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Chapter 4 - NONE YET- WIP

A Story I am writing for fun about the Catholic religin, it needs lots of work, so please ideas are welcome...
This Story belongs to me so please don't use anything without my permission thank you.

Chapter 4 - NONE YET- WIP

Chapter 4 - NONE YET- WIP
“Who and what are you?” Alex asked. “I’ll explain later Alex. If you don’t leave now you will be late for school” it replied. Then Alex glanced at the clock. The voice was right; Alex must have spent more time looking in the mirror than he realized. His dad walked around the corner at that moment “Alex?” his dad asked quizzically, “I thought you left already”. “I’m just about to dad” Alex said “bye”. Alex took off running as his dad was left to stand there with an almost comical confused look on his face.
It took longer than expected for school to end. Alex sat there wondering why no one seemed to notice his glowing eye and this made it hard to concentrate on his work. Jamie was acting strange all day. Alex thought she was avoiding him. Finally, the last bell rang. Alex was usually one of the last students to leave. He would always volunteer to help clean the blackboard or sweep the classroom. Today however, he bolted right out the doorand all the way home without stopping once.
“I’m flattered Alex” The voice again. “What, hun” was all Alex could say. In his attempt to leave the freedom of running had temporarily liberated him from his curiosity. “Not many people seem to care much for voices in there head” It said “They would ignore them”
“I’m not insane” Alex said “Am I?”


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