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Chapter 18 - Mass Murderer

Rod isn't exactly the 'cool' kid in school. Hes the kind of guy that always listens to Mommy and Daddy. But after the accident, will he stay that way? Then Rod is kidnaped and lead to a new life, is it for the best? Or is his future destined to go up in f

Chapter 18 - Mass Murderer

Chapter 18 - Mass Murderer
Chapter 18, yep the contest is underway and its time to write more to this story! (Hopefully the contest will inspire some of my fans to read this story&)

On the screen was a car chase. Vince, Kitty and Rod stared in disbelief as their vocalist hung out the back of a car shooting at the police on television. Kitty finally found the energy to speak. Holy shoot! Its Nick! Vince and Rod just stared, wide eyed and jaw dropped.
Nick was next to a yellow female kitsune; helicopters were following them. The car was being driven; by a light blue hedgehog and a red fox was in the passengers seat. Nick and the girl ducked as a ray of bullets were shot at them. Nick was bleeding in several places. He shouted something to the hedgehog driving. A bullet hit the tire of their vehicle, causing it to burst. They swerved off the road onto a ditch. They attempted to get out of the car and run off into the woods. The police chased them. The cameraman was now able to get a close up view of them as the police surrounded them and caught them in the mix of the forest. They zoomed in on Nicks face as they tackled him to the ground and stripped him of all weapons he had on him. Blood trickled down his forehead as he squinted and bit his lip. The police gathered them and loaded them into the back of police vehicles. Nick smiled as he sat down and spoke as loud as he could so that the camera would be able to pick up the sound, Im sorry I didnt make it to band practice, guys!
After the cars had driven off reporters began to tell about the past of these criminals. Finally four of the most wanted criminals in this country have been captured ladies and gentlemen. Skyler Hawk, Tiffany Bandana, Jerry Duranga and Nick wall, wanted for robbery, drug abuse, and mass murder. These four were raised to be killers; finally we have put a stop to them. Between the four of them over one thousand lives have been taken. The saddest part is that these four horrible souls are only children; the oldest one is only seventeen. Keep checking with us to find out more on this situation.
Vince didnt say a word. He simply got up and went out onto the balcony to smoke. Rod leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. Kitty jumped up, WHAT THE HELL!? NICK IS A MASS MURDERER!
Their court trial was on television. Rod, Kitty and Vince made sure to pay close attention to it. Things didnt look good for their green friend. The final decision day came and it was up to the jury and the judge on what would happen to these four guilty souls. The judge spoke, I know each one of you are underage. That is why this case has been so hard to come to an agreement on. However, we have decided, based on how horrible your crimes were, on the punishment you should all receive. This was hard to come to, because you are just children, however mass murder is mass murder no matter how you look at it. You are all sentenced to the death penalty. Terror was in Nick, Skyler, Tiffany and Jerrys eyes as this final statement was made.
A camera was set up outside each of their holding cells. They were together, but in separate rooms, able to talk to one another through the bars. They werent aware of the camera there, but everyone in America was watching them at all times. Tiffany spoke, I guess this is the final chapter you guys. She was no older than eleven. She had long curly blonde hair with pink at the tips. She had bangs that came right above her eyes. She was a kitsune, and an intelligent one at that. Skyler tried to cheer her up, Maybe we can find a way out of this. We have all those times before. Skyler was a light blue hedgehog; seventeen years of age. He had light violet eyes and was obviously the protector of the other three. Jerry was a red fox with brown eyes, he was twelve years old; he buried his face in his hands. We have never actually been sentenced before, though. Nick sat with his knees to his chest, At least we got to know what it was like to be normal teenagers for a little while. Tiffany laughed a little, Only for a few months of school. But it was better than nothing I suppose. Skyler groaned, I need a cigarette. Nick, Jerry and Tiffany all replied at the same time Yeahhh.
The day of their execution they stood in a line against the wall, waiting. They were in chains; Tiffany had tears rolling down her cheeks. Skyler attempted to make her smile, Dont worry about it Tiffany, you are only eleven, Im sure youll make it to heaven, as will Jerry. However, Nick and I are another story. See you in hell, buddy. Nick smirked, It cant be any worse than this.
