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Chapter 5 - Trekkers

this story is about a dimension trekker. it's about her adventures in Hyrule, beginning with her life in the Opera Populair. She meets one of her best friends, and discovers more about life. and more importantly about herself...

Chapter 5 - Trekkers

Chapter 5 - Trekkers
Tara changed into an elegant maroon dress, and let her hair down out of the bun. She pondered what the phantom had told her as she slipped on her long gloves. A knock on the door jolted her from her thoughts.
"Come in," she called. Bartholomew peeked in the door.
"You ready to go to the ball?" he asked.
"Yep!" she said, exiting her room.
"My, don't you look lovely," the blonde told her. Tara smiled and did a twirl.
"Thanks, Bartholomew!" He smiled as well, and offered her his arm.
"So shall we be on our way, Mademoiselle?"
"We shall!" she said, taking his arm, and the two started towards the ballroom. They arrived, and were met by dancing couples, flowing ball gowns, and beautiful music. Tara received many congratulations and praises for her performance. She and Bartholomew mingled a little bit, shared small talk, and exchanged dress compliments. A new song eventually started up, and Bartholomew turned to Tara.
"May I have this dance?" he asked, bowing and holding out his hand. Tara chuckled.
"But of course!" she answered, and took his hand. They started dancing, twirling and swirling around the ballroom. They danced for a while, Bartholomew spinning her occasionally. He wasn't the best of dancers, and they would both crack up laughing when he'd clumsily do a wrong move, or step on her foot. The blonde spun her again, and she laughed as she twirled. She caught a flash of orange, and curiously peered past Bartholomew's shoulder. It was the same man that she had spotted in the crowd when she was singing. She turned her head as she continued to dance, still watching the orange-haired man. He was talking to some people, so she got a profile shot of him. He was rather hansom, and looked to be about her age. He had bright green eyes.
I've never seen eyes like his before, she thought to herself. Someone tapped the orange-haired man on the shoulder, and he turned around. Tara could see his full face now.
Wow, she thought, his eyes look brighter when seeing them from the front. The man glanced up, momentarily locking eyes with Tara. And even brighter when looking straight into them… she thought, blushing. The man looked away.
"Hey, is everything all right?" Bartholomew asked, snapping her out of her trance. The girl looked around, noticing she had stopped dancing. "So whatcha looking at?" Bartholomew asked as he looked around curiously. He turned to where Tara was previously looking, and his eyes fell on the orange-haired man. "Ah! Looking at him, are we?" the blonde said, jabbing a thumb in the man's direction.
"Y…yeah," she whispered, her cheeks turning pink.
"Hey, it's alright. He's actually a good friend of mine. I'm sure he'd love to meet you. Come on," Bartholomew held out and arm.
"O…okay!" Tara said, taking his arm. Bartholomew started leading her to the man. The bright-haired man saw them, and excused himself from the group he was chatting with. He met them half way.
"Bartholomew! How are you?" he said, smiling.
"I'm great! It's good to see you," Bartholomew replied, shaking the man's hand and beaming as well.
"Yeah," said the man, "It's been so long…" He turned his attention to Tara.
"So this must be Tara," he said, looking at her proudly. She smiled as he took her hand and kissed it. "Nice to meet you, Tara. My name is George."
"It's nice to meet you too, George," she replied. Bartholomew looked around.
"Hey, I'm gonna go get a drink. Can I get you anything?" he asked Tara.
"No, I'm good, thanks." Bartholomew nodded, and walked away. George turned back to Tara.
"I enjoyed the performance tonight. You have a wonderful singing voice," he told her. She smiled.
"Why thank you. I've been well taught."
"So Bartholomew told me it's your birthday, correct?" he asked.
"Oh! Yeah, it is. It's my 17th birthday," she told him. The red head smiled.
"Well, happy birthday, Tara. I guess it's MY turn to sing to YOU!" He took a deep breath, but Tara stopped him.
"Thank you, that's quite alright!" They both laughed.
"I was only joking," George told her, "I'm not much of a singer. I'll leave that to you." Tara giggled.
"That's fine with me!" she said.
"I'm not that bad of a dancer, though! What do you say? May I have this dance?" he asked, holding out his hand and looking at her with his bright green eyes.
"I would love to," she replied, taking his hand. Leading her to the dance floor, George looked to a small group of people in the corner. His face darkened, and his lip involuntarily came up in a snarl. He changed direction, and started leading Tara to the far side of the room.
"Something wrong?" she asked. His face brightened again, and he smiled at her.
"Everything's alright. There are less people over here." She glanced back to the group of people he was looking at to find that they were staring darkly after them. She snapped her head back forward. Something about those people gave her a bad feeling.
As they reached their preferred spot, the music started, fast and lively. George took her around the waist, and pulled her into a fast dance. Tara laughed, and held onto him. He was indeed a good dancer. They twirled around the dance floor, laughing and having time. The song soon ended, and the orchestra started playing a slow one.
"This'll be nice after the last one. You up for it?" George asked her.
"Absolutely," she replied. George held her close, and they started swaying to the music. They danced in silence for a while. George leaned his head against her cheek to speak to her in a low whisper.
"Have you ever dreamed about going to different worlds?" he asked. She tilted her head up to speak into his ear.
"That's an odd question," she said. A deep chuckle rumbled in his chest.
"Well, have you?" the red head asked.
"Once or twice, yeah. I think everyone has at some point," Tara answered.
"Yeah, I guess you're right. Do you think it's possible, though?"
"If you want it to be, I don't know." She pulled back from George to look at him. "Why are you saying this?" Tara asked him. He pulled her close to him again, and put his lips close to her ear.
"Because I know for a fact and from personal experience that it's possible." His breath was a warm tingle on her ear. The girl's eyes widened. Somehow, she knew he was telling the truth.
"Have you ever heard of Dimension Trekkers?" the red head asked.
"No," she answered.
"Well, the Dimension Trekkers are a group of gifted people who have the knowledge and ability to travel to different worlds, or dimensions as we like to call them, to help the residents of that dimension who are in need of our help. You see, there's another group of people who know how to go into different dimensions, too, but their intensions are bad. They try to overtake the dimensions for themselves, and destroy the dimensions that they can't overtake. They are known as the Trekker Hunters. It's our job as Trekkers to put a stop to them." Tara's Eyes widened, and her heart beat faster in her chest. I…I know he's telling the truth; I have a feeling he is. I don't know how…I just do, she thought.
"Why are you telling me this?" she whispered in his ear.
"Because you were born into this. You are a Dimension Trekker. A rather special one, in fact."
"W…what do you mean?" she said.
"Tara, you are immortal. So am I. I'm the leader of the Dimension Trekkers." Part of her wanted to believe this, but another part thought that this was some joke. Her heart rate increased.
"How do I know you're telling me the truth? What if you're just lying to me, planting stupid ideas in my head for some sick kind of amusement?" tears of anger welled up in her eyes, and she pushed herself away from George. She ran to the exit of the ballroom, choking down sobs.
"Tara!" George shouted, taking a step towards the fleeing girl, deciding whether he should comfort her now, or let her cool off. To his horror, the group of men in the corner ducked out quickly after Tara. "No…" he whispered, then sprinted after them.


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