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Chapter 8 - Our New Home

Rod isn't exactly the 'cool' kid in school. Hes the kind of guy that always listens to Mommy and Daddy. But after the accident, will he stay that way? Then Rod is kidnaped and lead to a new life, is it for the best? Or is his future destined to go up in f

Chapter 8 - Our New Home

Chapter 8 - Our New Home

Chapter 8& OMG& woo, did you miss me! I know you did XP. Man, your gonna love this chapter, at least I hope you do. It took me a lot of time, so you better!

Chapter 8 is Rated: PG-PG13, for language (always T.T) and talk of God (not bad!) (but, I dont want to offend anyone)


They arrived at the apartment complex in mid-morning. Vince had stopped by the store and purchased a gallon of blood as soon has they entered town. After drinking a few cups, he had calmed down and felt better. He warned Rod to stay out of site, he could only get a one-person apartment, and if anyone discovered two people were living there, they would both get kicked out. Lucky for them, the landlord hardly ever came around and the neighbors didnt care they were there. The morning was spent carrying their possessions to the second floor and to their apartment. Vince was content with his new living arrangements, but Rod thought differently this place is really small,  he groaned. Its a one person apartment, its not supposed to be huge like your old house, rich boy. Rod heaved a deep sigh as he dropped the last suitcase to the floor.

Now that everything is here, we get all the fun of unpacking and decorating, Vince stated sarcastically. Lets set up the bed and crash for a while first, Im beat, Vince yawned. Rod was confused, The bed? Yeah, the bed, the place we are going to sleep. There is only one? Yeah, one twin size bed for the two of us, or is that not enough room for you? Spoiled Brat. Vince cut open a box with a razor and pulled out a bunch of pieces. He looked angry, You know what, Im gonna take a smoke break. He stepped out and left Rod alone to put the bed together. Rod sighed At least with him out of here, Ill be able to put the bed together correctly without having to worry about it falling apart.

An hour past, Rod finished the bed and Vince had taped some posters to the walls and smoked a couple of cigarettes. Its done! Rod shouted proudly. Finally! Vince threw his body onto the mattress and stretched out. Go grab the pillows, I put them by the front door. Rod did as he was told and returned with two pillows, he handed one to Vince, who took it, placed it under his head and rolled onto his side violently. Rod smiled at his actions and plopped his pillow next to Vince. Rod wasnt tired, considering he had slept almost the entire way there. So he took it upon himself to fix up and decorate the apartment. He even hooked up and wired the TV. This cold little place actually looks inviting now that its decorated, Rod smiled.

In one of Vinces boxes he found a trash bag full of clothes. He folded and stacked every article of clothing, as he did for his own. Most of Vinces clothes were black and long sleeved. There were a few colors here and there and some white undershirts but that was it. It was very unlike his own. Rods wardrobe consisted of nice collard dress shirts in soft light colors. Theyre since of style seemed almost completely opposite. Rod held up one of Vinces shirts and pressed it against him. He looked in a long mirror that he had earlier placed on the wall. He smiled at the sight of himself in the normal clothes all the kids at school wore. He had always secretly wished he was just like all the other kids, with friends and he even wished he got normal grades, a C or two here and there, not always As. He sighed and folded the shirt back up and placed it back into the pile.

Four hours had passed and Rod was beginning to get bored. He had completed all the tasks he could think of and Vince was still asleep. Rod entered the bedroom and Vince remained in his deep slumber. Rod sat on the bed next to him and gazed at his sleeping face. Vince was entangled in blankets and Rod wondered how he had ever managed to get into such a strange position. Still, the innocent angelic expression across the dreaming creatures face was priceless. He looks like a completely different person in his sleep, Rod thought. Vinces hair even looked different. Earlier it was straight, now his hair was waved curled at the end. Rod was puzzled. Maybe he straightens his hair? Rod softly brushed a lock of hair away from Vinces face, which was responded by Vince twitching his nose.

Vinces eyes fluttered open halfway and he sat up and stretched. His angelic look had not left him as of yet. He rubbed his eyes and faced Rod What time is it?, He asked with a yawn. Rod glanced at the clock on the wall. Its about 5:30 now. I slept all day, Vince said as if it were news as he stood up and walked out of the room. It was only then Rod noticed Vince was only wearing boxers and a long-sleeved undershirt. Vinces clothes were in a lump on the floor next to the bed. He must have gotten hot under the covers with all those clothes on, Rod thought.

Rod followed after him. Vince was in the kitchen, making coffee with a cigarette hanging from the side of his mouth. Where did you put my bass? Its in the corner of the living room. Kay. Other than that Vince didnt speak. The look of innocence had disappeared from his face. Rod sat at the table silently as he watched Vince look through the drawers and cabinets of the kitchen to discover where everything had been placed.

Vince sipped his coffee casually, as Rod nervously played with his fingers and tried not to stare at Vince. Stupid kid, Vince muttered with his cup to his mouth. Rod decided to change the subject, I folded your laundry for you. Thanks An awkward silence fell upon them. Vince flicked the ashes of his cigarette into an ashtray that was on the table. Vince looked around the room, Looks like you gave this place a womans touch, Mommas boy. Rod ignored his comment, got up and went to sit on the couch in the living room. Vince finished his cigarette and went to join him. He put his coffee mug on the coffee table then laid on the couch, placing his head on Rods lap. He looked up at the blushing cat Where is the remote? Rod reached to the end table for the remote and handed it to Vince. Vince channel hopped and stopped on VH1 to watch music videos. Rod said nothing, but examined the creature before him. Now that he wasnt wearing layer upon layer of clothes, Rod could see what Vince really looked like. He was chubby. He wasnt really big, he just had some baby fat. Vince had a large body frame, unlike Rods who was always small. Vince was relaxed and at ease. His wings were folded and pulled in tightly so he could lay flat on his back. Rod had never been around a bat before or any creature with wings for that matter.

