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Chapter 4 - Change of Heart

The story of my original Balto wolf character Achak and how he grew up to be the wolf he is now.

Chapter 4 - Change of Heart

Chapter 4 - Change of Heart
        Nome 1926, a light snow was falling. It was quiet, but life still went on, hidden. Quickened paw-falls through the snow, then claws against rock. A young, out of breath voice rang out through the cave.
``Leader!'' The scout's brown fur was spotted with snow as he waited outside the pack's caves, his breath making smoky white fog. ``Leader?''
``What is it, Nuka?'' Came the deep, mellow voice from the cave.
``I've spotted intruders entering our territory!''
``Intruders? Of what kind?''
``Human sir! And being pulled by dogs.'' there was a moment of quiet, then the sound of shuffling and soft clicking of claws. The pack's alpha, Achak, stepped out into the open, the snow already spotting his black and silver fur with white.
``Humans you said? You sure…?'' the scout blinked, then nodded.
``Yes, sire! Positive!'' Bright blue eyes narrowed, looking out towards the woods.
``Show me.'' Nodding, the scout nodded, turning to lead his alpha to the lookout cliffs.
        At the cliffs, the brown wolf looked out a moment, then turned to Achak.
``There, leader, coming straight from the north…'' Moving aside so the bigger wolf could step up and look, Achak did so, looking out in the direction pointed, then his eyes narrowed again. He had seen. Humans…and their…pets. The silver streaked wolf hated both. The humans for invading their land, blaming wolves for things for crimes they didn't commit But above all, he hated them because…they had killed his father. Since then, he had turned cold towards the human race, the hatred blinding reason. With dogs…he didn't necessarily hate them, but they still working under man, willingly. Slaved, was more like it, to Achak. Dogs pulled those sleds for them, hauled, aided in hunting for them…protected. It made the black wolf scoff. The humans had clouded their minds. Nothing would change the image humans had created for him.
        As the sled pulled closer, Achak could made out several of the dogs, and their `slave driver'. There were seven dogs together, hooked up evenly with straps. As they got closer, the alpha could see that in the lead was a red and light cream colored dog. Female. She looked sleek, yet muscled in the right places for the work. But there was something about her that the black and silver wolf couldn't place. Her scent…it was unlike the other dogs.
        They were passing below the wolves now. Achak watched with mild interest, but mostly contempt, as they female stopped, sniffing the air a moment. The other dogs seemed either confused or worried. They all followed the female's gaze as it landed on he alpha and a few other wolves that had now gathered around him. As the pack gazed down at the domestic dogs, who all became frightened at the sight of them, the lead female stood still, eyes holding not fear…but, interest? Captivation? Achak gazed right back at her indifferently, his bright piercing ice blue eyes cold. After a moment of staring, Achak broke the contact and turned around to his pack, motioning them to leave. He wanted nothing to do with the dogs and human, and definitely didn't want to put the pack in danger. Once they were out of site of the intruders, Takoda trotted up to his alpha and brother.
``Achak?'' It was clear in his voice that the gray wolf was worried.
``We'll keep an eye on them until they pass through the territory.''
``You don't think they'll be any trouble, do you?'' Achak looked to this sibling, stepping over to him. Takoda didn't like fighting. He was passive and peaceful, and would try and avoid it any way possible. Ayashi was the same.
        Nuzzling his brother, ice blue eyes locked with golden in reassurance.
``Don't worry…'' A tail wag. Everything would work out. He'd make sure of it.

