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Chapter 1 - Pairings Decided... For Better or for Worse

Randomly chosen pairs find themselves in Lyoko. Who will win 10,000 dollars?

Chapter 1 - Pairings Decided... For Better or for Worse

Chapter 1 - Pairings Decided... For Better or for Worse
Hello again. Yet again Ihave an important note that all the characters may seem a little, er, strangehere. I’ll warn you right now about the changes I have made. Ulrich isdepressed and quieter, Yumi likes taking Ulrich’s sword and has a weird obsessionwith killing perverts…and Sissy… Theo is a major pervert, but Sissy is in lovewith him. Sissy is, as always, annoying and Odd is the same old goofy Odd. Herbis also really obsessed with Sissy. Some minor characters shall beincluded and their personalities will be determined by me. Some parts arepretty exaggerated, and if I offend any Code Lyoko fans who like everything theway it is, I’m sorry. (I’m a Code Lyoko fan, too! ^^) The basic love-haterelationships stay the same, though. Also, it would be best if you read FearFactor Lyoko first, then Survivor:Lyoko, and then this. Then you’ll be able tounderstand why everyone does the things that they do.
Me: Welcome, everyone, to theall-new season of Amazing Race! If you have not watched this show before, thecontestants travel around the world to try and find the next step to winningone million dollars! This year, instead of the contestants choosing their ownpartners, we randomly chose for them! And we’re competing in a world called…Lyoko. Hmmm… these names look strangely familiar(refer to Survivor:Lyoko and FearFactor Lyoko)… Oh, well, please welcome Yumi and Nicholas!
*Yumi and Nicholas enter thearea where I am standing*
Yumi: Oh, well. I guess thisis better than Sissy…<.<
Nicholas: Hm?
Yumi: Oh, nothing… *attemptsto look innocent*
Me: *hands Yumi abrochure-like paper* This will tell you where to look for the next part of theinstructions. (thinking) Oh no! Please don’t recognize me, pleasepleasepleaseplease…
Yumi: Hmmm… *studies myface* You look kind of… familiar
Me: *panics* Um, um, no! Idon’t think that, um, you ever saw me because, um, I never saw you before!*says this while shoving Yumi and Nicholas away* You’d better get started then!
Yumi: Okaaay…
Nicholas: That was strange…
Yumi: You’re telling me.
*Yumi and Nicholas walkaway*
Me: Whew. That was close.
Yumi: *reading paper* O.OWha?
Nicholas: *strains tolook*What does it say?
Yumi: It says that we haveto find the tree with exactly 1,421 leaves in the forest region!
Nicholas: Well *looksaround* we’re in the forest region…
Yumi: Now all we have to dois… count… *sigh*
Nicholas: One, two, three…
Me: Now for the next pair!Jim and the principal of Kadics Middle School! *hands them the brochure-likepaper*
Jim: Tell me why we’re doingthis again…
Principal:(happily)Toadvertise! Obviously!
Jim: Oh, yeah… *sighs*
*the principal starts to tapdance excitedly with Jim following half-heartedly*
Jim and the principal:(singing)Come to Kadics Middle School! Where your kids always come first!
Me: o.O *twitches* AHHHHHHHH!!!!!My eyes! They burn! *runs around*
Principal: What’s herproblem?
Jim: *shrugs*
*Jim and the principal walkaway*
Me: Owwie… where are my eyedrops?
Principal: So we have tofind the tree with 1,421 leaves, huh?
Jim: Seems that way.
Principal: And it’s in theforest region?
Jim: Yup.
Principal: Then…WHERE AREWE?!?!?!?!
*clouds of sand swirl aboutthem*
Me: Okay, I’ve got my eyedrops. ^^ Now for the next group! Here are Dorothy and Mrs. Hertz!
Dorothy: Ummm… how did I gethere?
Mrs. Hertz: I need to teachmy classes! *panics*
Me: Ummm… here *hands themthe instructions*
Dorothy: Oh, thank you.
Mrs. Hertz: Yes, good bye!
Me: Bye! *as they walk away*I wonder why they were surprised that they were here…
Dorothy: It says here thatwe should be searching for a tree with 1, 421 leaves.
Mrs. Hertz: Well, we couldcount or…
Dorothy: Or…
Mrs. Hertz: Estimate thenumber according to the circumference, radius, diameter, and area. Examine eachone that is closest and find the right one in no time!
Dorothy: Wow.
Me: Our next pair will beleaving soon. Here they are, Jeremie and Samantha!
Jeremie: Ummm… Aren’t youOdd’s girlfriend?
Samantha: Yeah, why am Iwith you?
Jeremie: I have no idea.
Me: Well, anyways, here yougo. *gives them the instructions*
Samantha: Oh, okay.
Jeremie: Sooo…we’ll beleaving then…
*they leave*
Me: Maybe everything will becalmer now…
Samantha: *sighs* I’m bored…
Jeremie: Well, here’s thetree.
Samantha: And here are thenext instructions…(sarcastically) How fun.
Me: Now, welcome Aelita andHerb!
Aelita: Hello!
Herb: Yeah, hi.
Me: Um, here it is. *givesthem instructions*
Aelita: Okay, bye.
*they walk away*
Me: (happily) Yay! They’renormal! ^^
Aelita: I’m telling you, theforest region is this way! *points*
Herb: No, it’s that way!*points in the opposite direction*
Aelita: I should know, Ilive here.
Herb: Well, I bet I’msmarter than you so there!
Aelita: (mutters) You wish…
Me: Hmmm… Odd and Sissy!
Sissy: *frantically shakesme by the shoulders* You need to let me change partners!
Me: I don’t need todo anything!
Sissy: I’ll take anyone!Even Yumi!
Odd: Oh, get over it.
Sissy: Noooooo!!!
*Sissy is dragged away bysecurity*
Me: *sigh* So much fornormal…
Odd: Sissy, stop sulking! Idon’t want to be your partner either!
Sissy: Well, then leave!
Odd: (mutters) I wish it wasthat easy… (yells) We have to find the tree with 1, 421 leaves!
Sissy: We? WE?! You get it!I’m not going anywhere!
Odd: Fine! *stomps away*
Sissy: Hmph.
Me: Now for the next pair!Talia and Emily!
Talia: Hi! We have ashoutout!
Me: A… shoutout?
Emily: Yeah. Hey, producersof Code Lyoko! Why did we only get one episode?
Talia: Yeah, what’s wrongwith you?!
Emily: Yumi, Odd, and Ulrich…They get all the episodes!
Talia: Yeah, why did you dothat?!
Me: Wait wait. You’re notsupposed to give shoutouts. Here. *hands them instructions* Now, you may leave.
Talia: But we still havemore shoutouts!
Emily: We might as wellleave. It seems we are not wanted here. *glares at me*
*they leave*
Me: They just keep gettingweirder and weirder…
Talia: That girl was mean!
Emily: Yeah! We didn’t evenget to the good shoutouts!
Talia: Wait a minute,cameras are following us, right?
Emily: Heh heh *grinsevilly*
Me: Now, finally, we get toour last pair. Ulrich and Theo!
Ulrich: I can’t believe it!
Theo: I can’t believe it!
Ulrich and Theo: (in unison)I’m on the same team as you! *each points to the other*
Me: Well thank you forstating the obvious and here are your instructions. *hands them instructions*
Theo: Hey, why are we last?
Me: Stop asking questionsand get a head start, then.
*they walk away bickering*
Me: *sigh* I can’t believe Ihave to do this for the rest of the season…
Ulrich: 1, 421 leaves?!Fine, I’ll count.
Theo: Why not me?!
Ulrich: Because I highlydoubt you even know how to count on your fingers.
Theo: I do too know!
Ulrich: Fine, let’s getstarted.
Theo: Fine!
Ulrich: Fine!
Theo: FINE!
Ulrich: FINE!
Okay, sorry if some partsdidn’t flow well or were boring. I have some things planned that need build-upso this was like the foundation. Comments?


