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Chapter 1 - Luna's Wedding

This is a prequel to the 1st vampire kisses novel by Ellen Schreiber. I did this for my creative writing assessment and I thought i''d post it. comment :) even if you havent read the books :)

Chapter 1 - Luna's Wedding

Chapter 1 - Luna's Wedding
Every second gravestone was lit with a dripping red candle. I glanced over and saw my sister standing on the path 20 gravestones back. Her pale blonde hair and white face was accentuated by her black, floor length, corseted dress. A hot pink ribbon tied around her wrist and a black choker draped delicately around her neck.
I walked over to her and looked into her innocent, glistening eyes, "Luna, you look amazing."
I remember when she was so small I could lift her with one hand when she scraped her knee and couldn't stop crying. So small and now she's all grown up.

Alexander, my past enemy, new found 'family member', waited at the end of the candle lit path. A silver goblet rested in his hand, filled with crimson liquid that glinted in the moonlight. Alexander stood next to three silver candelabras placed evenly across a table covered in black lace.
He pulled a small black box out of his back pocket, it was barely visible against his skinny jeans and band top. Black hair hung raggedly around his face.
"Wow, he really made an effort." I mumbled sarcastically to myself.

The music started as Luna descended down the candle lit isle. The night was crisp, Luna's arms were blanketed in goosebumps, her teeth chattered as she walked. She turned and winked as she passed me. When she reached Alexander he gracefully offered her the silver goblet. She took a small sip of the crimson, my taste buds began to remember. I shook my head, erasing the memory.

Alexander leaned over Luna, baring his glinting fangs, her head tilted to the side exposing her bare neck. His fangs grazed her neck releasing a trickle of blood. He paused and twisted her head up to look at him.
"Sacred ground... I will not turn you Luna, I'm sorry." He whispered to my sister, then he was gone, just a blur to the eye.

Luna collapsed to the ground as tears spilled down her cheeks. I rushed over to her and held her in my arms. She was so small again, so little, so innocent.
"Jagger." She cried and gripped me tighter.
"I know, I know."
I stood up in one fluid motion and raced after Alexander.

The cemetery's gravestones rushed past me as I caught the scent. I ran faster, desperate to catch up. I saw a figure sitting by the gates, his pale skin so visible in the dark.
"Why didn't you bite her? She just wants to be like us!" I shouted.
"I couldn't, I don't love her."
I launched myself at Alexander throwing him to the ground, fangs descending from the roof of my mouth like vampire bats going to flight.
I leaned in to Alexander and said in a low, quiet voice, "Go back to my sister, turn her, and make her happy. It is a privilege for you to be chosen but our families are such good friends how could you not be? If it had been up to me you wouldn't even be in her life. She deserves better."
"Would you turn her if you were in my position?"
His comment enraged me. How could he ask that? Of course I would, wouldn't I? I chased this thought from my mind like a lion chases its prey, and ran toward my baby sister. She needed me, she always would need me. Alexander lept to his feet and dashed away.
I'm not chasing him, he's made up his mind.

I found Luna in the same place I had left her. I held her close and hummed her a lullaby, like I had when she was young.
"Shh, don't cry anymore Luna. Alexander doesn't deserve you. You deserve better, much better."
She started to talk and I tried hushing her but she wouldn't listen.
"I didn't want much, I just wanted to be like you, he didn't have to love me. He just had to change me." She cried.


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darkwolf333 on December 3, 2010, 9:35:20 AM

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darkwolf333ohh great writting. hehhe awesome work

LittleAlice on December 5, 2010, 8:33:05 AM

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LittleAlicewooo :) thanks :)
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