Hey wh.. SHHH Vince cut him off and silenced him. His eyes were fixated closely on the T.V., which was now playing Miss Murder By the band, AFI. It finished and Vince quickly turned his head to look straight up at Rod. Rod tensed up and felt a nervousness fall over him as Vinces piercing eyes shot at him. What day is it? He demanded. Uhhh Saturday& shoot& that means we have to start school the day after tomorrow damnit! Vince stood up angrily, unfolded his wings and stretched them out widely. Rods eyes grew wide Whoa, he muttered. Vince relaxed and looked over his shoulder at him. Now what? its a Saturday night and we have nothing to do. We dont even have anything to do tomorrow except sit around here and wait for Monday. Vince groaned. What about church? Rod asked shyly. What about it? Tomorrow is Sunday, we should go to church. I havent gone to church since I was nine years old. Well, maybe you should start going again. What has God ever done for me? Vince was angered. Rod gasped slightly and paused. He gave you life and he gave you your health. My mother gave me life, and I have health because I take care of myself. He gave you the earth in which you live on. What proof do you have of that? Havent you read the Bible? Of coarse I have, but I still question it. A silence fell upon them. Vince spoke up, You dont have to go to church to be a good person. You dont even have to go to church to be a good Christian. But for me, religion hasnt brought any happiness and it isnt really a big matter in my life. Rod defended himself, I know that, but I enjoy church and I havent missed one Sunday since the day I was born. Vince directed his eyes away from Rod and his voice grew quiet, How can you say that after&. After your parents died, after God took them from you. He left you alone, how can you still be so loyal to God after all that has happened to you? Rod swallowed a lump in his throat, I did think about that, but then I realized that God must have taken them for a reason, just like when you picked me up off the sidewalk, it had to be for a reason right? Something is going to happen, something is meant to happen. God wouldnt have let such a tragedy fall upon me for no reason. I havent wronged him. There has to be a reason. Vince smiled and started laughing. Rod was confused, Has he gone insane?! So thats what keeps the smile on your face kid? You think all this happened for a reason? Well what if the reason God did this to you was to make you suffer, and see if you would still stay loyal to him. Maybe thats it eh? Vince continued to chuckle under his breath. Thats not true! Rod stood up he could take this mockery no longer God wouldnt make me suffer just because he wanted to. Im a good person! Vince stopped laughing Ok, Ok, whatever kid, as long as youre happy it doesnt matter to me what you believe. Rod crossed his arms and heaved back onto the couch. So, do we get to go to church tomorrow? Rod muttered angrily. Vince raised and eyebrow and a smile was on his face, Fine, look Ill make you a deal Ill find a nice church to drop you off at tomorrow, and while you are praising the lord, Ill go out and try to find a job, ok? Rod wasnt overjoyed but pleased, Ok, I guess thats better than nothing, you can come along with me some other time. If that ever happens, youll be dragging my lifeless body in there. Well that was a bit harsh.

Yeah, whatever, Im starving do we have anything to eat? Vince opened the

fridge and found that other than the jug of blood he had bought earlier, it was completely empty. His mouth dropped open and an exasperated noise escaped him. Now what?! Rod perked up, There was a complementary basket of pasta stuff that came with the apartment. He pulled it out of the oven. Wait& first of all, why did you put a basket with hard pasta wrapped in plastic in the oven? Ummm it was just a place to put it. Ok, well the oven isnt a good place to store things, trust me. And secondly, why havent you started cooking yet? Rod was stubborn, What makes you think I know how to cook? You are a mommas boy of coarse you know how to cook, plus you just have that personality, you know the housewife kind of thing where you just naturally know how to cook and clean. Landon was sorta like that to a degree. Rod grunted You stereotype&. Yeah, yeah start cooking kid.

Vince was right, Rod turned out to be a great cook, and he had everything prepared in less than twenty minutes. Vince finished his plate and leaned back in satisfaction, I told you that you could cook. Rod took their plates up, cleaned them off and put them in the dishwasher. I told you your like a housewife Shut-up, if I dont clean up after you, I doubt you will. Hmmm that is true.

Its getting late I think Im gonna go crash so I wont be wiped for the job hunt tomorrow. Alright, goodnight Vince. Yeah goodnight kid, and I will leave space for you on the bed so you dont have to freak out and sleep on the couch or whatever. Vince turned into the bedroom and shut the door behind him.


The End&&. Of Chapter 8 XP Yes, very cute, very cute. I finally got around to finishing this chapter, I edited, cut and added lots to this chap. And it turned out better than I thought it would. I know at least 1 or maybe even 2 people out there are enjoying this, and that my friends is why I write. I promise chapter 9 will be up very shortly! Cause Im on summer break and have free time to write at night! ^.^ And& has anyone noticed Rod has sorta been checking Vince out? >.> (lol) Oh and BTW for any one that doesnt know AFI stands for A Fire Inside, they are and awesome band and you should love them&. Now go buy their Cds!


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KittyTheHomicidalManiac on January 27, 2007, 2:47:36 PM

KittyTheHomicidalManiac on
KittyTheHomicidalManiacI love that song, 'Miss Murder' ^^ This chapter was great, Vince is awesome... In that rebelious, 'Don't mess with me' kind of way.

SomekindofFreak on June 25, 2006, 11:14:08 AM

SomekindofFreak on
SomekindofFreaklolol! Theyre gonna share a bed?! Rod is the uke!!! XDDD woot! I loved this chapter! cant wait for the next! Theyre both so cute! I like the part where Vince layed on Rod on the couch ^^