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Chapter 6 - Lets just get the shit and get out

Rod isn't exactly the 'cool' kid in school. Hes the kind of guy that always listens to Mommy and Daddy. But after the accident, will he stay that way? Then Rod is kidnaped and lead to a new life, is it for the best? Or is his future destined to go up in f

Chapter 6 - Lets just get the shit and get out

Chapter 6 - Lets just get the shit and get out

Hello……. Chapter 6…. Wooo, I should be writing up a report right now…but oh, well I'll get it done.

Chapter 6 Rated : PG for lots of swearing lol

Vince pulled into the driveway of Rod's house. Lucky for them, Rod's front yard was densely covered in trees, so the truck could not be seen easily. “How are we supposed to get in?” Rod asked. “You don't have a key to your own house?” Rod defended himself “It's not technically mine anymore and they changed the locks a week ago” Vince was angered. “Fine…. We will just get in through a window or something.” He stepped out of the truck and slammed the door. He began to walk around to the back of the house and Rod followed after him. Vince's eyes scanned the walls of the house, looking for and easy way to break in without being seen by the neighbors. Vince walked up onto the deck in the back yard and peered into the glass door. He leaned his head to see the sidewall, just as he figured, a security lock. Entering through a door would screw them over completely. It would have to be a window. One upstairs would be best. Vince looked up and spotted a fairly large window on the second story of the house. Actually, it was a huge window, bigger than most doors. Vince went up to Rod and causally picked him up, his shoulders leaning on one arm, his legs draped across the other. Rod seemed surprised, and when they took flight he began to panic. He clenched tightly to Vince, wrapping his arms around his neck, holding on for dear life. “Cut it out, your choking me” Rod loosened his grip but tightly shut his eyes. Vince sighed heavily at the poor cat “You dumb @$$, you're this afraid of heights?” They stopped at the window and Vince ordered Rod to open it. Rod looked at him strangely. “What the hell are you waiting for? Open the window.” “Its locked” “Duh, its locked, we are breaking into a house, do you expect the doors and windows to just burst open for us? You're a cat use your claws.” Rod didn't understand what he meant. Vince was growing impatient. “Stick your claw into the slot between the window, the lock is there, push it back and open the window.” Rod did as Vince said and sure enough, the window opened “How did you…” Rod was cut off “I've broken into and out of many windows before, this kind is the easiest, since you can just push it open.”

Vince stepped down and dropped Rod to the floor. Rod shot him a dirty look and stood up. Vince looked around the room “Fancy.” “This was my parents room,” Rod said sadly as he walked into the hallway. Vince followed him. “Nice house” “Yeah.” Rod wasn't in the mood to talk, although Vince strangely seemed to be trying to start a conversation. Vince was annoyed that the cat didn't want to talk, “Grab all the shoot you want and lets go.”

Rod was in his room, filling a gym bag with all the little things he wanted to take before, but didn't have room for. Vince was amazed and was really excited about everything in Rod's room. “Holy shoot, this is one huge @$$ TV.! What is this? 26”? The TV. I shared with the guys was like one fourth the size of this! Is that a laptop?! Damn kid, your fracking rich!” Rod looked at him as if he was from another world. Here, the same guy that was being such an anti-social asshole was in his room goggling over his stuff, like a schoolgirl would over a hot jock. “Umm, its just stuff, its no big deal.” Rod stated as if Vince were stupid. “Maybe its just stuff to you, but I never got luxuries like that,” Vince snapped back, offended by the way Rod stated his last comment. “Sorry,” Rod muttered. “Sorry for what, your comment or that I never had any expensive electronics? Don't feel bad that I wasn't a little rich boy like you, you dog.” Rod could tell Vince was pissed, “I didn't mean anything negative by it.” Vince lit up a cigarette and crossed his arms. “Hurry up.” Rod zipped up the gym bag “I want to go down to the basement and get some C.D.'s then we'll go.” Vince went through the door and flew down the stairs silently. Rod stomped after him.

Rod opened the basement door and flipped on the light switch, he descended the stairs with Vince right behind him. “Oh My fracking God!” Vince exclaimed “You have everything down here!” He stared at the racks full of C.D. “You really are a little rich boy!” “Not anymore,” Rod sighed. Vince noticed the drum set in the center of the room, “You play” “Yeah” “Are you any good?” “I guess so” “How long have you been playing?” “A couple of years.” Vince examined the drum set, you could tell it had been used, the faces of the drums where beaten and tattered, but still in good condition. The red coating was shiny like it had been recently dusted. Vince picked up the drumsticks and pointed them at Rod. “Let me hear you play.” Rod shrugged and took the sticks. The intro to the song he played was slow, but picked up to a fast beat. It showed he had skill and actually knew what he was doing. He finished the song. Vince nodded in approval. “Ok great, help me get this upstairs.” Rod's jaw dropped “You've got to be kidding me.” “Your leaving, and were are taking as much shoot as we can, the stuff we don't use, we can sell. What time is it?” Rod looked at a clock on the wall. “About 3 a.m.” “Perfect, that gives us about three and a half hours.”

Vince was serious when he said they were taking as much stuff as they could. The next three and a half hours were spent carrying things up stairs, getting them safely out the window and into the truck. They took the drum set complete with cymbals and sticks, a TV, almost all of Rod's C.D.'s a computer, the coffee pot, posters off the walls of the basement, a digital camera and charger, a microwave and various other small objects, mostly electronics. By the time they were done and were seated in the car on their way to their new home in Maryland, Rod found himself buried up to his chest in things that wouldn't fit in the back. “Uhhh Vince?” “What” “Don't you think people might find it suspicious that we have a ton of stuff piled up in the back?” “That's why we are going to take the highway, you need to stop worrying and asking so many questions, I always have a plan for everything.”

I know I know, there really wasn't much to this chapter, but you have to understand this part was necessary! Really, I plan to use those electronics in later chapters! And they are gonna need the band posters to decorate the walls of their apartment! See everything has a point, I'm not just gonna feed you a bunch of shoot! I promise! This chapter is only about 3 and a half pages long T.T yeah… but how much more can I say about a house and prettyful expensive stuff, the house isn't gonna mean anything later… so there really isn't a need to explain it in detail…. So yeah I guess I'm done ranting now… its shower time! WOO!


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SomekindofFreak on April 19, 2006, 11:35:15 AM

SomekindofFreak on
SomekindofFreakXD I love the little dramatic moment of Vince flying Rod to the window and how Vince is like OMFG!!! about all Rod's chapter...woo!