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Chapter 16 - Enter Nick!

Rod isn't exactly the 'cool' kid in school. Hes the kind of guy that always listens to Mommy and Daddy. But after the accident, will he stay that way? Then Rod is kidnaped and lead to a new life, is it for the best? Or is his future destined to go up in f

Chapter 16 - Enter Nick!

Chapter 16 - Enter Nick!
Wow guys, chapter 16& great isnt it? Yeah I finally got around to writing more to this story& I should talk more people into reading it I mean I have 81 fracking fans and only like one of them is reading this story& and only like 2 people are reading my other ones& everyone who is reading this right now, convince your friends to read my story! Apparently you like it if youve made it thus far and it doesnt suck! >.< Yeah& Im actually in a pretty good mood right now I suppose& ^.^ Dude, I dont even know whats gonna happen next in this story, cool isnt it?

Vince coughed and leaned back in his chair as he listened to the phone ring. He swallowed and waited. No answer, the message came on, it was Aces voice, Hey you frackers, obviously this is me, I mean do I really need to say, hey this is Ace you called me you butt monkey. Anyway yeah leave me a message and Ill attempt to get back to you& unless I get busy and forget& or if I just dont like you. Vince smiled at Aces odd humor and waited for it to beep. H, Hey. This is Vince& I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope everything is going well for you. Give me a call sometime, bye. He hung up his phone and stood up, noticing that Rod and Kitty were coming to him at a rapid pace. Rod reached him first, Kitty trailing behind him. Hey guys! Lets go watch Christmas specials on T.V.! She took their hands and led them along inside.
Four months later, it was April and the spring weather was pleasant. Rod, Kitty and Vince were lugging their gear to their sixth gig. Kitty trotted along, Another chance to be heard. Hopefully one day well get someone in the higher-ups to notice us! Vince replied, Its not just a hopefully, we have to. This is what we are going to do, even if it kills us. Well, me at least. Rod said nothing, but smiled to himself. Well at least this on is actually at a place where lots of local bands play, its not some off-the-wall thing that we usually do. Kitty almost tripped as she finished her statement, but caught her balance at the last second and went back to her normal pace of walking. Rod commented, Watch your step, and you know lots of people are going to be there, right? Vince attempted to make them calm about the whole situation, Yeah dont be nervous. We have gotten good responses from the crowed at all our other gigs and this one will be even better. Dont be nervous.
The three of them stepped out on stage and the crowed cheered. Kitty took the mic and spoke to the audience. Wow, you guys seem excited. Have you heard of us or something before? Half the crowed cheered. Good, now who is ready to rock! She held the mic up and towards them. Alright lets go! They played a wonderful show and kept the audience entertained.
After the show and talking with a few fans and some of the people backstage, the trio took their leave. They walked the path they had taken to get there. Hey boys, lets go get some coffee. They agreed, Yeah I think Im gonna faint, its so damn hot on stage. Rod coughed, Then dont ware long-sleeved shirts all the time. Vince snapped back, Shut-up cum ruffle! Rod shot him a dirty look at Kitty laughed at the insult. Just then Vince heard footsteps approaching them, he turned to look. Noticing Vince turn, the others did the same. A yellow-green cat was running up to them. He wore a red tee shirt with a long sleeved white shirt under it. He had baggy black pants with blue and orange, checkered shoes. A black collar with a padlock on it hung around his neck. The boy was short and very skinny. His hair was shaggy and long, bangs fell over his left eye. He was smiling and came to a stop as he reached them. Hi! Umm I just heard you play and I wanted to tell you how cool you guys are. I didnt get a chance to say it back there when everyone else was basically attacking you. He scratched the back of his head and grinned widely. Kitty was ecstatic Oh my gosh, you guys! We have fans approaching us on the street now! Yay! She jumped onto Rod in excitement. Vince spoke to the fan, Hey kid, you want to join us for coffee? The cats ears perked up and he smiled, Yeah! That would be great!
They sat at a round table, the three musicians focusing all their attention on their newfound friend. So tell us about yourself! Umm ok, well my name is Nick. I just moved here not long ago. Im starting school next week. Oh, what school? Rosewood high. COOL! Thats where we all go! What grade are you in? Ninth. Kitty smiled, Yay! Maybe well have some classes together. Nick smiled, Im glad I met you guys, I thought it was gonna be kind of awkward living here. Where did you live before? Well, I never really stayed in one place too long. We sort of moved around a lot, had a life on the road. Did your parents do that for work or something? Nick stared into his coffee and thought, Yeah, I guess you could say that. For some odd reason a strong negative tension fell over them. Rod tried to break it, Do you have any hobbies? Nick perked up quickly, Yeah! Ive been playing guitar since I was five and I write poems and songs and stuff like that. Vince became suddenly completely interested, Oh really? Can you play for us sometime? You bet! I can play today if you want! Kitty unzipped the case for her guitar, Here. Play us something, just set it for acoustic. Nick did so and played a wonderful ingenious melody. The three of them sat, open-mouthed, baffled at amazing skills the kid before them held. Vince managed to speak, I think this calls for a band meeting, Kitty, Rod, outside, now. Well be right back. Nick tilted his head and watched them walk out of the coffee shop.
