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Chapter 13 - Birthdays

Rod isn't exactly the 'cool' kid in school. Hes the kind of guy that always listens to Mommy and Daddy. But after the accident, will he stay that way? Then Rod is kidnaped and lead to a new life, is it for the best? Or is his future destined to go up in f

Chapter 13 - Birthdays

Chapter 13 - Birthdays

Chapter 13, Hey Im 13! Well one week from today, I will be 14! Weeeee Partay! This is going to be a very big informational chapter I suppose, very nice. Its going to make you go OHHHH I get it now! Yep yep, Are you excited? I know I am! WEEE!

XP Hmm looks around I dont know what else to put in this space&. I cant think of what to say. Oh well, lets just move on with the show, intermission time is over!

Chapter 13 is rated: PG-13ish I suppose, for language violence and umm I dont know, its okay.

When Monday arrived Vince and Rod followed their every day routine. Wake up, go to school, come home, do homework then Vince leaves for work. Rod sat on the couch reading a book when he noticed a red blinking light on their answering machine. He stared at it strangely for a bit, then walked over to it. I didnt even know we had an answering machine. Rod thought. He clicked the play button and listened to and electronic voice, You have one missed call. Then a fairly large screen appeared over the answering machine. This must have been Mom and Dads. A picture phone, let alone a picture answering machine is really expensive. When the picture came to the screen there were three boys Rod had never seen before. The youngest one was a gray wolf. He spoke first, Oh My Gosh Vince! You never call us or anything! What

s your problem, man? The oldest one was a bat like Vince, except he was black with brown eyes and wasnt nearly as chubby as Vince. Yeah you penis wrinkle, you think you can just forget about us now that you left? The one between the ages of the other two seemed to be the smartest. He was a brown mongoose. He talked calmly and quietly and was precise in his words. You should at least try to get in touch with us once in a while. We worry about you, ya know? The gray wolf playfully punched the bat, Yeah! Ace especially worries about you. Ace punched him back, but with actual force. Shut up turd for brains. Look Vince what we really called for is to tell you. The wolf cut him off HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The mongoose spoke next, November 23rd only comes around once a year. We care about you Vince. Ace practically pushed the other two out of the picture, Youre seventeen now, but in a few days Ill be eighteen and out of this dump too. We cant make this message long, since youre out of state this is long distance but... dont forget about me ok? Ace saddened as he spoke. Keep in touch, call me sometime. He looked down, Happy birthday. The message ended.

Rod sat in silence wondering about the message he had just heard. Ace, where I have I heard that name before? He shook his head, That doesnt matter right now. Its Vinces birthday and I didnt even know. Why didnt he tell me!? Rod spoke to himself, I know! Ill bake him a cake! He wont be home for a few more hours. For the next three hours Rod baked a strawberry cake with cream cheese icing. He attempted to decorate it by drawing a bat on it and writing Happy Birthday in black frosting. On the four corners were black flowers. Rod wiped icing from his cheek and smiled. This cake turned out pretty well if I if say so myself! The cake was a reasonable size for two people.

Around two in the morning Rod patiently waited for Vinces arrival. He stood close to the door holding the cake. He should be home any minute now, Rod thought. In a short while Vince appeared at the door. He unlocked it and stepped in. He was in surprise as he saw the cake Rod was holding, How did you know it was my birthday? Rod sat the cake down on the kitchen table. A message for you was left on the answering machine, I didnt delete it. Go look! Vince took off his coat and sat on the couch. As the screen came up, Vince smiled longingly. He listened to it intently. When it finished he remained on the couch. Vince brought his legs up to his chest and leaned back. He thought deeply and wiped his eyes. Rod entered the room carrying two pieces of cake. He quickly realized Vince was unhappy and attempted to cheer him up. Here, he handed him the cake, Eat as much as you want, I hardly ever see you eat. Vinces voice was quiet, Ive had too much to think about lately. I didnt realize that I really dont eat much anymore. Well its youre birthday! I want you to be happy! Really! Please cheer up. We have school in the morning and its already almost three, we need to get to sleep. Vince finished his cake and went off to bed.

Rod followed soon after. He lay down and covered himself. Vince turned to face him, Thank you, for making the cake I mean you didnt have to do that. Rod was cheery, Youre welcome, and I wanted to do something for you. After all, it is your birthday. Yeah They fell quiet for a while till Rod spoke again, this time with a more serious tone, Vince, you always look so sad. I feel&. I feel so horrible when I see you that way. I just want you to be happy. If there is anything I can do, please just tell me. Vince looked shocked, Rod, why do you care about me so much? I& I dont know, I guess its because, I have this new life because of you. Thanks to you I was able to do things I wanted to do not just things I was told to do. I guess Im starting to realize who I really am, starting to know myself a bit more. But & I dont know. Vince blinked, Oh, Okay well then Im glad for you. He sighed and rolled over, Goodnight Rod. Yeah, goodnight Vince.

