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Chapter 1 - The Bridge

Sonic and the gang travel to a hotel where they are sure that a certain villain has traveled to with his new accomplice. To find out what's going on, they need to disguise themselves (and test their characters) in a way they never have before. But not without running into more trouble along the way.

Chapter 1 - The Bridge

Chapter 1 - The Bridge
The gang were still worried about Epiphany and Cain as they each looked out one of the windows of the shuttle bus they rode to the hotel that Irrika and Lerich escaped to.
"What do you think Lerich is planning with Epiphany and Cain?" Amy whispered.
"Let's hope we find them alive," Knuckles whispered back, "or I might not consider leaving him in that condition."
"We need to keep calm," Tails said, "Lerich may be a brute, but he's shown he's actually a clever brute. I'm sure we'll find out his plan, though."
The mountain road had trees on both sides, which were all covered in snow.
"It was nice of you to give us these ponchos," said Amy.
"You're welcome," Taffy said, "at this time of year, it's going to be snowing in these mountains."
From one side, only more trees can be seen, on the other, was the view of the hotel.
They all looked out their windows at the building, they saw that the structure was about three stories tall and had traditional Japanese architecture and looked like it was placed in the middle of the mountains. 
"This hotel was built in the year 705," Taffy informed them, "and it seems like not much has changed since then, except they had a renovation 16 years ago."
"How informative," Sonic said flatly. The only thing he was really concerned with was Epiphany and Cain's unknown level of safety.
When they reached the end of the bridge, they saw the front entrance of the building, where the shuttle dropped off its passengers.
"Welcome to the Tenpai Onsen!" The receptionist said.
As Taffy was checking them all in, the mammals sat in some chairs in the lobby. There was a person in a hood about to take the elevator. Even though their face was obscured, it seemed like they stared at the gang before going up.
"As long as we're here," Taffy said, "we might as well enjoy our stay as well. After we've finished unpacking in our room, let's go to the restaurant."


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