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Chapter 3 - Chapter Three

Naruto, Kiba, Sasuke, Shikamaru, and Neji are best friends. But what heppens when the element of romance gets thrown into the mix? sorry not yaoi. Naruhina, Sasusaku, Nejitenten, not sure who shika gets yet.

Chapter 3 - Chapter Three

Chapter 3 - Chapter Three
Three Cheers for Romance

Disclaimer: I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts. There they are, standing in a row…


Kiba rocked his head back and forth and tapped his foot in time with the guitar and drums with his eyes closed as the music blasted through the headphones. While the sounds swept though him, effectively blocking out all else, he threw out the lyrics in near perfect synchronization.
“Now he’s getting a tattoo. Yeah he’s getting ink done. He asked for a thirteen but they drew a thirty-one. Friends say he’s trying too hard- Ow, damn-it!” Kiba quickly ripped of the headphones that were still playing the song and glared at his friend.
“What was that for?” Shikamaru put down the CD that he had used only moments ago to not-so-gently tap Kiba on the head with.
“It was the only way I was going to get you to stop singing. If you kept going on like that you were going to get us kicked out; half of the people in here were staring at you.” Shikamaru jabbed a thumb over this shoulder for emphasis. Kiba continued to glare as he rubbed the spot on his skull where Shikamaru had hit him.
“There’s no law out there saying you can’t sing in public!”
“Yeah, but there’s a difference between singing in public and singing badly in a store, you baka.”
“Hey, don’t call me a baka, you baka!” Kiba exclaimed.
“I’m not the one who brought a dog in my jacket.” was the retort- it came with a sly grin.
“Hey, not so loud!” Kiba opened the collar of his jacket to check on Akamaru, who was seated comfortably in a special pocket that Kiba had his mother put in. The dog made a small yip, quiet enough not to draw attention to Kiba, but loud enough to make someone standing nearby look around and check to see if there was anything obscuring their hearing.
Shikamaru started walking away with a sigh, muttering something under his breath. He hadn’t taken more then six steps when Kiba tapped him on the shoulder. Turning around, he asked, “What is it now?”
“Who’s that over there talking with Naruto?” Shikamaru looked to his left, where about fifteen feet away, Naruto was talking and smiling next to a youth who looked to be a couple years older then them, who was laughing at the moment.
“She’s actually kinda pretty. Not much of a figure though, but it’s hard to tell with those clothes.” Kiba said as he annualized said ‘she’.
“Kiba… that’s a boy.” Shikamaru explained slowly as Kiba blinked several times.
“Really? She- I mean, he is?” The lazy teen nodded. “Huh… do you think Naruto knows that? From here it kinda looks like he’s flirting with her- I mean him.”
Shikamaru examined him. He had long, raven black hair that stopped just below the shoulder blades; two spiked collars adorned him- one on wrist and one around the neck. The pants he wore were black, baggy, and had a chain coming down at the front, from the waist. His shirt was a rather light gray and it cut off at the shoulder, showing off slim, almost feminine arms. On his left arm was a tattoo written in kanji that read “Zabuza-san.”
“Hmm, I wonder who Zabuza is.”
“Who’s that and why are you asking?” Kiba questioned without removing his eyes from the older boy.
“It’s the name tattooed on his arm.”
“You can make that out from here? Man, you got better eyesight then I do.” The boys were interrupted by a shout.
“Haku, I got what I needed- it’s time to go.” The boys looked over to the entrance of the store where a tall man with a stern expression and spiky black hair stood. He had a headband with a metal plate on it wrapped around his head. The boy Naruto had been talking with offered him a farewell and a wave as he trotted over the side of the intimidating man and wrapped his slender arms around one of the mans well-muscled ones. Haku, it seemed was the boy’s name, twisted around his upper half to give Naruto one final wave from his painted nails. Naruto returned it and started walking over to his friends smiling brightly. Kiba put on an unconcerned face.
“So Naruto, who was that?” he asked, keeping his voice nonchalant. Naruto did the happy-idiot grin he was known to do.
