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Chapter 0 - She Blinded Me With Science

An Experiment in Love 

Chapter 0 - She Blinded Me With Science

Chapter 0 - She Blinded Me With Science
She blinded me with science
It seemed like it happened yesterday but it was only earlier today how did it lead to this My Oldest Rival hitting on my crush
well here is how it all unfolded,,,
Flashback It was a mundane day at my place of work or so it seemed  SpongeBob was pasting  posters around the Krusty Krab   but a bored Octopus was now behind one of them
he pealed it off his face   and yelled "SpongeBob does my face look like a wall!
 Then before he could reply Mr. Krabs yelled "Spongebob what are ye doing to my restaurant"
"I'm sorry Mr. Krabs and Squidward  Sandy asked me to paste these around town and here seemed like the best place to spread the word."
The Octopus looked at the sign while krabs yelled about "I'm not paying you to promote Science experiments"
and thought to himself hmmm Sandy needs sea creatures to try out for a science  experiment 
maybe I might have a chance to spend some time with her alone it would be worth it even for an experiment

the Octopus stated "UM Mr. Krabs it could be good business if the costumers read signs like this they might order more patties"  "how So Mr Tentacles" 
think Squddie  how do I get this to work in my favor  "if I volunteer for the experiment you could do the cash register yourself for a bit and charge more for  everything and maybe get more to sign up with a promotion if you choose to volunteer for science you get a patty for triple the price."
"Good  idea how'd I come up with it ar har ar
 hhehe no one will do that but Krabs will make some money but i'll get the Girl 

Squidward watched as each customer declined  the offer but still ordered many patties
But once customer caught his eye what's he doing here no not this time he won't get the best of me
He exited  the KK but was on his way to the Tree Dome when he found out he was being followed

"Heheheh Hi Squidworhless I guess you had this idea thinking you would do an experiment with The Smartest squirrel in town  but you failed and ya know why I'm always one step ahead of ya and really you think you're compatible  you're just a chump I'm a champ"
"grrr So you think you're better than me just because of your money and fame we'll see what Sandy Says!

"Oh you and your little Dream world get a life she will pick me since  I can give her more funding then she ever dreamt of what can you provide her with a lame job and no talents?
you're a shoe-in hehehehehehheeh not!"
the water helmets were put on the two rivals entered but only one could win
"Howdy I was thinking I would get more of a turnout but this will be fine since I don't like to overcrowd my abode"
"Hi Squidward" whose your lookalike with the caterpillar on his face  Squidward stifled a laugh
Squillaim scoffed "my dear I am not a look a like I am a one of a kind famous composer musician artist  everything this looser thinks he could be but will fail as always since he has no talent money etc so pick me babe and lets get on with the show" 
 Sandy could not believe her ears she would tell him whatfor after this "So Squillam you think I would pick you after you talked about my friend like that!"
"Oh Paalease  his job is a joke and so is this setup what kind of experiments do you have in mind we can't be compatible out of water and you can't in it!"
"That is the point of this experiment you pompous jerk!"
"Oh this from a space mammal go back to where ya came from!"   
"this is getting out of hand Squillaim  please stop she is trying to make life better for us sea creatures"
"'What By what insulting us?!"       "Oh come on Sandy He's not worth it  we've been rivals a long time and he is always getting my goat  she held his hand a bit both blushed unnoticed by Squillam who was fuming a bit   she took a breather from the stich  "ya know Squillam  there is more to her then meets the eye oh really what  is she gonna do float away hahahahahha"  but gulped when he saw her in her bikini  now  he was blushing as much as Squidward  was but was too focused on her
to notice he put his tentacles around her and said squidward thought uhoh 

 "hey Babe you should choose  me""

 "Squilliam I don't think this is a good idea"

"Why Squiddie ya think ya have a chance i'm rich handsome and you're a born looser he is a born looser babe there is only one choice the right one me"

"Grr ya made this decision sooo easy!"
 Squilliaim went from bushing to running for his life after   she gave him a karate beatdown  and he left the tree dome heavy breathing and thinking wow she is feisty  too feisty he had two black eyes from Sandy's black belt beating

So Squidward I think you and I can proceed with the experiment please remove your helmet," "ulp won't I dry out?" not if you take this elixir  "okkkkkay" he stuttered a bit then gulped it down  she had an elixir too and drank hers at the same time he gulped and wondered now what.
he soon found his answer as her lips pressed into his in a long deep kiss.
 he took a breath surprised a bit that he could in here but hoped that she could breath water which meant double places for them to make out  "um sandy since I can breath air and you drank a tube too can you breath water was well as air and can I still breath water?"
"yeppers Squiddie and how about we do part two of the experiments in my tree" she winked at him
"Sure sandy I Can't wait He winked at her as they kissed again he swooped her up in his tentacle arms both ready for part two


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