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Chapter 1 - The Planet Of The Squirrels?

the Planet of the Squirrels? random fic featuring a grumpy octopus  and a sassy squirrel 

Chapter 1 - The Planet Of The Squirrels?

Chapter 1 - The Planet Of The Squirrels?

Could Be A Story Behind The  Pic  
The Planet Of The Squirrels?

It was an ordinary boring day at the Krusty Krab  Spongebob was  about to finish up some leftover dishes and went to tell Squidward it was time to go home Krabs had already left for the day and he needed to lock up.
Squidward was dancing with a mop with a squirrel face on it about to kiss it   and Spongebob noticed his odd behavior  he said "Hey Squidward what ya doing?"
Squidward was taken aback  and dropped the mop and shouted  "SpongeBob!!!!"
"What have I said about sneaking up on me???? "
"I don't recall" "but it's time to close up and I   need to feed Gary"
"what Were you doing with the mop and mask though?"

He had to think quickly  on his tentacles "Um If you must know I was working on a scene of my one Octopus show The Planet of The Squirrels"

"oooh can't wait to see it"
"Whatever "
 He was about to lock up when sandy had entered to talk to squidward
"Hi Sponge Is Squidward still here?"  "yeh he's in the bathroom cleaning up and then clearing out hahahahha." 
"oookay se ya later Sandy but don't take to long gotta lock  up soon."
Gee I wonder what she wants to talk to Squidward about maybe to be in his play she is a squirrel after all he thought to himself
Squidward walked out of the restroom put the mop away and threw the mask out thinking that was close when he turned around yelped when he saw her standing there
"Hey Sandy what are you doing here SpongeBob is going to lock up and I need to get out of this grease trap."
"This won't take long Squidward." She took off her helmet which worried him a bit
"Um Sandy what are you doing??!" she didn't reply with words but a kiss on his lips
dumbfounded he kissed her back  unaware that set the experiment in motion 

She put her helmet back on and told him to met her later at her place he nodded in agreement still a bit nervous about what had transpired
Sandy left squidward followed soon after SpongeBob locked up
He made his way to the tree dome not sure what to expect he wore his water helmet but as soon as the outer doors were drained  and he  was inside  he found sandy in her trade mark bikini wear
he blushed a bit since he was not sure what to expect next she asked him to remove his helmet and hesitated a bit since he was a sea creature but did as asked
He  was a bit confused as to why he could breathe air she explained "Oh it's just a little experiment I've been working on."'
"Um Sandy what does this have to do with me?" 
"well I wanted to test something out a liquid I took and it is a mutual  reaction type thing transferred through a kiss" 

"oh okay does that mean you can breathe water too 
"Indeed it does Squidie" 
 "but what do we do with this experiment  now Sandy  he was a bit nervous and hoped she could not read his mind he wanted her so badly and this was something he thought was never possible

he was not sure if the mutual thing was that it meant she liked him too though but one could hope
"Well Squidward I think we could do more experiment in in my tree."
she winked at him and motioned to him to follow
he was a bit flabbergasted but went along with it
He could not believe he had his dream girl in her bed no less
But what happened after made both blushed they were discovered by Sponge and Pat in water helmets
"eep" they both said "what are you two doing here?"
"we wanted to see how the play was going and I see Squidward got you to rehearse a love scene from his play The Planet of the Squirrels ."
 Patrick said "What Play?" I thought they were playing Slumber Party   um   why are they naked?" 
you know Squidward and performance art  can't wait to see the finished Product you two."

they left and both wondered why Squidward was not wearing a water helmet to but shrugged it off
Sandy Giggled "Planet of the Squirrels Squiward really?"   "I guess we could rehearse more love scenes hehe but I need a better lock and security system  and if we go to your place that would raise more questions and other interruptions"
the Octopus agreed and  tried their best to keep their relationship secret
But the next month Mr. Krabs  noticed the happier than usual Octopus
"Mr. Squiward you seem more chipper then SpongeBob today which  I think is  odd and a bit disturbing"  "Say what you want Mr. Krabs but I  just had a wonderful night with my dream girl
and I can't wait to see her again." Krabs laughed and said "the only way you'd get a dream girl is in yor dreams   or in a gal's nightmare ack ack ack. "

But what happened next was unexpected Sandy went to the KK  to eat  and Squidward was still a bit miffed at Krabs but decided to turn the other cheek  
and  decided to take his secret loves order

when she looked a bit woozy he looked worried  SpongeBob shouted out "order up Squidward"
but froze when he saw Squidward holding  an almost Unconscious Sandy he shouted Call a doctor  
Krabs was worried too since his restaurant is where she fainted

 "you two go to the hospital  I'm gonna close up early  can't have any bad press."

Squidward and SpongeBob Called an ambulance and rode with her
Both were worried Squidward for his secret love and sponge for his friend
after a whole lot of pacing at the hospital  Sandy  Came out with a doctor and the Doctor explained what happened  "it Seems miss Cheeks is with Children." Both of their jaws dropped
"but that's not the only thing the father is in this room." Sponge gulped and said "I never even..."  but was quickly silenced by the Doctor    "Mr. Tentacles is the father Mr. SquarePants."

"ohhh  Um Is there something you two want to tell me?"  "We can explain it was not a play rehearsal you two witnessed  but we actually did make love."

"wow are you two a couple now and  children on the way what next?"
"Sandy  I want to make it Official will you marry me?" Yes Squidward I thought you'd never ask"
they kissed and the nurses and SpongeBob awwwed  in unison
the end


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