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Chapter 1 - The Meeting

An adventurous tale of the Sonic crew and a few of my OC's.  Shadow is searching for the Chaos Emeralds, still haunted by his past, as well as the all-seeing eye of Black Doom.  He finds three treasure hunters who seem to have found a Chaos Emerald... O

Chapter 1 - The Meeting

Chapter 1 - The Meeting
"Who am I? ... Why can''t I remember anything...?  Why.... what is my purpose?"   Shadow walked around Emerald Beach, wondering just who he was.  He held a Chaos Emerald in his hand, staring at it. "Do these really hold the key to my lost memories?"  He was searching for his second emerald, which had been spotted in this area.  He continued down the shore, his eyes scanning over the geography of the beach. 
As he walked along, he could hear voices that seemed to be coming from behind a rock. "Hm.... I wonder." His pace sped up as he headed for the rock.  He peered behind it and spotted three people; two males, one female.  Two bats, one hedgehog. He sneaked around to see what they were looking at. His eyes filled with excitement as he saw the glow of the royal blue Chaos Emerald. "Hmph....Like taking candy from a baby."  As he reached out to grab the emerald, the female bat turned her head and screamed, "Stop!" She quickly dove for the emerald, taking it back.  She hopped next to the male hedgehog and handed it to him. "Who do you think you are?" Shadow looked at her with deep hatred.  "I am Shadow the Hedgehog.  I am the ultimate life form, and you have what I need." He pointed at the emerald with a firm index finger. "Well, then, Mr. Ultimate Life Form, I guess what we have here is a disagreement.  What''re you gonna do about it?" said the male hedgehog.  He put the emerald in a back-sack and tossed it aside.  Rolling up the sleeves of his jacket, the male hedgehog spoke. "I am Erupt the Hedgehog.  And if you want that emerald, you''ll have to go through me!" The male bat then stood in front of Shadow, a glare creeping onto his face.  "Name''s Ink, Shadow.  Let''s do this."  The female bat then flew up into the air and hovered above her comrades. "And..." she began to giggle,"... I''m Sonar. Don''t forget it." A pink tinge began to form on her face. Shadow looked at all three of them with determination.  "Fine by me.  I shall obliterate each and every one of you! And I shall take my prize! The Chaos Emerald!" Shadow then rose up into the air, levitating above the three treasure hunters.  He smirked at them, and shot himself at them like a bullet.  The four are gathered, two emeralds found.  What lies in store for our three heroes? Will Shadow regain his lost memories? Find out in chapter two of Shadow the Hedgehog: A Dark Love Story - Memories of The Past


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