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Chapter 15 - Christmas Day

Rod isn't exactly the 'cool' kid in school. Hes the kind of guy that always listens to Mommy and Daddy. But after the accident, will he stay that way? Then Rod is kidnaped and lead to a new life, is it for the best? Or is his future destined to go up in f

Chapter 15 - Christmas Day

Chapter 15 - Christmas Day
Chapter 15. Well guys, the past few days have been horrible for me. I even cried for like for like two hours on my birthday. Life has been sucking completely. I hope it gets better&

Six oclock in the morning. Kittys parents stepped into the living room to find the three teenagers slumbering away. Kittys mother shouted Merry Christmas! Wake up kids! All three of them sat up abruptly and stared in the adults direction. Kittys mother was a vampire bat. She had almost the same fur color as Kitty, her mothers was just a slightly darker purple, and apparently the same hyper-happy personality. Kittys father was a light blue cat. He had dark blue stripes and magenta colored eyes. He was sipping from a cup of coffee.
Rod and Vince glanced quickly at one another, then back Kittys mother. You boys can call me Katrina. And my husband is cat man. Kittys father glared at her, but didnt say a word. Im just kidding, mister grumpy face here is Leo. We dont like being all proper and using the Mr. and Mrs., terms. Its so nice to finally get to meet you boys in person, Kitty talks about you an awful lot. Come on, lets go in the kitchen and whoop up some breakfast! She took flight and blissfully flew into the kitchen. Leo was tired and slowly followed her. Kitty smiled at Vince and Rod, So what do you guys think of my parents? Vince spoke first, Your mom is super-perky and your dad is obviously not a morning person. Rods answer was a bit more positive, Your mother seems really nice, and Im sure your father is too. Kitty laughed at them, I know what your thinking. Im just like my mom, I know I know you dont have to say it. Vince smirked, So long as you know.
Vince, Rod and Leo sat at the kitchen table while Katrina and Kitty fixed breakfast for all of them. Kitty gave Vince a glass of blood, Here, so you dont die at my house. Its sheeps blood, not that crappy cow blood. He thanked her and she returned to her mothers aid. Leo read the newspaper while Rod and Vince sat in silence. Rod twiddled his thumbs and Vince drank his blood, for the first time in a long time, he enjoyed it. Kitty and her mother were loud and over excited. Even making breakfast was a fun filled activity for them. Kitty, think fast! Her mother would toss something at her and Kitty would attempt to catch it on a plate or a bowl or even in a glass, weather it be toast or juice. Kitty didnt seem to be too coordinated and often missed, the two of them would laugh. Food flew from one side of the kitchen to another. Kitty slipped on spilled orange juice and grabbed the side of her mothers nightgown as she fell, bringing Katrina down with her. The two of them laughed hysterically as they were covered in the sticky mess. During all this Leo just sat at the table, reading the paper. To him, it seemed as if the behavior of his wife and daughter was normal. Rod and Vince watched the two women as if they were on a television show.
After about forty-five minutes of madness, breakfast was served. A feast of eggs, toast, bacon, grits, oatmeal, sausage and fresh fruit sat before them. As they ate, Leo spoke for the first time that morning, So how old are you boys? They stated their ages; Vince was first to speak, seventeen. Then Rod, Fifteen. Her dad continued to talk, So how did you three do at that concert thing last night? Kitty breathed in deeply and began to rant,  It was amazing! We came out there and I talked to the crowd and then we started to play and I started to sing and everyone in the audience was really paying attention. Then we finished and the announcer dude was all like WOOO and everyone cheered then we left and at first we didnt realize what happened and we were walking and then we were like OMG That just happened! and like Yeah! and we danced and ran and spun around and then it started snowing then Vince flew and stopped the bus and almost got himself killed, but he didnt even get a scratch on his which was amazing and then we got on the bus and I fell asleep. Then we came here and I fell asleep again. Then you guys woke us up and we made breakfast. Then you asked us how the concert was and I told you and now we are here in this moment that is new and nothing has happened in it yet, but stuff will happen. Leo blinked and sipped his coffee, I guess that was everything in a nutshell? Kitty smiled, I guess so. I want to hear more from you boys, like do you have a job? Vince spoke, I have a job, he doesnt. Well what do you do? I uh, serve drinks at the bar we played at last night. How long have you been working there? Oh I guess a few months now. Thats good, its good for growing teenagers to learn the value of a dollar and get experience in the real world. Vince smiled, Yeah, I guess so. The real world isnt so nice though. A smile spread across Leos face, Kitty is going to have it rough when she moves out. She will no longer be so privileged. But back to you boys, it must be rough living on your own, considering youre so young. Vince looked at him, Well Ive been fending for myself for most of my life, and it wasnt so hard to adjust to it all. Life is work then school then band time. Thats it. Well it looks like you have your priorities. What do you ultimately want to do with your life though? Vince thought for a moment, I want to play my bass in a band. What if that doesnt work out? What is your fall back plan? Vince was silent. Kittys eyes darted from sided to side, OOOO we are having a serious moment. Well Im making the serious moment be over now! She stood up quickly, Its present time! She darted into the living room and jumped over the couch to the Christmas tree.
