekkers.

i made them up. totally mine, don't copy my idea unless i give you permission.

a dimention trekker is a normal being, but works with an agency that sends them to different dimentions to help people. the dimentions that i'm talking about are places from movies, books, and videogames. there are also immortal trekkers.

Immortal Trekkers

immortal trekkers are only born every 500 years. they are usually more powerful, and rarely live to see the next immortal born. immortals can't die of old age. they can die of other things, though, like being mortally wounded, poisen, etc...

The Enemy

the trekkers have one main enemy- the trekker hunters. and they, well, hunt trekkers. they like to cause havoc in other dimensions, and they try to turn the beings in the dimensions into hunters.

Important Characters

George- george is the captain of the trekkers. he is also one of the few immortals to see the next one born. he has actually seen 5 born, which makes him about 2,000 some years old.

hair: strawberry blonde, semi long

eyes: green

elements: light, fire, wind

original dimension: Lord of the Rings

Tarteray- tarteray is the captain of the hunters, as george is to the trekkers. he is an immortal hunter, and he's been around about the same ammount of time as george.

hair: black, semi long, usually wears red scarf across forehead

eyes: red

elements: darkness, fire

original dimension: Kingdom Hearts

Dimension's Home

dimension's home is the door to all dimensions, used by the trekkers. the hunter's have no idea it exists. they have their own means of getting to other dimensions, that of which is unknown. it's basically the trekkers' head quarters.

that is all the information i can think of at the moment. please comment or send me a message.


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QueenofRed on September 18, 2007, 1:11:12 AM

QueenofRed on
QueenofRedCOOL, can't wait until you do more! I have a question for you.. did you put yourself in the story?

BlackxTigris on September 18, 2007, 5:32:41 AM

BlackxTigris on
BlackxTigrisno i did not

gaaralover1 on September 17, 2007, 11:44:40 AM

gaaralover1 on
gaaralover1This is good so far....I can't wait..