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OvErDoSE on February 18, 2006, 1:54:33 AM

OvErDoSE on
OvErDoSErofl this is awsome and hilerous lmfao make more that is funny

Dragon-Chan on January 26, 2006, 4:20:07 AM

Dragon-Chan on
Dragon-Chan^_____________^ I love it

Liquid_Mix on August 19, 2005, 2:58:45 AM

Liquid_Mix on
Great story.
If you like making stories about Code Lyoko (which by the looks of it you do), there’s this site. It’s a form site were you can put up your stories, but there is also an RPG there, but we are waiting for more members,
we need:
1.) Yumi
2.) Jeremie
3.) Aelita
4.) Jim
5.) Sissi
6.) X.A.N.A.
7.) Principal
But you can make your own character as well.
So Join now, It’s FREE!!!

Liquid_Mix on August 19, 2005, 2:36:19 AM

Liquid_Mix on
Liquid_MixYou’re addictive to making Code Lyoko into reality shows, what’s next Code Lyoko Big Brother, Code Lyoko The Mole.
Still, there funny as hell.

LyokoDreamer on June 21, 2005, 2:40:55 PM

LyokoDreamer on
LyokoDreameri luv ur stories + u 2 faves

shadowformer12 on May 18, 2005, 4:51:16 AM

shadowformer12 on
shadowformer12i love this story*favs*