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Chapter 1 - Shaving Friends

A short folk tale that I made up the other day.

Chapter 1 - Shaving Friends

Chapter 1 - Shaving Friends

“I can’t stand this anymore! All I ever do is lie here and wait until the next shave. I wish I was in a real nice place like a Barber Shop. I can’t…�

“Ahh quit yer whinin’! We are here for a purpose, and we are gonna serve that purpose day in and day out.�

“Well, I’m thinking about calling off the next shave.�

“Ya can’t do that!�

“Watch me! All we do is sit here every day and waste out our warranties. I’m sick of it! Next time she comes in here, we are not shaving! I have a hundred arms, and all she does is run me through her nasty hair after you cut it all up!�

“Shhhh……You’ll wake him up. Just keep it down; I know yer mad. If ya wake him up, you’ll be sorry ya ever even started in the shaving business.�

“Oh yeah, I forgot he was even here. He might be new, but he is mean. She likes him the best now anyway. Stupid electric razor. I am the old time razor blade, BLADE! You hear that freak!�

“Now, now…just calm down. Lets just stick with what we have been doing; this is crazy talk.�

“She still punishes us though. He is quick and fast, and he even gets paid more!�

“Shhh……Shhh! You hear that? Here she comes! Get back in your place! Hurry!�

“She is gonna pick me up! I’ll bite her!�

“Just stay calm, Razor. Be easy for now.�

“AAHHHH…….She has got me!� RAKE…..RAKE…..RAKE “CHOMP! I got her! I’m falling! OOOF!! Hurry, Comb, do something!�

“OK…OK…..She’s gonna pick me up now! Wait a minute, I think you did it, Razor. She is getting a band-aid. It’s over!…………You OK now?�

“I’m OK. I wonder why she used me though? Is the Electric razor…..? Is he?�

“Now, now….I wouldn’t go that far. He couldn’t be. No way. He’s brand new!�

“Let’s go have a look, Comb, just ta check.�
OK……we gotta be quick about it though. Let’s go. He’s looks like he is sleeping.�

“Check the batteries…….HUUUUUHHH? No batteries? How the….? Wait….What’s this? There is a cord coming from him. There is a light blinking in the front of him. What is going on here?�

“I don’t think he is sleeping…….HE IS CHARGING!!…….RUN!!�

“He is awake!!! Here he comes…….AAHHHH!!!!�

“He is right behind you!! Duck!!!�


“Good job!! He fell off the counter!�

“It’s only a matter of time before she comes back in here and picks him up.�

“I think we make a good team. We can take him. We just gotta stick together.�

“UUUMMMM, Comb? He isn’t on the floor…..He uuhh fell into the water. He is gone now.�

“Ah, man. What a way to go…..Right into the toilet. Gee Wiz!�

“Well, I guess its back to me and you, Comb! We are still #1!�

“Let’s go get back in place and get some rest. Before the next shave.�

“OK, let’s go……..Hey, Comb, I gotta question? How come she never uses us to shave her legs and only her face?�


Friendship is a truly valuable thing. It is a bond that cannot be broken by simple mishaps. Value your friends. It may be all you have one day.


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