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Chapter 4 - Physical appearance

background info, appearance and abilities of Scáileanna

Chapter 4 - Physical appearance

Chapter 4 - Physical appearance
scáileanna started out as a girl with brown hair and green eyes but as time went on her body changed and morphed.

after her 1st incident and use of her darkness her hair turned black and almost resemble the inky darkness she possesses, she was 3'5

at age 14 after her 1st change an eye appeared in her left palm the white being crimson and pupil ringed with purple,yellow and green and the center black while her a mouth appeared in her right palm with no lips just a gaping hole lined with razor sharp jagged teeth in a black gullet, her right eye turned black and the iris yellow and her pupil crimson, a 3rd vertical eye appeared on her forehead the same color as the eye in her palm, her hair blackened from when the darkness awoke became streaked with blood forming an eye pattern, another vertical eye in the center of her chest with the changed color as well and another mouth horizontally across her stomach dividing her belly button (like this mouth but horizontal lined with razor sharp teeth and a black gullet, anything red inside her like her muscles turned black ex:her throat,mouth, although her tongue turned crimson. her palm mouth also has a probosces like tongue to drain the insides of food or prey. her extra mouths and eyes close when not in use appearing as black lines with red splashes around them on her flesh (eyes in palm look sort of like hers but ringed like the eye on her face, note the following pic is nude so please don't take offense to it or me you have been warned she was 4'5

she is currently 18 and she hasn't altered any further since her change at 14 though she has gotten taller with age now being 5'3. her outfits consist of a midriff top so as not to cover her stomach mouth, baggy cargo pants to cover her feet since she doesn't wear shoes and a form fitting solid black hoodie


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