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Chapter 2 - New Addition

this story is about a dimension trekker. it's about her adventures in Hyrule, beginning with her life in the Opera Populair. She meets one of her best friends, and discovers more about life. and more importantly about herself...

Chapter 2 - New Addition

Chapter 2 - New Addition
It was night. Rain poured mercilessly down as thunder rumbled above. Lightning streaked across the sky, momentarily lighting the way for two cloaked figures. They stole silently through the streets, the rain beating down on them. They stopped at a large building. One of the figures addressed their comrade. "Are you sure this is the place, Captain?" The taller of the two nodded slowly as he looked up at the magnificent building. "Opera Populair, yes. This is where she is. I can feel it." He rubbed his left shoulder as he continued to stare at the opera house. "Is it hurting you?" the shorter one asked."What, the symbol? No, not hurting. It just tingles a bit." he replied as he stopped rubbing his arm. "It's how I know that another immortal's been born," he stated, smiling under his hood. "This one's powerful," he said turning to his companion. "Shall we, Bartholomew?" the taller one asked."Yes, George. Let's go greet the new trekker." Bartholomew and George walked into the opera house. They were immediatly greeted by a young woman."Captain?" she asked hesitantly."It's us," George replied. She gave a little sigh of relief as she bowed to the master trekker. George nodded as she rose."It's a pleasure to meet you. The little one is this way." she said as she led them through the Opera Populair. They came to a room with about 5 or 6 women tending to another in a bed. They looked up when the two trekkers entered the room. George threw back the hood of his cloak, shimmering red hair casting a glow across the room. His bright green eyes scanned the room, and fell on the young, fish-like woman in the bed. She laid there motionless, her eyes closed. He moved over to the bedside. "How is she?" He asked the woman closest to the bed. Her eyes were downcast when she answered him. "She's dead, Captain. She passed after the child birth." "Oh," he replied as he kneeled down and laid his hand on the deceased trekker's forehead. "She was a wonderful trekker. She was the one who almost killed Tarteray, no?" The woman nodded."Yes, that was her." He gave a sad sigh."She's a Zora." The woman nodded again."yes, sir." He stood and sighed."So where's the immortal trekker? I'm can't wait to meet her." One woman left momentarily, returning with a bundle in her arms."Here she is," the woman said, handing the infant to George. "Are you sure she's an immortal trekker, Captain?" she asked. He took the sleeping babe, and gently moved the blankets off her left arm. A faint mark could be seen right below her shoulder."Ah, I'm positive. You see, normal trekkers have their trekker symbols on their right arm. immortals have them on their left." She stirred at the sudden coldness, and George wrapped her back up. She came awake, and looked up at the chief trekker with bright blue eyes. The clear orbs turned to Bartholomew as he came over to them. He lifted his hood off his head, revealing shaggy blonde hair."What's her name?" the blonde asked. "Selicia wanted it to be Tara," the woman beside the bed said solemnly."Tara," George repeated. "What about her father?" George looked to the woman. She paused, then answered, "He died a few months ago. He was killed on a mission. By Tarteray." she added. George nodded, and handed the infant back to the woman. He motioned for Bartholomew, and headed toward the door. "Take very good care of her. I'll be back on her 17th birthday. Don't tell her anything about what she it. I'll tell her when she's ready. So long." With that, he and Bartholomew headed out the door.


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