A good portion of the morning was spent unwrapping gifts and handing them out to one another. Kittys parents had even purchased gifts for Vince and Rod. Rod was confused, How did you know we would be here for Christmas? Katrina smiled, Well we knew that show you three were playing at would let out late and we already told Kitty she could bring you two home. We wanted it to all be a big surprise! Its your first Christmas living out on your own! Its needs to be special! Even if you two refused and didnt come over, Leo would have drove her over to your apartment so she could drop the gifts off. Its no fun having a gift less Christmas! Well thank you very much, we really werent expecting all this. You really didnt have to.. She cut him off, Of coarse we did! You two boys are our little girls best friends! Vince and Rod just smiled. Wrapping paper flew through the air, it seemed as if there was an endless amount of gifts under that tree. Kittys father handed two identical boxes to Vince and Rod, Dont worry Ive got the bill covered till you two are eighteen and become responsible adults. They looked at him in confusion, Just go ahead and open them. They did so. Rods eyes were wide as he looked down at the box that contained his new cell phone. Vince griped his tightly in disbelief, Sir you really didnt have to, you shouldnt have, here I cant accept this, He held the box up to Leo who pushed it back towards Vince. No, I wanted to make life easier on the two of you. I know it can be rough on the two of you. Plus I think I can spare a hundred bucks a month for my daughters friends. Keep them. Vince looked at him with an unsure look on his face, but then smiled, Thank you very much. Rod chimed in, Yeah we really appreciate it!
After all the presents were exchanged and opened, and after the heaps of wrapping paper were thrown into the garbage can, Kitty, Vince, Rod and Katrina went outside for a snowball fight. Leo decided to stay inside where it is warm, and watch television. Rods feet sank into about six inches of snow as he stepped onto Kittys front lawn. He was instantly hit on the side of his face by a flying ball of snow. He looked over to see Kitty laughing and running in the opposite direction. He bent down and grasped a handful of snow. He rolled it as he chased after her. She ran around the car, dodging the soft, cold objects that were hurdling towards her. Katrina snuck up behind her as she ducked down, avoiding a snowball thrown by Rod. Katrina made a direct hit to the back of her daughters head. Kitty spun around to face her, You played dirty! Its on now sista! She jumped up and took after her mother. Rod ducked behind a tree, trying to avoid the madness.
While all this was taking place, Vince was leaning against the wall next to Kittys front door, smoking a cigarette. Its too damn cold out here, He muttered to himself. He pulled his new cell phone. He is going to be paying fifty bucks a month, well a hundred counting Rod. We get it for free man, how lucky can we get? Since I left everything is seeming to work out just fine. He looked into the screen of his phone and his voice lowered to a whisper, Just like you said it would. He sighed and looked over at the three people he was supposed to partaking in a snowball fight with. His face scrunched up at the thought of joining them and being pummeled with soft frozen water. It would melt and soak through his clothing, causing him to become even colder than he already was. He stretched his arms and made his way around the side of the house, to get out of eye-site and ear-shot of everyone. He walked into the backyard to find a pool that had been covered for the winter. There were several beach chairs placed alongside the pool. Vince brushed the snow off one of them and took a seat. He leaned back and twiddled with his phone.
Leo had gone over the phone plan with him earlier. He had unlimited anytime minutes to anywhere in the world. Kittys family is fracking rich, Vince thought. He sighed and poked his lip out. He was hesitating, I dont have to wait, I can call now and it wont cost anything extra. But&. What if he is busy? I mean it is Christmas; he must have things to do. He is probably out celebrating, I shouldnt call. He put the phone down on a table that was placed beside him. He stared at it. But what if he is just sitting around being bored? Vince continued his battle with his mind. He picked up the phone, It wont hurt to try& He typed in the number to the orphanage he used to live at. He waited impatiently as the phone rang. He felt his heart beat faster and his breathing quicken. A voice came over the phone, Hello you have reached Virginia Orphanage, how may I help you? Vince paused, Landon? There was a long pause on the other line. Vince? Vincent Morall? Yeah man, what are you doing answering phones? Oh Im just working in the kitchen. Yaknow trying to get Christmas dinner ready. Headmaster is busy with the smaller children, so Im working with the phones. But anyway its great to hear from you, Merry Christmas. Have you been doing well? Vince smiled, Everything has been going great actually and Merry Christmas to you too. I just wanted to call to check up on everyone and uh talk to um Ace. Vince& dont you remember? Ace turned eighteen on the third. He moved out. Oh yeah, well can you find me his phone number, please? Vince Im really busy, hold on, Ill put Matthew on the phone, you can get him to look he isnt really doing anything. The phone was silent for a few moments as Landon searched for Matthew. A lighter, more high-pitched voice came over the phone. Oh my gosh, hi! Its been so long since I got to talk to you! Have you been having fun with your new life? Its all been good. Have you been staying out of trouble? Well is not easy to get into trouble with you and Ace gone. Things are so dull; I just want winter break to be over. So I can go back to school and hang out with Max. Max? Who is Max? Oh& hes just a friend from school. Vince laughed, Yeah sure, just a friend, whatever Matthew. Vince could tell Matthew was embarrassed and blushing just by the tone in his voice, What! Really& we, we are just friends thats all! You guys are so mean to me! Its ok Matthew, I was just picking at you. Anyway& I wanted you to look up a phone number for me. Yeah, you wanted your lover-boys number I got it, chill. Its 872-9555. Happy now? Go call him and have your phone sex. What?! Matthew its not like that! Matthew laughed, Yeah whatever, I got to go man. I think something in the kitchen just exploded on Landon. Have a Merry Christmas! You too, bye
He clicked end and took a deep breath. Ok, Ive got nothing to loose, here goes nothing. He typed in the numbers slowly. 8&7&2&-&9&5&5&5& He brought it to his ear and listened to it ring.

CLIFFHANGER! WOOSH! That right&. Well I hope you were amused& I thought it was ok, it wasnt the greatest chapter in the world but hey.. Its ok. Oh yeah, it took me forever to finish this chapter and life is better, I start school on August 25th.. Pray for me! >.<


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