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Chapter 1 - Goodbye

A PHD: Phantasy Degree Oneshot: Lady Sang and Lord Lance share a few tender moments under a full moon before parting ways.

Chapter 1 - Goodbye

Chapter 1 - Goodbye
Lord Lance shifted his gaze upward towards the darkened sky. His brown eyes glittered as starlight reflected in them. A small smile crossed his face as his eyes came to rest on a figure leaning against a small wall that lined the edge of the rooftop. The full moon caused their body to be covered in shadows. However, Lance knew exactly who was there. He had grown used to the level of energy she put off.

“Enjoying your evening stroll, M’lady?” The figure slightly shifted position. “The moonlight view from up here is quite superb, don’t you agree?”

“Yes, Lord Lance, the view is rather beautiful. I shall miss it.” A glimmer of surprise hinted in his eyes.

“And why do you say that? I have seen your power and know that you have no chance of dying anytime soon.”

“You know that I do not support the Guild’s actions. I never have. I only remained with them to reach my goals. Now, it is no longer a help to stay. It is a hinderment. Nothing more. Nothing less.” He walked forward so that there was only a foot between him and the red-haired woman.

“Lady Sang, please reconsider.” A growl came from the woman before him. She whipped around, grabbed part of his shirt, and pulled him into a passionate kiss. He blushed lightly, but returned the kiss. As he reached to embrace her, she broke the kiss and stared him straight in the eyes.

“I’m leaving tomorrow. Do not try to stop me.” She then walked away. Lance looked up towards the full moon.

“I wouldn’t dare.”


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