Oh my freaking god! That guy is amazing! Kitty was highly impressed, as were Vince and Rod. I dont think we need much discussion on this. Should we ask him to be in the band? Kitty and Rod both answered at the same time, YES! If he will, it will make the band ten times better! No more than that, a hundred times better! Rod agreed. Kitty balled her fists up and spun around, And he is so damn cute too! Vince grabbed her hands and winced his eyes, I Know! The two of them were obviously having a moment. Rod rolled his eyes, Lets get back inside before he thinks we ditched him.
Vince stared Nick in the eyes seriously, Alright Nick! We have a proposal for you. Yes? We would like you to join the band, will you? Nicks eyes lit up, Yes! He practically jumped across the table and threw his arms around Vince, You have no idea how long I have dreamed of this day! The day I was actually in a real band! This is the coolest thing ever! Thank you so much! No, thank you! With your talent this band is going to be great! Vince became serious once again, Now Nick, listen this is for real. We arent trying to be some teenage wannabes we are going to do this for real. This is one hundred percent serious. Are you sure this is what you really want to do with your life? He smiled, Of course it is. The life of a famous musician is what I wanted since the first day I picked up a guitar. If I have nothing else, being able to do what I love and being able to bring enjoyment to other people because of it, is the only thing I need to get by. The others were touched by his speech. Nick looked at his watch, Oh man, I gotta get back. It was really cool meeting you guys, here, He ripped a piece off of a napkin and wrote on it. Take my phone number, call me later! He handed Kitty back her guitar and hugged them all goodbye. Shortly after, Nick was gone the others took their leave. Im so glad we met him, he is far better than me at the guitar. Im a little jealous. Rod laughed, Heh heh, dont be. Maybe he can give you some tips, Kitty. Yeah. She took his hand in hers and continued walking. Vince walked ahead of them and lit up a cigarette.
The band was gathered at Vince and Rods apartment. It was the first band practice with Nick being there. Kitty was going over some tabs with him and writing some new parts out to go along with the stuff they had done for Nick. Music was obviously Nicks passion. He was completely dedicated and truly happy. Vince and Rod sat that the dining room table watching them. Vince took a long drag on his cigarette and looked at Rod who smiled and spoke to him, Looks like we are really starting to get somewhere. Yep. I hope everything works out. Ill do everything in my power to make it that way, believe it. They better get that stuff done soon. We have another gig in a week. Hopefully, Nick will be ready and can play it with us. Rod smiled at him, That would be great. He then fixed his attention back to Kitty and Nick.
Later that night, long after Kitty and Nick had gone home, Rod and Vince were getting ready for bed. Vince was taking his eyeliner off while Rod was washing his face. They were silent for a while but Vince finally made a comment, Rod, tomorrows Sunday and your going to church right? So long as you drop me off. Want me to go with you? Rod paused and looked at him in disbelief, Really? Sure, why not? Rod threw his arms around Vince and squeezed tightly, I promise you wont be disappointed! Vince smiled, Yeah, whatever kid. Vince hugged him back and didnt let go for a long time. Rod didnt complain, he buried his face in Vinces chest and closed his eyes. Vince stroked Rods hair and held him close, Come on, time for bed. He let go and went to lie down. Rod scooted under the covers next to him; he turned his face to look at him and smiled widely. Vince then shifted to his side and pulled Rod to him. Rod blushed and rested his head against Vinces chest. Vince held him close, wrapping his arm around his waist and playing with his hair with the other hand. Rod swallowed, his heartbeat quickened. He breathed in deeply and sighed happily. Vince laughed a little, Are you happy? He asked in a whisper. Rod looked up at him and it took him a while to answer, Yes, I am happy. Vince winked at him, Good. He then kissed his forehead and closed his eyes. Now get some sleep so you can be rested for church in the morning. Oh, ok. Rod and Vince stayed and slept in that position throughout the entire night.

Now wasnt that just such and adorable ending? I think so. Im glad I finally got around to writing more to this. Thanks for reading everyone! Comments make and keep me happy!


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