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Chapter 2 - Dietary habits and other needs

background info, appearance and abilities of Scáileanna

Chapter 2 - Dietary habits and other needs

Chapter 2 - Dietary habits and other needs
scáileanna can eat normal food but it tastes like ash in her mouth her other mouths can taste the food but she still prefers eating flesh. she eats living things or dead ones it's all the same to her and she drinks the blood as well. her darkness feeds on everything organic such as grass,plants,animals and humans. her darkness will drain the life from organic things such as grass leaving it dead or a living creature leaving it cold and colorless as well as dead. she can also feed with the proboscis in her palm mouth and drain the insides of a creature leaving it an empty husk of skin

2 days before her hungerday scáileanna will go into a state similar to that of an animal in heat, and needs to have sex in order for the feeling to fade. she doesn't like this and often stops herself from doing it but some times the need overpowers her will to resist, she will have sex with male or female her altered state of mind during this time doesn't care


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