Suddenly the wall was busted in and several soldiers rushed in killing the executioners, they broke the teenagers chains and handed them guns. Its about fracking time! Skyler shouted. They rushed outside and jumped onto a few hyper powered motorcycles. They sped off; their rescuers went off in the other direction. The four of them were chased and shot at by the military. They drove until they came to an area where the bridge was out. Hold on tight you guys! They picked up the speed and rushed towards the edge. Those who were chasing them came to a stop, Theyre crazy! Tiffany, Nick, Skyler and Jerry jumped over the crevice and made it safely to the other side. Laughing widely they made their way to safety. On the news they spoke, It seems as if we have lost some of the worlds most horrible killers, again.
That night Vince awoke to a knock on the door. Rod was startled as Vince got out of bed, What is it? Someone is at the door. Vince looked out the peek hole to see Nick standing there in a tattered bright orange prison uniform. Vince lowered his voice to a whisper, Its Nick! Should I open the door? Rod was frightened I& I dont know! Nick knocked again, Come on you guys, open up! Vince unlocked the door, letting the criminal in. Nick stepped in quickly, shutting the door behind him. Vince and Rod backed away from him. Come on you guys, I would never hurt you. Vince spoke, Nick, you are a murderer! You never told us! I wanted to start my life over, but I guess Ill never be able to escape my past, now will I? Nick was bleeding and breathing heavily. Where are the other three? Vince asked. They are around the corner, hiding in the bushes. He looked at Rod, who nodded. Go get them, you guys can stay here for the night. Really? Thanks, thats great!
Nick returned shortly with his friends. Tiffany and Jerry were completely worn out. They cleaned up their cuts and bandaged their wounds. Then Vince showed them to the bed where they retired for the night. Skyler, Nick, Rod and Vince stayed up to talk. Vince lit up a cigarette and offered one to anyone who wanted one. Nick and Skyler took one with no objections. Rod turned it down. Skyler made a comment to him, Kid, everyone is going to die someday. Live it up while you can, dont take shoot from anyone. Do what you want, when you want. You never know when your time will be up. Vince defended Rod a bit, He will someday, give the kid time. Rod shot him a dirty look and rolled his eyes, Anyway, Nick& He left off knowing Nick would know to explain himself for everything that had been happening. Nick bit his lip, Look you guys, Im sorry for not saying anything about all this before. I just wanted things to start over for me, is all. Im sorry that I probably wont make it to see the day our band finally hits the top. I guess youll have to find a new lead singer. But thanks for everything anyway, I got to live out some of the greatest times of my life with you guys. I just& Vince cut him off and looked to Skyler, Isnt theyre anything you guys can do to stop all this? Vince felt most comfortable talking to Skyler because he was older. Skyler took a long drag from his cigarette and let it out slowly, giving himself time to think. The way I see it is, we can either run and start new lives somewhere else, possibly in another country, or we could run back to the old army and go back to killing and robbing and basically our old life. Then there is always the off chance that a miracle will happen and by some twist of events our lives are saved and we are taken off the death penalty and able to lead normal lives here. The four of them thought for a long while, then Nick broke the silence. Hey, I know its late but do you think Kitty would be able to come over for a bit? I just, want to see her one more time if worst comes to worst. Rod instantly pulled out his cell phone and called her. She answered; her voice was groggy &Hello& Hey Kitty, I know you were sleeping, but can you come over here, now? We really need you right now. Cant this wait till morning, baby? Kitty, Nick is here. She quickly sounded more awake, Ill be there as soon as I can.
Kitty appeared about a half an hour later. She instantly threw her arms around Nick when she saw him. He winced in pain as she pressed on a few of his wounds, but he hugged her back tightly just as well. She let go and pinched his cheeks as they touched noses, I cant believe all thats been going on! Its crazy! I would have never expected this from you. You never seemed like the type to be able to hurt anything, let alone kill a bunch of people! Nick smiled, Im glad I dont seem like a killer. Skyler laughed, Thats the dangerous part, you would never expect it! Kitty laughed a little, One would think you guys would have a lot more scars considering all that youve been through. Skyer and Nick looked at one another then burst out into laughter, Weve just about got everyone fooled on just about everything! Skyler said as he punched Nick hard in the face. Nick picked himself up, still smiling. He kicked Skyler in the chest, throwing him backwards as he said, They dont even know the half of all the shoot we have been through, man! Rod swallowed, What is that supposed to mean? Nick and Skyler were unusually happy, as if they were insane. Sorry guys, I know we seem a bit nuts, but you just dont understand. Nick looked at Skyler with a strange seductive glance, Should we show them? You