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Chapter 4 - Why I did It

Rod isn't exactly the 'cool' kid in school. Hes the kind of guy that always listens to Mommy and Daddy. But after the accident, will he stay that way? Then Rod is kidnaped and lead to a new life, is it for the best? Or is his future destined to go up in f

Chapter 4 - Why I did It

Chapter 4 - Why I did It

Chapter 4… here we come, how is everyone out there doing? You know I love you right? I'm not just saying that, if you like this story enough to read all the way to chapter 4, then of coarse I love you. I mean, you take your precious time just to read my story! Think of all the things your passing up to read this, you could be at a party, hanging with friends, jacking off, and smoking pot. LOL you guys get the point… “Drugs are bad… just because I said that doesn't mean your allowed to do them!” Or my love will last for you no longer….. Anyway, I'll quit my ranting, and we will get on with the show!

Chapter 4 is rated: PG for language and that whole jacking off / pot smoking thing I did in my little intro (above)

Rod attempted to lift the door handle, hopping for an escape. “You gonna jump out of a moving vehicle? You dumbass, that'll hurt you more than I would” The bat stated, keeping his eyes on the road. Rod stared at him in disbelief; he didn't fully understand what was going on. The past week had been so hectic, with his parent's death and all, and now, to top it all off, he was being kidnapped. They road in silence, Rod breathed deeply, eyes darting around from paranoia. The bat seemed perfectly calm, but there was a strange uneasiness about him.

The drive lasted about twenty minutes, but to Rod, it felt like hours. Hours, of nervousness, fear and stress. He felt sick to his stomach. The bat pulled into a dark parking space in the back of a park's lot. There were no other cars, why would people come to a park at 8:30 on a freezing night? They were surrounded by darkness. Trees blocked their view of a small lake. Through the trees, you could see the moonlight shining on the water. On a normal night scenery would be calming, but Rod could only think of all the horror movies he had seen. The murderer would take the victim to a wooded area, Beat, Rape, Murder and dismember them, then bury a few parts of the body and chuck the rest in the lake. There it would be eaten by hungry animals, who just so happened to be standing in the water as fresh meat floated past them. Rod's eyes were wide as thoughts such as this ran through his head.

He turned the car off, took a huff of his cigarette then put it out in the truck's ashtray. For a moment they just sat in the stillness of the night. Rod was terrified. He wanted to make a run for it, but since his kidnapper was sitting right next to him, Rod would surly be grabbed and pulled back. The bat looked at him with tormented eyes. Rod had expected him to look as if he were ready to kill. “I'm sorry,” The bat muttered. “I'm sorry I did that, you know? Just dragging you off the street like that, but….” He cut his words off short and looked down at his hands. He took a deep breath of air, “Ok, lets try to start over,” He looked back up and Rod and forced a small smile to his lips “My name, is Vincent, call me Vince.” He extended his hand to Rod, who took it and shook slightly, pulling back quickly. Rod swallowed “My.. My name is Rod.” “Short for Rodney?” “… yeah..” “Well Rod, calm down, I'm not gonna kill you, I promise.” Somehow these words weren't reassuring to him. “Your probably confused about all this aren't you? Here, I'll try to explain the best I can.” The smile disappeared from Vince's face. “ You see, I couldn't let you go to that orphanage. It's terrible. It really, really is. They don't care about you at all; to the people that work there you are just another snot-nosed brat that takes up space and food. The kids there are nice, for the most part I guess.” Rod looked even more confused than before. Vince noticed the strange look upon the cat's face. “Ok, I'll go back further. Seven years ago, when I was nine, I went to go live there. Its no fun, its' like living at school, with the principal as your parent. If you act up, no matter what age you are, you get swatted. Everyone is on a strict schedule; you do what they say, when they say. On school nights, if you are not in bed by nine, they make you go to bed at eight every night for a week. On weekends the bedtime is eleven.” Vince stopped and stared at the blank expression of the cat's face. “Ok, look, you have to live there to understand.” He paused for a moment “Well, if you can do the math, I'm sixteen. How did I get out of the orphanage when I'm not eighteen yet? About a week ago, the orphanage got a call that they would be getting another boy… but there was a problem, the age group he was in, didn't have enough beds. So they looked through the files, and I bet you'll never guess who had been there the longest. Yeah, me. So they talked to me about it, and they decided since I was sixteen, I could get a permit to drive and legally be allowed to live on my own. They ordered the papers, they signed them, I signed them, they got them approved, they found me an apartment, paid for the first six months of rent, and to top it all off, they even got me this shootty piece of junk to drive to the damn place. I guess they were eager to get rid of me, but I'm sure as hell glad I'm free. For the first time in seven years I am allowed to have an opinion and make my own decisions. And that's why I decided to pick you up. After I saw you there, with your knees to your chest and that suitcase next to you, something told me to stop. Something made me get out of that car; something made me shove you in my car. I just don't know…. I feel like I'm making a big mistake… but at the same time, I know I did something right. Listen… do you understand me at all?”

Rod seemed overwhelmed “So, I was the kid that was going to take your place? But, if I don't go there….where am I… where am I supposed to go?” Vince was silent and thought, “hey, kid… I know it may seem weird, but, I want you to come stay with me.” Rod looked at him as if he were crazy. Vince felt the need to defend himself, “Look, I know you don't know me and all, but you either stay with me, or plan your life out in hell for the next few years.” Rod spoke softly, almost in a whisper, “where…. Where is your new apartment?” “Its in Maryland, about a hundred miles from here, it's one bedroom, but you'll still get more space than if you lived in the rat trap. Only one person is supposed to stay there, but the whole apartment complex is so big, the landlord won't even notice.” Rod stared into the other's deep aquamarine eyes. He could see sincerity in them, for some reason Rod trusted this white bat. “The cops would be looking for me, they would find me” Rod pointed out “Don't worry about that, when the orphanage gets your birth papers, we can destroy them, it will be like you never existed, well here anyway. The workers don't even care, one less kid, means one less mouth to feed and one less @$$ to kick. I can get in.” Rod questioned, “How do I know you're not making all this stuff up?” Vince opened the car door and stepped out. “I guess you'll just have to go for it and hope I'm not lying.” He put a cigarette to his lips and lit it. Rod got out of the car to stretch. He could have made a break for it, and gotten away into the woods, but he chose to stay. Vince stared up at the moon, “So have you made your decision?” Rod didn't answer at first. Vince turned around to look at him. Rod looked back at him “Yeah, I think… I think I'm going to go Maryland, with you.” Vince looked into the bed of the truck at Rod's suitcase. “This isn't everything you wanted to keep, when we go back to destroy those papers, we will make a stop by your house.” After saying that, Vince took another huff of his cigarette and turned back around and leaned against the truck. Rod watched him standing there, his body illuminated by the moonlight. A feeling of hope and easiness filled Rod and a smile crept across his face. This was the beginning of a beautiful end……

I made it to 5 pages, not bad, not bad. Hmm you guys like? More details about Vince's past will be revealed in later chapters. I don't know where I heard that last line from, but it just seemed to fit there, so yeah. ^. ~ I finished a chapter in one shot for once… ehhhh 2 hours of hard work… but it was fun. XP


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