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Chapter 1 - My adventure with the Doctor

Sorry about my worse english.
However, this is a rather unusual DW/4 fanfiction, I know.
But IMO DW is a series where everything can happen.
Just fiction. Pure fiction. Nothing else.
Maybe I''ll write another DW FF, but never one more like this one.

Chapter 1 - My adventure with the Doctor

Chapter 1 - My adventure with the Doctor
It was a day as usual. The sky was cloudy and I was sitting in my room, alone.
But suddenly there was a very strange noise. It sounded like an army marching down the army made of...metal?!. I opened the door and looked out. Oh my stars! It was an army made of metal! "This must a dream!" I thought. Suddenly I one of these metal men detected me and he said: "You will join us or you will be deleted!" I screamed and tried to shut the door. But a dozen of them came through the door...and another dozen of them smashed the windows. They've surrounded me!

But then there was another strange, it was more a sound.... I turned around and...suddenly there was a blue box! The door opened and someone pulled me in! I fell on the floor and looked around.
"Hello!" said a friendly voice. I looked up. A very tall man with curled hair, blue eyes and a very long scarf...what on earth was going on? He took my hand and pulled me up.
"Who are you? And what was that?" I asked him.
He smiled and answered: "I'm the Doctor. And you were nearly deleted by the Cybermen." "Deleted...? You mean...killed?"
"Yes" he answered. I cried " stars...Thanks...".
He looked at me. "I have to ask you something...but first let's get away from here."

At a much more safer place. The Doctor explained me who/what the Cybermen are and how dangerous they are. And he told me about their plans. "They want to conquer your world. Every single continent...they want to turn every human life form into one of them...and delete those who will resist them...."
"Oh mean there will be no more human life on earth, only the heartless metal monsters? No birds, no cats, no nature and love?"
The Doctor nodded. "We must fight them." "WE?" "Yes, you and I."
My eyes widened. "But how can I help you? I'm just small and weak."
He looked in my eyes. "You are not alone. I said We must fight them. Now all I need is a good idea."
We started to think.
Suddenly I had an idea.
"They're like robots, aren't they? And they're electric?"
"Yes...what are you thinking of?"
"Well...robots...electric...uhm...WATER! How about using water and high voltage to fight them?"
The Doctor stared at me.
"Great! But how and where..."
I smiled. "Well, theres's a indoor swimming pool in this town and it's not far from the power station."
Now there was another problem. We had to decoy them...and to set the trap.
"High voltage is too dangerous for you...I will set the trap. And you will decoy them!".
I was scared and looked down at my trembling hands.
The Doctor took my hands and he said: "Don't worry. You will make it, I promise. Now let's go and do it, all right?"
I looked into his blue eyes. "O.K.. Let's do it!".

In the street. The cybermen army was waiting for orders. My chance.
I waved and shouted "Hey, sutipd tin toys!"
They turned and looked at me. "You will be deleted!"
"Not if I can escape!" I started to run.
I ran along the street, towards the indoor swimming pool. Luckily it wasn't too far! "Here they come!"
The Doctor opened the entry door "Great! Now you hide in the TARDIS and I will follow as soon as I can."
The Doctor shouted "Hey! Where do you want to go?"
The Cybermen looked at him "You are the Doctor! You are an enemy! You will be deleted!". The Doctor grinned "Oh, really? Only if you catch me!" He ran to the deepest pool, poured soft soap on the floor and walked to the other side of the pool.
The Cybermen marched towards the pool. "Oh, hello! I'd love to swim with you but I've forgotten my swimming trunks".
"Delete him!" The Cybermen marched, but they stepped into the soft soap.
They slipped and fell in the deep pool. "Ohhh, you're not having fun? Here comes a funny toy especially for you!" The Doctor climbed up a ladder. After he reached the roof, he put on special cloves, took a very long high voltage cable and threw it in the pool. The Cybermen were still struggling. "And now let's switch on the power". He climbed down the roof and switched the power on.
A very loud buzzing noise, an awful smell - and the Cybermen were beaten.

Later, in the TARDIS. "Doctor, you've made it!"
He grinned "No, WE've made it." I couldn't resist to grin back.
"Good girl. You see, I've promised you and...ah, you did a wonderful job."
I blushed. The Doctor told me to wait in the control room, he walked away in another room and he came back with a brown paper bag. "You've run so fast, you might need some energy. Take this, it's all for you."
I opened the bag. It was full jelly babies.
"Now...shall I take you home or would you like to travel with me?"
I considered. "Well, now my apartment is will cost a lot of money to renovate'll travel with you!"
"All right" he said "Let's go and have fun!"
He put his arm around me and we took off, travelling in time and space.



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