“That was Haku. She’s eighteen. She’s traveling around with her boyfriend Zabuza, that big scary guy she just went out with. She seemed really devoted to him with the way she talked about him.” Naruto rambled on and Kiba didn’t even attempt to hide his grin anymore, which had widened so much it threatened to damage some of the muscles in Kiba’s face. Even Shikamaru was finding it hard to keep a straight face. Naruto stopped talking, cocked an eyebrow at his friends and leaned on the long metal rack that held the CDs.
“Okay, what’s with you two?” he asked. Kiba let out a loud burst of laughter. The corners of Shikamaru’s mouth turned up. Kiba was the one to inform their blond friend.
“Well, that was a guy,” he said once he had stopped laughing. Naruto slid off the CD rack and crashed clumsily to the ground, only to shot right up back to his feet.
“What!” he shouted. “That was a guy?” Kiba roared with laughter again. Shikamaru snickered a bit but decided to interrupt the hysterics with a voice of reason.
“C’mon guys. I think management’s about to throw us out of here with all noise you two are making. We got to get down to the food court anyways. Sasuke’s probably wondering where the hell we are and Neji’s gonna be here any second,” he said as he pushed a still laughing Kiba and a slightly dazed looking Naruto towards the door.
“That’s the damn prettiest boy I’ve ever seen…” Naruto mumbled to no one in particular.
“Hey Naruto, bet you can’t get down to the food court before I do,” Kiba said, apparently no longer thinking about what happened in the music store.
“Like hell you can!” Naruto shouted right back at him. “Alright! Let’s go Akamaru,” Kiba said to his companion as they bolted off to the left and Naruto to the right. Shikamaru sighed, muttered something involving the word ‘troublesome’ and headed off after Naruto. The way he chose had elevators and he didn’t really feel like taking the stairs.
Kiba dodged and bounded through the mobs of civilians as he ran full speed to his destination, the usually over crowded food court. Once he could see the neon lights of the restaurants he slowed down a small bit and jogged to the middle of the tables and began scouting for Sasuke. Kiba scratched his head with his long nails after unsuccessfully attempting to find his friend. Just as he was preparing to shout out “where the hell are you Sasuke,” something sharp stabbed him in the back of the head. He whipped around, quick swiped the pencil that had hit him off the ground, and raised it threateningly with full intent of returning the object to who ever had thrown it with plenty of force. He stopped short however, when he saw a familiar face waving at him from about forty feet away.
“Oh, hey Sasuke. I’ve been looking for you- hey, have you seen Naruto here yet?” The black haired boy with equally black eyes shook his head. “Sweet- that means I win!” Kiba said while throwing a punch in the air.
“Some stupid contest between you and Naruto?” Sasuke asked with traces of an amused smile played around his lips. Kiba grinned.
“You know it,” he said cheerfully, either unconcerned or unaware of Sasuke’s use of the word stupid while describing the things he and Naruto did. They exchanged words for a little while until Shikamaru arrived. He sat down at the table next to Kiba.
“Hey guys.”
“Yo, Shikamaru. You sure took your sweet time getting here. But not as long as Naruto is taking.” Shikamaru looked up.
“You mean he’s not here yet? Wow- I thought he was just off grabbing ramen or something to drink,” he said as he sat up in his seat and scanned the surrounding area for any signs of an orange clad hyperactive youth. Sasuke rolled his eyes.
“I thought he was with you, or that you would at least know where he is.”
“Nope. The last I saw of him was him running to where the elevators are.”
“This isn’t good,” Sasuke said running his fingers through his raven black hair. “Knowing Naruto, he probably followed some creepy looking guy into his white windowless van because he had ramen and candy.” The words where meant to be a joke but the three boys still looked around nervously for a moment before shrugging the uneasy feeling off.
“Well, seeing as how neither Naruto or Neji are here yet, I think I’ll go head to the Game Stop real quick. See if anything new’s come out.” Kiba announced with a jerk of his thumb over his shoulder. Shikamaru nodded.