mean? Yeah& Its kind of creepy, think they can handle it? I dont know, Nick looked to them, You guys wanna see our battle scars? Rod, Kitty and Vince all glanced at one another, a bit nervous. Sure& Vince stated quietly. Alright. Nick and Skyler shouted simultaneously. Nick turned around and lifted the hair from the back of his neck to show his friends. There was a small metal box, This leads to my central nervous system; Tiffany invented it a few years back. What a little genius she is. Skyler finished explaining it for him, It has every scar or unwanted mark programmed into it to make the illusion on the skin that it isnt there. However, if you pull the disk out of the box, the scars reappear! Skyler sat back in a chair It kind of really hurts to do it and they are your friends, Im just going to watch. Nick rolled his eyes, Whatever. Here we go. Nick messed with the box for a few seconds then tightened his eyes together and pulled. He bit his bottom lip. A spark came from the back of his neck. Nick was panting. He turned around to face them, See you guys, this is what I really look like. Nick had scars covering his body. Many were on his neck, as though he were strangled. In his left eye there was no pupil. Ive been blind in this eye since I was four. It was from an accident with a belt; well not really an accident. My father was just a complete and total bastard. Tears filled Kittys eyes as she looked at the green cat before her. Nick consoled her, Come on Kitty, dont cry! They dont hurt any more. They did when it happened but Im ok now. Oh and by the way, my right foot isnt real. He took off his socks and shoes, then lifted up his pants leg to reveal a metal, well crafted foot. And Skyler is missing three fingers on his right hand. Yep, Skyler lifted his glove and flipped them off with a metal finger. These were also crafted by Tiffany, nice yes?
Vince lost interest and flipped on the television to the news. They were still reporting on Nicks case. We still have no clues to where the murderous four have fled to. However we have search teams and tracking dogs out there working on finding them at this very moment. Everyone please keep your doors locked and try to get a good nights sleep. Wait, Im receiving some information. The reporter pressed her headset closer to her ear, listening intently. She paused for a moment, her eyes widening. New information, it seems as if someone has stood up for the criminals. A small group of spies for the government are attempting to negotiate the sentence for them. Can we get a picture of this Frank? She asked the cameraman. The screen then switched over to a courtroom. At this point Nick and Skyler were sweating and close to the television. Nick felt his heart beat faster as a black female cat appeared on the screen. His mouth dropped and he looked as if he was going to cry. Agent 318. He said softly to himself. She appeared a bit angry, as if she could shoot someone at any given moment. She argued with the judge. This is ridiculous, I have been working on this case for years. They are just children, not even of legal age. They should be sent to a correctional facility, not sentenced to death. Besides, they are escape artists, how could you really expect them to not get away in a situation like this? They always do. The two of them argued back and forth in a professional manner. The judge finally came to a decision. Look, I will pacify you since you have been so loyal to the government for so long and are a highly respected agent. When we find them, they will be tried again and you will be there for their trial. Do you accept? She smiled and nodded her head, Yes, your honor. The judge then directed his attention to the camera, If you four are out there and listening, I promise, when you come back we will try you again. If you want to get your lives straight, I suggest you do so. The broadcast then went off and it switched to commercials. Vince turned off the television.
Nick leaned back and closed his eyes he gripped his shirt at his heart. He took deep long breaths, She is actually standing up for us. After all these years& Skyler smiled, Are we going to go back? Nick opened one eye, Well, we are sort of off the hook for now. Plus she will be there. Skyler playfully punched him. Rod was curious, What is the story behind that chick? A wide smile spread across Nicks face, Well, she has been after us for about three and a half to four years now. We only know her as agent 318. Skyler added to the statement, And Nick is madly in love with her!

This chapter was almost nine freaking pages long. Thats crazy man. But hey, you now understand Nicks dark past! Well, at least part of it. Nice? Want more? Let me know! XP


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Meep246 on August 7, 2007, 12:49:43 AM

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Meep246Awesome story!!!! I hope to see more!

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kenchangood story.  Hope there's more soon.^^

mysticwolf on December 11, 2006, 9:04:19 AM

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mysticwolfMORE!!Or i shall be forced to kill you *coughs* i mean dont know anymore! TT.TT