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Chapter 7 - Rest Stop

Rod isn't exactly the 'cool' kid in school. Hes the kind of guy that always listens to Mommy and Daddy. But after the accident, will he stay that way? Then Rod is kidnaped and lead to a new life, is it for the best? Or is his future destined to go up in f

Chapter 7 - Rest Stop

Chapter 7 - Rest Stop

WOW You guys, can you believe it!? Chapter 7 and your eyeballs haven't melted out of your heads yet. Lol, hey did you know that today (April 20) is National Pot Smoking day? Well it is! And 4:20 p.m. is the national pot smoking time. Yep……… how do I know this? Heh heh I have a lot of pothead friends. Yep…. Lol

Chapter 7 is rated: PG-13ish for Violence, lang. and some sexual content, (but not much)

The sun was beginning to rise in the distance. Vince had been driving all night, his head was pounding and he felt faint. Rod was blissfully sleeping in the passengers seat, under all the extra luggage. Vince was grinding his teeth, trying to keep his eyes open. He hadn't slept in about two days. “Man… why is it taking so long to get there?” He asked no one in particular. He looked to the right and noticed a large sign that read: Rest stop, Next Right 2 miles. “Thank God!” Vince moaned. Rod's eyes fluttered open and he stretched his arms. He rubbed his eyes and asked with a yawn, “What's going on?” Vince sped up the car and quickly turned into the rest stop. He parked the car and turned to Rod. Rod squinted his eyes “Hey Vince, are you all right? you don't look so good” It wasn't just that he looked tired, Vince's fangs were bulging. He couldn't even close his mouth all the way. Vince quickly covered his mouth with his hand and turned away from Rod. “I'm fine….” He stepped out of the car and walked towards the bathroom. Rod followed once he uncovered himself from the luggage.

Rod raced to catch up with Vince. He walked alongside him staring him with concern. “Are you sure your alright?” Vince didn't reply, and kept his hand over his mouth. Rod opened the door to the restroom for him. There were a few men in there, but it was a large room and was nowhere near crowded. Vince propped his hand against the wall to keep his balance at the urinal. He closed his eyes and let out a deep yawn. Rod took the urinal two down from Vince. Rod tried to focus on the wall in front of him. Vince noticed a fly buzzing around room. Vince was so tired, he was drained of most self-control, his face followed the fly, eyes fixed on it. Rod noticed Vince's unusual behavior and stared at him strangely. Vince noticed Rod's gaze and stared him in the eyes for a long awkward moment. Rod's eyes darted away and Vince zipped up his pants and went to wash his hands. Rod did the same not long afterwards. Then Vince splashed water on his face to try and wake himself up. He sighed and opened his eyes widely. From what Rod could see, Vince was poking his eyes out, but in fact, he was taking his contacts out. Vince pulled out his contact case from his pocket and placed them safely inside. Then he swiftly put on a pair of glasses and brushed his bangs over them. Rod smiled at him, “I didn't know you wore glasses.” Vince didn't buy into the enthusiasm “well, now you do.” Rod's smile vanished as Vince turned and walked out of the bathroom. Rod trotted quietly behind him.

“You hungry?” Vince asked “Sorta” Rod replied hesitantly. “Well there's a McDonalds over there, get me a salad, and you can get whatever you want off the dollar menu.” He handed Rod a five-dollar bill. Rod took the money “What do you want to drink?” “I don't care,” Vince muttered as he walked off to a table. Rod stood in line, but kept looking back at Vince. His head was down on the table and he was breathing deeply. Rod knew something was wrong, “Maybe he is just over tired?” He thought.

A group of teenage girls in tank tops and short shorts came laughing and giggling loudly into the restaurant. Vince lifted his head and watched them. They were shouting and were overly excited for reasons that were unknown to everyone around them. Rod placed his order and leaned against the counter, keeping an eye on Vince who continued to stare at the girls. If Vince wasn't so drained he would have gone over and talked to them.

They kept glancing at Vince, whispering to each other then giggling. Vince sat up and smiled at them. This caused the girls to squeal loudly, and one of them started to approach him. She leaned on the table and pushed her chest out, “Hey there cutie, my names Bethy, what's yours?” Vince smirked at her, but his smile quickly vanished and changed to a look of disgust. He tightly shut his eyes and huddled over, grabbing his stomach. “Hey! Are you ok?!” Bethy reached her hand out to him to touch his back and possibly comfort him. Vince glanced at her from the corner of his eye and swiftly took hold of her arm and pulled her towards him. “HEY!” She shouted, surprised and appalled. Vince quickly and violently bore his fangs into her wrist. She screamed withdrew her arm, cupping her wrist with her other hand. A police officer noticed the girls cry and came to her aid. The girl's friends were also rushing over. Vince stood up, eyes full of terror, he was even more startled than she was. “Get away from me you freak!” Her arm was bleeding, dripping to the floor. Blood was smeared across Vince's mouth and the cop was approaching at an alarming speed. Vince stood as still as a sculpture. Rod grabbed the bag of food and ran to Vince. “I'm so sorry!” Vince pleaded as he noticed Rod's arrival to the incident. Vince wiped his mouth, took hold of Rod's arm and ran. He wanted to avoid the cop, if he was asked questions, the reason Rod was missing from the orphanage may be revealed and their plans would be ruined.