        He had decided to do it himself; patrol after the sled. It took a bit to catch up to it, but Achak was in top shape, and eventually caught up, but stayed a good distance from the group for now, since it was out in the open. Staying downwind, the alpha started observing the intruders again. Something had changed since last he'd seen them. The red female dog was no longer in the lead. In the lead now, there was a smaller lean gray and white dog. And by the looks of how it would wander and weave, the dog didn't know what it was doing at all.
Pathetic… Achak thought as he watched on. The female was behind the gray dog, and was looking none too happy about the new position arrangements. Her dark eyes were just barely containing her rage. She would snap or snarl at the lead dog's legs. But the silver streaked wolf's interest perked when the gray dog then slowed to a stop…then laid down in the snow! Achak wasn't sure if it was defiance or if the dog was just lazy, but the female clearly didn't care, and jumped the other, biting his neck. That seemed to do the trick, as the dog leapt up and shot off again…but in the wrong direction. And no matter how much the human shouted and tried to redirect the dog, it was off course. It wasn't long before the team stopped to rest since it was getting dark. Thankfully it was near a wooded area, so the black and silver wolf could stay out of sight and still keep an eye on the sled team.
        Watching, the wolf followed with his eyes as the red female stalked around camp, clearly irritated about the day's events. She was looking for something it seemed…or someone. The gray and white dog. And sure enough, as she found him, it was clear who was dominant between the two, a fight soon broke out. And Achak noted that the gray dog and the female both fought fiercely, each getting in their own hits and attacks. Just as he thought it was getting mildly interesting, the human decided to come and try to break the two dogs apart. That was a disaster waiting to happen in the alpha's mind. He knew exactly what was going to happen here. When angered, any creature is unpredictable, and could lash out at anything or anyone. Sure enough, as the man grabbed the female by the scruff to pull her away from the other dog, she whirled and snapped at him with a snarl. With a yelp, the man pulled away with a grimace of pain, the dog's fangs having gotten through the leather to draw blood. But now it seemed that the female noticed just what she'd done, because her mood changed once more. Her dark eyes widened in realization and horror, her tail curling in under her. Having been freed, she backed up, keeping her widened eyes on her master, lowering down to the ground.
        The silver streaked wolf watched on as he heard the human make a sort of hiss, looking from his bleeding hand to his lead dog. Then he moved forward and grabbed her by the scruff, and threw her down, even kicking her. That surprised Achak somewhat, but then thought better. Humans were disgusting, thinking they could attack anything and everything they wanted. He would never feel any different about them, and no one would ever change his mind. The female yelped as she was attacked, scrambling back up to her paws before darting off. To Achak, this was all in the man's wrong, for being blinked to the ways of his dogs. For a few more moments, nothing happened in the clearing; the man tended to his hand was soon boring the wolf. As far as he was concerned, the alpha knew the human deserved the wound. Turning around, the dark wolf was about to leave when he saw more movement. The scrawny gray dog was being hooked back up, along with the others. Were they just going to leave? Was the man not going to wait for the female to come back, though he doubted she would? Listening and watching again, he blinked. The sled started forward--they were leaving! With a scoffing snort, the large wolf scowled. He couldn't believe what he was witnessing, but then again he could. Now that the sled was moving out again, it wouldn't be long until they crossed the border of his territory. There was no need to follow them anymore. Turning around back towards where he'd come, Achak padded off silently.
        However, half-way back, the alpha male paused. For some reason, he had the sudden urge to go back. But why? Why, all of a sudden, was this bothering him? Thinking about it a moment he figured it could have been that female from the sled team. She had been surprisingly…intriguing. Something different. Shaking his dark head, he growled a bit to himself. But she worked under humans! Achak wanted nothing to do with them at all. Torn now, the wolf didn't even notice how the snow and wind had picked up and thickened. His thick coat protected him from the harsh environment. But that dog will freeze out in this weather…, he thought, looking back out over his shoulder, where'd he'd just been, and wondered what to do. He hadn't been this unsure and torn since he was a pup! But after another few moments, the alpha turned around, a bit hesitantly at first, then took off at a lope, following his tracks back.

        Following the female dog's faint, but unique scent, Achak eventually found her. She was curled up in the snow, apparently sleeping, or just exhausted and freezing. Slowly making his way over to her, the wolf took this time to study her again. She wasn't even the size of an average sized wolf! And compared to himself, the female seemed very small. And that unique smell surrounded her as well. The silver and black alpha wasn't quite sure how to explain it. There was something….wild in it . But it was being almost masked by the domesticated dog scent. The dog's appearance wasn't all domestic either. Her paws weren't shaped the same way the other dogs' were, and neither was her tail. It didn't curl like theirs. Though the rest of her body was pretty much the same, Achak somehow knew she was…atleast partly wild…like himself. His thoughts were interrupted by movement. The female had shuddered. The weather… Like he had figured before, the dog was freezing. Without much thought of what he was doing, Achak lowered himself down next to the other. Inching closer, he wondered if she would wake. But she didn't, she must have been too tired, cold, because she just took a deep breath…then relaxed. This dog just kept intriguing the wolf. Was she not even bothered by his scent or presence? Well, she had just been abandoned by her `pack'…What would she do now? Pushing the questions away, Achak lowered his head to rest over the female's neck, unconsciously trying to warm her. For reasons even he, himself, wasn't aware of….he wanted to save her.
        For a few hours more, the alpha male stayed, as the snow and wind kept up. It didn't effect him much. As the wind finally calmed again, Achak eased himself to his paws, shaking the snow off his black coat. Gazing down at the form he had kept vigil over the last few hours, he still felt confused as to his motives. But for now, he needed to go. The dog wouldn't be in any danger now. And her own coat could protect her well enough now. The wolf has an alpha, leader, and had a pack to think about. That and his family, who were probably worried by now. With that thought, Achak turned and took off without a sound, soon disappearing into the white flurry. Who knew if he'd ever see the female wolf-dog again…but something told him he would.

        A few days later, there was somewhat of a ruckus going on outside. Claws, many, on the rocky ground of the cave.
``Achak…?'' Ayashi. Then another voice.
``Brother, there's…someone here.'' Takoda. Achak turned at that.
``Intruders?'' Again, claws clicking on the hard ground. Kanook padded in looking slightly amused.
`` Oh, no, not intruders…I suppose. In this case it would be intruder.'' Achak's eyebrow raised at that. What was his uncle talking about…what was so amusing? Following Kanook and his siblings out, he went to the edge of the cliff. A breeze blew past, carrying with it a familiar scent. Looking out and down, Achak's piercing blue eyes locked onto the `intruder'. Just as he'd seen her, the other seemed to catch his, and the figure turned to face the cliff.

It's her…She came…


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SilverLiningCloudy on October 21, 2006, 1:34:08 PM

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SilverLiningCloudywell i officially hate... u u have me hooked on ur story now :D cant wait 2 here more

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DracoanimegurlLol Thanks? I'm currently making a sequel with a friend who's char was that red dog in the third chap.

SilverLiningCloudy on October 22, 2006, 11:17:38 AM

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SilverLiningCloudylol dont worry i meen it in a good way <3 lol :D
im mlooking forward 2 it :D

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sword_dragonXD YEY that was sooo great you write beautifully ^___^ hope there is another bit ^^

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VahnTheWhiteDragonW00T!!!!!!!!!! awsome chap!!! this story is great! cant wait for the next one ^________^v