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A Story I am writing for fun about the Catholic religin, it needs lots of work, so please ideas are welcome...
This Story belongs to me so please don't use anything without my permission thank you.


Chapter 2:
“Alex wake up” it called. “Hun? It’s too early dad.” Alex replied. “But Alex, you must get up it’s your tenth birthday” the strange voice was calling to him. It seemed so distant and yet it felt like it was right beside him. Alex slowly sat up and groaned. He could see it was a very sunny day. The birds were chirping outside. He listened as it spoke again “you had that dream again Alex, but your awake now” it said. Alex thought the voice sounded familiar and it reminded him of someone he knew. He got up. His dad was already up and reading the paper. “Good morning Alex” he said as Alex walked in. Alex cheerfully replied “Good morning dad”. Alex knew his father was all he had. His mother had died and he had no brothers or sisters. “How was it?” his father asked. “I can’t remember what I dreamed about” Alex said. (He never asks about me…something is wrong I haven’t even told him about my dreams) Alex thought. “Nothing is wrong,” said the voice. “Did you hear that?” Alex asked. “Hear what Alex”
“The voice”
“Voice? Alex there is no voice” (I must be imagining it) Alex thought. Then it was time for school as Alex stood in front of the hallway mirror he saw it. “It’s like in my dream,” he said. Staring right back at Alex was a half normal, half demon looking face. The normal half he knew all too well because it was his own, but the demon face had a red eye and a scar right underneath it. There was a purple splotch on the cheek and veins were running through it. It also appeared to move occasionally. Alex started to scream. He woke bolt right up panting and breathing hard. He took both of his hands and ran them over his face to look for the splotch or scar. Nothing. “It was all a dream” his sigh of relief washed over him like a wave as he fully awoke. “The dream again. It’s always the same one.”
“Alex breakfast!” his father yelled up at him.
“Coming” he replied then tore down the stairs like a dog chasing a cat. Nothing was said at breakfast until Alex was about to leave for school. “ Tomorrow is your tenth birthday Alex” Alex stopped and stared “Do you still want to know?”
“Yes” Alex replied
“It may be hard for you to hear”
“I want to know how she died” he looked at the time and noticed it was late so he said bye to his dad and left for school. He heard the bell ring as soon as he got there. Jamie was waiting right outside their classroom. She used to be a nice girl, but she acted so strange now. They met each other’s eyes for a moment and Alex saw a flash of red come from her left eye. He blinked, he did not know if it was his imagination or if there really was a light.

The rest of the day seemed to fly by fast for Jamie. She thought (Alex is one of us) when she saw him earlier. She almost wanted to give up. What if the voice was right? What if she could not win? “You can not win Jamie,” it said and she almost listened knowing it could, and would, cause her excruciating pain if she did not. “It won’t be long now Jamie” the voice said, “your spirit is almost broken.”

Back at home Alex was quietly working on homework at his wooden desk. He noticed that it was almost dinnertime and he decided to take a break. He walked over to the small little window and opened it. Then his father called him for dinner. The window was still open when Alex drifted off to sleep. He was having that dream. The hospital lights, his mother’s death and than him and his two-faced self. Alex woke up. He felt so strange. It was like a power unknown to him had taken over his body. He was about to get up, but it felt as if one half of his body was unresponsive. He tried to move, to scream for help, but the sound could only be heard from the right side. Nothing seemed to work. Just then the sun came pouring in through the open window and an awful sucking like scream that appeared to have been made by a large beast could be heard. It sounded like it was saying the light to Alex. He finally realized he could move again. He got up and went downstairs. “Happy birthday Alex” his father said. “ Yes, it is a happy birthday” it was the voice from his dream. Alex gasped not knowing he had.
“Is something wrong Alex”?
“I-I…”Alex tried to say, but the voice finished the sentence “ I forgot to close the window”
“Just leave it. I want to tell you the story now and then you can go to school”
“Your mom had fallen into a coma when she had you. The doctor said she was drained of her energy, but I know it’s a lie…”
“How do you know?” Alex asked
“Because of it”
“A red gleam of light from your left eye” Alex remembered how Jamie’s eye had appeared to shine red yesterday.

“What dose it mean?” Alex asked
“I don’t know…Hey Alex you’re late” Alex looked at the clock. He was seven minutes early, but he knew his father was trying to avoid the question. As Alex passed by the mirror in the hall he felt it again. “Look Alex, the mirror” it said. “Who…” Alex started and he looked in the mirror. Only to see that his dream was a warning of what was happening to him. Only, the face peering back at him was not demonic like the one in his dream. It was exactly like his except that his left eye had a red glow to it. Alex also realized that the voice from his dream was the demon side of him as he saw it in the mirror, the left side of his mouth, open to speak while the right side was closed.


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