“Vince what in the world is happening?!” Rod exasperated. Vince didn't answer; he flung Rod into the truck, quickly got in and turned it on. The police was just then exiting the building when Vince punched the gas. They sped out of the rest stop and on to the highway. Thankfully the policeman did not chase after them, but instead went back inside the rest stop to help the girl. Vince slowed the truck down to the speed limit and began to calm down. Rod had just finished repositioning himself among the many objects that cluttered the passenger's side of the truck. Rod stared at Vince as if he was a maniac. “What the hall was that all about!?” Vince didn't answer. “Why was that girl bleeding!? You bit her?!” Vince remained silent. “What the hell is going on, answer me god damn it!” Vince wrinkled his nose and sneered at Rod “I'm a vampire bat ok?! I can't help it, its been over a day since I had any blood and I feel like I'm gonna die! It was just instincts it wasn't my fault!” Vince quickly turned his attention back to the road. Rod was shocked. Not only was he on his was to a new life with a stranger, the stranger was a blood thirsty killer! Rod's eyes were wide and his stare never left Vince. Vince began to feel extremely uncomfortable. “Quit staring at me like that.” Vince said calmly while keeping his eyes fixed on the road ahead of them. Rod turned his attention out the window.

A pang of terror ran through Rod's body. Terrible thoughts were running though his head “What if he attacks me like he did that girl!? He'll drain my blood then chop my body up and keep the parts in jars…. Just like in the movies! Oh My God! I'm gonna be murdered and no one will ever know! He did get my birth papers….” He gasped quietly to himself. “Maybe that really is what he has been plan all along. My brain is gonna be stuck in a freezer until this crazy bastard has a craving for cat brains!” Rod looked as if he could piss his pants any moment. Vince wanted to say something to calm the cat down, “Uh, its not that big of a deal, I just need to get a couple of cups of blood in my system and I'll be fine, I…” Vince extended his hand to touch Rod on the shoulder to assure him he was safe. Rod panicked “Get away from me you cannibal!” “What the hell!?” “Your gonna drain my blood, chop my body up and keep me in jars! WAHHH” “WHAT THE frack ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!” “Stop the truck! I don't wanna die!” Rod grabbed the wheel and turned to the right. “What are you doing? Your gonna make us crash!” Vince struggled to get Rod away from the wheel. The truck swerved left and right on the road. Luckily there were hardly any other cars around. Vince slammed on the breaks. Rod flung the door open and took off down the street. “What the frack is this kid's problem?” Vince said as he rushed after him. Vince caught up to him and wrapped his arms around him, restraining him from movement. Rod started to kick Vince, “Let me go, please! You can have all my stuff just don't kill me!” Vince pulled him to the ground and held him until he ran out of energy and laid still. They stood up, but Vince kept a grip on Rod's arm to make sure he didn't try to run away again. “Kid…. WHAT THE frack!? Who told you I was gonna eat you?” “You tried to kill that girl!” “No I didn't I already told you, it was just the blood, and if you had shut up and calmed down I could have drove to a store and bought a gallon of blood by now, then I wouldn't feel like I was dieing inside anymore. You have no idea what its like to be a freak.” Vince turned his face away and began walking back to the truck, pulling Rod behind him. “I'm still not convinced that you're not going to kill me.” “Well if you really don't want to come with me, I can leave you out here, 50 miles from any civilization, where you could get shot or murdered or raped or killed by wild animals.” “I think I'll take my chances with you,” Rod sighed

The got back in the truck and continued towards their destination. “If you pull another stunt like that, I really will leave you out here, got it?” “Yeah” Rod sighed and leaned his head on his hand and stared out the window. “Hey Vince?” “What?” “I'm sorry.” Vince sighed, “Don't worry about it, I don't blame you. Its not everyday you meet a vampire. There aren't many around anymore.” “Hey, your right, I never noticed that before, I didn't even know vampire bats, well the anthrop animal kind anyways, even existed. Why is that?” “Vampire bats are becoming extinct.” “Really!? That's amazing! In today's society, wow, how are they becoming extinct?” “Regular people don't typically like us, you know they think that we're killers and shoot, which isn't true, I blame Hollywood for all those Vampire movies that depicts vampires biting their victims and turning them into `creatures of the night' that's all bullshoot, it pisses me off. But anyway, yeah there are a lot of hate crimes and suicides due to the verbal and psychical abuse, yeah life sucks.” Rod stared at Vince in amazement “What?” “That is the most you've said to me since we met,” He cupped his head in his hands “I think I'm overdosing on your voice.” Vince's aquamarine eyes lingered at Rod as a smile formed across him frowning lips. Rod looked into the eyes before him with his small crimson ones. Rod felt a calming sensation fall over him.

Yep I shall cut you off with six pages, you've had enough for now! Come back in a few days for about 6 more pages of my wonderful ecstasy. ^. ^ This chapter certainly was an emotional roller coaster. You went from being happy, to scared, to sad, to worried, to laughing and everything in between! WOO lol


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SomekindofFreak on April 28, 2006, 1:59:22 PM

SomekindofFreak on
SomekindofFreakAw, I love Vince...and Rod...and all the other characters that werent in this chapter! This was a bit surprising, but enjoyable nonetheless! *waits for more*