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A Story I am writing for fun about the Catholic religin, it needs lots of work, so please ideas are welcome...
This Story belongs to me so please don't use anything without my permission thank you.


Chapter 1:

Canada, 1997:

Canada 1997 Medovail hospital:
Hospital lights whirred by, words “you’re going to be okay” a familiar face, who? When they had made it to the room “2102” Margaret thought she heard. She could feel movement. Probably the switch from the rusty wheelchair to the grungy bed, but she didn’t care. She was in so much pain she couldn’t think, her normally bouncy blond curls were flat and dirty looking. She could hear doctors crying “breath” and he was holding her still, comforting her “it’s okay Margaret it will all be over soon, then we can be a big happy family”. He, he was Dave, she realized. “Dave” she said softly and then stared blankly into space. The rest was all a blank. As she heard the doctor call out “ Hey, she’s going into a coma. Help! Get me… and then nothing, but black. As the black turned into the super market near their house she could see… herself and the old man. “I was there two days ago,” she said and she watched as a woman who looked exactly like her walked up to the old man. That was when she realized the woman not only looked like her… she was her! “Help” she cried, but no one could hear her. All she could do was watch. “Please ma’am I am so poor I need some money, cough,” the old man said. “Oh, you poor thing you why don’t we go inside and I get you something to eat”. She watched as the old man turned to look at her and saw his face. “OH” she screamed one half of his face had a red glowing eye and the other was blue. She could hear the blue side now “Please help me, the apple, don’t take the apple.” The red side had what appeared to be a scar, but it was purple and red. It appeared as though it was some kind of cancer, but she just knew it wasn’t. “How could I have been so foolish” she said. Two days ago… she remembered the old man he had a sweet smile and rosy dimples. He still had most of his hair. This old man was nothing like that one. “I’m dreaming,” she thought, until she heard the voice. “Follow them,” it said. “Who are you?” she asked. “Follow them, there is still a chance” it replied. She obeyed. She watched herself and the old man go into the fruit isle and then the cereal isle as they talked and laughed. “How” she wondered, “Did I not see through that disguise”? When they were done they paid and went outside. “Now” the voice said, “listen”. “Thank you, I don’t know how I’ll ever repay you” said the old man. “That’s okay there is no need, you keep your poseteons you need them more than I do” the other her said. “This is where you start to falter” the voice said. “How, who are you?” she asked. “ You will see in due time” it said. As the other her was about to walk away the old man said “wait please take this apple.” As he held it up yet another surprise. The apple, which was so shiny and sweet looking when she had seen it two days ago, now had a giant black spot on it. The black spot appeared to have red and purple veins on it and looked like it was moving. “NOOOO” she cried “Get me out of this dream” tears were falling down her cheeks. “ It’s too late” the voice said “you’re mine now”. All she could do was watch as she thanked the man and drove off. Pitch black again she saw another figure that seemed to be walking towards her. “Hello, is anybody here” she called. Then she was in her house. Dave was sitting in his cozy little cottage reading the paper. His wife the phoney Margaret had just bought some groceries from the supermarket. She entered the living room where he was sitting on a leather recliner by the fireplace. “I’m home,” the phoney said. He had messy black hair, glasses and dark blue eyes. “Dave” the real her cried, but it was no use. As she had found out a while ago no one could hear her in this dream. As they watched the other her lay out the groceries on the table. Boxes of cereal, tomatoes, fruits, goodies and some Kleenex lay on their wooden table. Then he watched as they were all put away except for an apple. This apple was red and shiny. It looked healthy but he couldn’t shake the feeling there was something different or wrong with it. “You will never guess what happened to me,” she said. “I was just entering the store when a poor old man dressed in a black cloak came up to me. He said I looked like a generous woman and asked me to give him some money.” “What did you do?” asked Dave her husband. “ I went into the store with him and bought him some food, poor old man, and to thank me he gave me this apple as he said, thank you ma’am. Here, take this. It is all I have to my name… it’s very special. I kept telling him no it’s okay you keep it; you need it more than I do, but he insisted, saying I must taste it and I couldn’t say no.” “Was there anything strange about him?” Dave asked. His wife’s reply was “ Well, no he was a very nice old man I wish you could meet him.” “THAT IS A LIE” Margaret of the future said “ HE TRIED TO POISON ME AND I KNOW NOW”. “Margaret there is no need to waste your energy, I mean I’m not sure if you have noticed but you’re fading by the second.” The voice said. For the first time Margaret noticed how pale she was and how REAL this was. “NOOOOOOOOOOO” she screamed, but it was no use. She watched herself in agonizing horror as the apple was then lifted to her mouth and bitten. In the pitch black the figure was closer. It was a boy she noticed. “ You have failed,” he said. He was the voice. “ You may have been able to save yourself,” he continued. She was staring at him now he was becoming more visible by the second and she was fading out of existence. “ I bet you want to know who I am,” he asked. “I can’t tell you even if you will not live”. “What’s happening” she asked. “I need more energy so I’m taking it from you, but don’t worry you won’t miss it.” She couldn’t even manage a groan and then he enveloped her in a goop that looked like the spot on the apple. His last words rang in her ears as she faded out of sight “ You should know better than to eat the forbidden fruit…MOM” Back in the hospital room Dave had to leave he sat in the waiting room until he was called back in. “Congratulations sir you have a baby boy” a nurse said carrying him out. “What about my wife?” he questioned. “I’m so sorry sir, your wife didn’t make it. The doctor said after falling into a coma her energy was drained and she was too tired to wake up. We did a caesarean section and the child survived.” He started sobbing “Margaret” he cried. For a split second the baby’s eye shone red with Margaret’s last ounce of energy she was able to see her husband one last time before it was used up by the poison in the apple and they both knew it was no accident.


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