“K, while your doing that I’m gonna call Naruto. Just to make sure he didn’t do something stupid,” Sasuke said as Kiba got up and trotted off. He pulled an expensive looking phone, obviously the most advanced on the market, possibly even off the market too, and hit a few buttons with his thumb. “You better pick up dobe,” he warned as he raised the phone to his ear. One ring, two rings, thr- “Hey Sasuke! What’s up? How are you doing today? I’m feeling awesome right now. Really awesome. How about you?” Naruto’s happy voice, speaking rapidly came out of the phone. Just from his tone you could tell he was smiling like crazy.
“Hey dobe…” Sasuke said slowly, not quite sure what to say in response. “Where are you? You’ve been taking so long we thought you got kidnapped.”
“You guys are still in the food court right? I’ll be there in just one sec- I got to tell you about this,” Naruto said quickly, completely ignoring Sasuke’s questions, seeming to be barely able to contain his excitement.
“What are you getting so worked up about?” Sasuke demanded. Shikamaru cocked his head to the side and looked at Sasuke.
“Great! I’ll be there before you know it,” Naruto shouted happily before hanging up. Sasuke took the phone away from his ear and stared at it, as though he expected it to do something more.
“Dobe…” Sasuke said it almost as a question.
“So what was that all about? I take it nothing happened to him?” Shikamaru asked, fiddling around with a plastic fork.
“Well, from the way he was talking, something did happen. Nothing bad though,” Sasuke added when he saw Shikamaru’s face. “He sounded way happy and he was talking even faster then usual. Also, he ignored everything I asked him. Said he had to tell us something and he’ll be here in just a second.” He blew a strand of hair out of his face when he had finished talking.
“Guess we’ll find out what’s going on in a sec. Think I see Naruto coming this way,” the lazy boy said as he looked out into the crowed. And sure enough, they could see a streak of orange weaving in between bystanders and he ran to the food court. Sasuke and Shikamaru watched as the blond caught sight of them, waved and almost tripped over a bag left carelessly on the floor. But he managed to catch his balance, only stumbling instead of falling flat on his face.
“Hey guys,” Naruto said as he slid into the seat next to Sasuke, grinning like mad.
“Hey dobe. Bout time you got here,” Sasuke said.
“Love you too. But hey, guess what happened when I was having that race with Kiba,” Naruto said, smile never faltering. Shikamaru shrugged.
“You found a nice shiny nickel on the ground and now you can’t get over it,” he offered, aiming to insult their blue eyed friend.
“Some guy offered you ramen that turned out to be drugged?” Sasuke threw out.
“No. And defiantly no. Try guessing for real,” Naruto said. Sasuke rolled his eyes and decided to go with the least likely scenario.
“Oh, let’s see here… you met some amazingly beautiful girl you really like and she just might like you back,” he said, smirking as formed the words.
“Yes!” Naruto exclaimed as he shot up in his chair.
“Didn’t think so,” Sasuke said, still smirking. Shikamaru looked from Naruto to Sasuke as the raven haired boy’s smirk dropped.
“Yeah! I ran into the elevator, hit the wall and landed on the floor. And there was this ultra-pretty girl there looking down at me. She was wearing a plaid skirt and a tight shirt. I’m telling you, she looked amazing! She has long black hair that seems to have kind of a bluish tint to it, and these absolutely beautiful pale lavender eyes!” Shikamaru and Sasuke looked at the blond boy who was bouncing in his seat, unable to contain his energy.
“Are you serious?” Shikamaru asked, slightly wary.
“Totally. Oh, her names Hinata by the way. And check it out- she gave me her number so we could do something together later!” Naruto pulled up the sleeve of his jacket and held his arm out proudly like he was showing off a battle scar or a tattoo. The numbers were written in a curvy format that even seemed somewhat artistic. There was even a small heart drawn at the end.
“Yep; that’s defiantly a girl’s. And Naruto’s handwriting is chicken scratch,” Sasuke announced. Naruto grinned again, ignoring the comment about his handwriting instead of starting a fight over it like he normally would.
“Well I’m gonna quick grab something to drink. Been talking and running too much,” Naruto said as he skipped off in the food court. The two friends remaining at the table looked at each other.