A few days passed. When Vince got home from work on December third he sat on the couch with the phone. Rod was fast asleep in the bedroom. Vince took a deep breath in mental preparation. I can do this. He whispered to himself. He slowly punched in the number and held the phone to his ear. It rang several times before he heard a familiar voice answer. Hello? Vince hesitated; Hi There was a silence. Vince? Is that you? Vince laughed a little and bit his lip, Yeah. Its been a while. Wow, I never thought you would actually call. Well you called me on my birthday, so Happy 18th. Im glad I was able to catch you before you left the orphanage. So, how has life been without me? Vince smirked, Lonely. No really it been ok I guess. I have a job serving drinks at a bar and I go to school. Thats about it I guess. How is that kid you took with you? Oh Rod? Hes fine I guess. He was really lame when I first met him but I can handle him now. He isnt such a little good boy anymore. Well thats good, at least you have one friend. Yeah, now how is life for you without me? The same I guess. The only difference is, you arent here. Landon is still a bookworm. I am still under suspicion that Matthew is gay. Roxanne still dates tons of people. You know, its just the usual stuff. And uh, Vince? Yeah? Why didnt you try to call me before? Well when I left, you seemed really mad. And that fight we had when I told you I was leaving. I, I was just scared that you hated me or something. Vince I could never hate you. I love you. I always have and I always will. A tear rolled down Vinces cheek as that was said to him. I love you too Ace, and I always will. Vince smiled. Ace laughed, Will you always? Always. You know what they say, Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I think they are right. Things just havent been the same without you Vince. I know what you mean. I hate waking up with no one beside me. Vince sighed, Im depressed all the time and its all your fault, Ace Craft. Well, Vincent Morall! Life isnt so easy for me either. And dont you have school in the morning? Yeah, but Im ditching tomorrow. Dont skip too much or youll fail. I know I know. Hey, arent you moving tomorrow? Where are you going? Im not moving out of state like you did, just a couple blocks away. Im getting even closer to the beach so thats a plus. I guess Im just going to have to work things out. If you adjusted so nicely, then I can too, right? Yeah Ace, you can do anything. Are you mocking me? Well, remember that time you got drunk and thought you could walk on water? It didnt end well. You almost drown. I had to fracking save you. Then there was that other time you thought you were bulletproof and shot yourself in the foot. You were stuck in the hospital for a few days then you had a cast on your foot and couldnt walk for weeks. It was a pain in the @$$ for me to have to help you with the wheelchair. Especially because our room was on the third floor and there was no elevator. Ace laughed, Well you shouldnt have let me shoot myself! You know Im a stupid conceded drunk! Hey all that wasnt my fault! Man, we got ourselves into a lot of shoot before didnt we? We sure did. Ace, do you remember when I was fifteen and you got like buried alive? Yeah, I got into a real bad fight, they thought they killed me so they buried me real deep under the pier. It got late and you went out to look for me. You just so happened to run into them and hear them talking about it. Luckily you dug my up before I suffocated. Arent I just the lucky ducky? Vince laughed, That was the night I realized I loved you, you anal dwelling butt monkey! Uhhggg you have no idea how fracking worried I was. Ha Ha! You love me! You love me too! Shut up! Man we are slow! I know, right!? But youre my slow little vampire Ditto Vince, Im so glad you called. Its really nice to hear your voice again. Yeah, I was really nervous, but Im glad I got to talk to you again. Vince? Do you realize is like five in the morning? Yeah I guess I should get to bed soon, Rod will wake up for school and I have to fake sick. Im just gonna sleep all day. Lucky you, I got to pack in the morning and get out before headmaster kills me. But Vince, I know you get real depressive sometimes and you feel like giving up. You need to have something to believe in and keep you going. We have been over this before and I know the church has wronged you. But that shouldnt stop you from believing. So Ill tell you what my mother always told me. You hate it when I say it but, Tenga fe en dios. Ill try Ace, Ill try. Well I love you Vince, goodnight. I love you too Ace, sleep well.

Rod woke to find Vince shivering beside him. He shook Vince to wake him, Are you ok? Oh, I got in really late last night, and I think I might have come down with something. I feel really sick. Oh, well let me take your temperature. No I just took some medicine not too long ago, my fever is going down. Ok, well you get some rest Ill make you some soup. Ok. Rod got ready for school quickly and cooked for Vince. He made chicken noodle soup, poured a cup of blood and filled a glass of water. He brought it to Vince on a platter. Hey Vince woke at the sound of his voice and sat up, leaning against the wall behind him. I hope you like chicken noodle! He placed the tray on his lap. Dont eat any dairy products it might upset your stomach. Make sure to drink plenty of clear liquids to flush your system. And I dont want you dieing on me, so make sure to drink your blood, ok? Vince was really surprised; You didnt have to do this for me. No, I wanted to. Now I have to get to school, you get better. Try and keep the covers off, if you can, so your body temperature will cool and help the fever go down. Well thank you for breakfast. Dont mention it, bye Vince. Later kid. Rod left for school. Vince was alone in the eerily quiet apartment. He took a drink of blood and swallowed, Wow, Im good at lying

And now Chapter 13 is over! Wow, yeah this was a heavy chapter. So Vince and Ace are in love&. What about Rod? &OOOO here comes the Drama! Vince is too good at lying, bad boy! Oh and by the way, if youre wondering, Tenga fe en dios means have faith in God, in Spanish. Was the telephone conversation too hard to read? I made it to where Vince spoke then Ace then Vince then Ace and so on back in forth& I hope it was ok.


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SomekindofFreak on July 20, 2006, 12:24:38 PM

SomekindofFreak on
SomekindofFreakAww...Rod is so thoughtful! I love him ^-^ yay Vince and Ace! Rod has to fit in there somewhere too! Love Triangle! woot woot! oh and how could i forget Kitty? X3 cant wait to read more!