“A girl named Hinata who has long black hair and pale lavender eyes?” Shikamaru said.
“Think its Neji’s cousin?” Sasuke asked.
“It’s gotta be. How many other girls do you think are out there with eyes like that with that name?” Sasuke thought for a moment before smirking.
“Yeah, but do you think that Naruto knows its Neji’s cousin?”
“This could be very interesting,” Shikamaru said, now smirking too.
“Hey guys! Guess what,” Kiba said, announcing his return. Shikamaru and Sasuke turned to face him. “When I was walking back here, I saw the hottest girl ever. She had on this tight shirt a plaid skirt and they really showed off her curves. And man, did she have some perfect curves. I know where she’s at now and I’m thinking about going back there and asking her-” Kiba was suddenly cut off by an orange streak that slammed into him, knocking both of them to the ground with a shout of “You stay away from her!”
“Looks like Naruto’s back,” remarked Shikamaru as the two teens rolled around in an undignified pile on the floor, punching and kicking any part of the other they could. “And he dropped his drink too,” he added noticing the orange liquid spreading across the floor a couple tables away. “Think we should stop them?”
“In a minuet. For now, let’s just watch,” Sasuke said.
“What’s going on with those two?” a voice asked from behind Sasuke. Upon turning to see who it was, Sasuke was greeted with the face of Neji Hyuuga, finally on the scene. He had changed out of the shorts and plain T he been wearing during the basketball game and was now wearing a brown hoodie that had a zipper running down the middle and faded dark jeans. Without his hair hanging in his face, the manji tattoo on his forehead was clearly visible. Naruto and Kiba stopped suddenly to look up at the Hyuuga’s arrival.
“Bout time you got here,” Naruto shouted, one arm around Kiba’s neck and the other raised in the air in a position to deliver a punch to Kiba’s face.
“Yeah, we’ve been waiting forever,” Kiba barked in agreement, holding the arm Naruto had around his neck in a way that made it look as though he were about to take a bite out of it.
“Hey Neji,” Shikamaru said with a nod of his head before looking back to Naruto and Kiba who were not longer fighting, but still on floor in mid-fight poses. “Naruto met a girl he’s head over heals for and Kiba apparently saw her too, then walked up saying how hot she was.”
“So the two idiots are fighting over a girl that neither of them have a chance at,” Neji interpreted. Naruto jumped up immediately.
“Hey, for your information I have plenty of a chance! She even gave me her number,” Naruto said in his defense, pulling up his sleeve to quick flash the digits to Neji, who cocked a disbelieving eyebrow and looked to his more level-headed friends for confirmation.
“It’s hard to believe that a girl out there could have any interest in Naruto, much less a good looking one.” Naruto stuck up one of his fingers in rude gesture at Sasuke. “…But it seems to be true.” Naruto crossed his arms over his chest and grinned arrogantly at his friend’s admittance. Kiba got up off that ground and checked to make sure that Akamaru was okay.
“Wait a minuet- you already met that girl? And you’ve got her number? Dude! You have got to give it to me,” Kiba exclaimed as he lunged at Naruto. The blond jumped away and clutched his forearm to his chest protectively.
“No way! I’m not about to let you get anywhere near her!” Naruto sneered at him.
“C’mon Naruto- you owe me! I saved your @$$ last week when Ibiki was about to catch you cheating,” Kiba shouted before making another dive at the retreating blond.
“Back off! You’re not getting it. Keep trying and I might decide I owe you a punch in the face!”
Neji, Sasuke and Shikamaru sighed. They knew that Naruto and Kiba could keep up pointless fights for a long, long time.


I did it! I passed the 3000 word mark again. Go me. Lets see here… what do I have to say about this chapter… oh yes! Haku’s clothing was not thought up by me. I found a really good picture of him a DA and I described the clothes he was wearing in the pic. I wish I could credit the artist, but I don’t remember… And once again, sorry for taking so long to update. I actually wrote the part with Haku months ago and then wrote almost everything else yesterday.
Review as always! It makes me happy inside. And I will love you forev


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