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Chapter 3 - Forcing Your Way In

Rie's life isn't like she wants it to be. She doesn't feel loved or needed. Till somebody shows up who claims he needs her

Chapter 3 - Forcing Your Way In

Chapter 3 - Forcing Your Way In

Chapter 3

Rie dives into the window that leads to her room, closing and locking it up immediatly. Panting she stares through the window, searching for the blond boy who might be following her. After waiting several minutes, she calms down and sits down on her bed.
,,I can't believe it… What's happening to me?” she softly whispers to herself, putting her hands in front of her eyes, moaning.
,,Rie?” Her mother voice comes from above the stairs. ,,Are you home already?”
Rie's heart stops. She totally forgot she actually have classes right now. It can hardly be noon!
,,Ehm… I feel ill.” Rie answers, rolling herself up in her blankets immediately.
Her mother comes down and enters her room. ,,Ill? Oh, dear.” And she sits down next to Rie. ,,And you have tests to make all week.”

,,The teacher said I could do them later.” Rie mumbles, trying to look as sick as she can. ,,I wish I could have made them now. I studied so hard.”
,,Well, you will manage, dear. You're such a smart girl.” Mother says. ,,You better stay in bed now you're sick and get better soon, okay? I'll make you some tea.”
She touches her daughter's forhead. ,,Oh, dear, you do feel slighty warm.”
That's from the running, Rie thinks. She sighs and turns herself on her side.
,,Thank you, mom, but I will get it myself when I want some.”
Mother smiles. ,,Typical you, Rie, every time you're sick you don't want people to take care of you.”
Rie stares back at her mom, not talking. It's true. She never asks her parents to get her something when she's sick. She always gets out her bed and get it herself.
Also when she's not sick.
,,You just stay here. I will bring you your tea.” Mother promises and she stands up. ,,But first I have to pick Aye up from school.”
,,Now? But it's 12, he can't be out yet.” Rie mumbles.
,,They gave them the afternoon of. Some project in school.” Mother explains before leaving, closing the door softly.
Rie frowns her eyebrows and turns on her other side, looking at her window, which is really small and very high, since she is on an underground level.
She stares at it for a few minutes, watches her mother walk pas it, getting in her car and driving away. She looks away from it and wonders what she will do now.
How long will she put up her Being Sick Act?
Sooner or later she won't be able to hide she isn't sick.
A knock on the window gets her out of her thoughts. She turns her head around, looking who in the world is knocking on her window. Maybe it's dad, who forgot his keys.
A hand is sticking right through the window! Right through the grass.
Rie let's out a shriek and jumps up, looking at the arm, which is now joined by a second one. A blond haired head follows, a neck, torso, legs and feet. The whole body thumbles down and collapses on the floor.
Her lungs are stressfully pumping air in and out of Rie's lungs and she stares at the blond boy who is now looking up. A big smile on his face.
,,No…Go away!” She cries out. ,,Go away!”
The boy stands up and walks towards her. ,,No, I won't go away! I need you! I will never let you go! I won't let you run away from me!”
Rie backs away further from the boy. ,,Get away from me! GO AWAY!”
Her voice gets higher as he comes closer.
He reaches out his hands to her. ,,No, I want to stay with you!”
,,I DON'T KNOW YOU! GET AWAY FROM ME!” Rie carefully tries to stay out of his reach, backing away from his hands.
,,You don't understand it, I need you! I can't leave!” The boy says.
With a loud crash Rie falls of the bed, on the floor. She quickly recovers herself, turns around and crawls under the bed. She can hear the boy move around on her bed.
,,You have to listen to me! You're the only one who can see me! You are the only one who can hear me! Please listen to me! I need you! Can't you see?”
Panick is ruling his voice right now. ,,Don't you know how it feels when everybody is ignoring you? Simply because they don't know you are there! My heart jumped when I found you talking to me! You can see me! I need you! I can't let you go!”
Rie covers up her ears, she doesn't want to know.
She is going crazy. She is losing her mind.
The boy's head dangles up side down from the bed, looking at her. ,,There is nothing you can do to make me go away.” He says. ,,I'm staying with you whether you like it or not.”
Rie suddenly feels some rage. ,,You can't invite yourself like that!” She hisses, leaping forwards and grabbing him by his throat. He gets pulled of the bed and Rie quickly lets go, not believing she touched him. She backs away, gets away from the bed and stands up. At the other side of the bed the boy stands up too and he looks at her with unbelievable eyes. ,,You… you can… you…”

,,What?” Rie snaps.
,,You can touch me…” He finishes.
Rie tightnes her fists. ,,I don't know who you are and what the hell you are thinking, but I want you to get lost! Right now!”
,,I'm Seth and I think of staying with you.” The boy says.
,,GO AWAY!” Rie bellowes. ,,NOW!”
Seth is just about to yell something back, as the door of her room opens and her mom looks at her, a cup of tea in her hand.
,,Rie, why are you screaming like that?”
Rie points with her finger at Seth, who is now grinning widely to her. ,,That boy snuck into my room! He is scaring me! Mom, call the police!”
Her mother looks at the point Rie is pointing to, then turns back to Rie. ,,What boy? Rie are you sure you are feeling well?”
Shocked Rie looks at Seth. ,,But…mom! He is standing there! Mom, make him go away!” She rushes over to Seth and grabs his arm. ,,Here he is! Can't you see him?”

Looking a bit scared her mother puts down the cup of tea and moves to Rie, who is still holding Seth.
,,Rie there is nobody standing there.”
,,I'm holding his arm!”
Her mother sticks out her arm and moves it through the space next to her daughter.
Horrorstruck Rie sees her mother's hand going through Seth's body. Seth shivers, but doesn't move.
,,Nobody here honey.”
Rie lets him go and backs away, falling on the bed. ,,He… mom, your hand went through him! He's… mom…Make him go!”
Mother urges Rie under the blankets and covers her up with care, Seth stands next to her and stares at Rie.
He isn't grinning anymore but is looking at her deadly serious.

,,Rie, I swear you there is nobody here. Just try to get some sleep. I will check on you later okay?” Her voice sounds really worried.
Rie can only nodd and keeps staring back at Seth.
Mother leaves and Seth moves again, sitting down next to Rie on her bed.
,,Do you believe me now?” he asks.
,,I'm losing my sanity…” Rie breathes, closing her eyes, praying Seth is gone if she opens them again. But when she opens her eyes he is still there.
,,You're not crazy.” Seth says. ,,You can see me.”
Rie doesn't know what to do or say anymore, so she flaps out: ,,How can… how can mom's hand move through you?”
,,I don't know. That just happens.” Seth replies calmly.
,,But you're not sinking through the bed.” Rie squeeks.
,,No, I don't.” Seth says. ,,I don't know, but I can sit down on bed and chairs, I can move through solid object, but I can't lift things up.”
Telling herself this must be all a weird dream, Rie closes her eyes again.
This can't be true. There can't be a boy named Seth who is invisible.
,,You're name is Rie.” Seth speaks. ,,I like it. Well, I have no choice, now do I?”
He laughs and Rie feels him touching her cheek carefully.
Rie's eyes shoot open. ,,Don't….” She bites.
,,Don't what?” Seth asks, not removing his fingers from her face.
,,Touch me.” Rie growls. ,,Go away.”
,,No, I won't go away.” Seth moves his hand of her cheek. ,,I'm going to follow you everywhere you go.”
Rie looks at him in shock. Everywhere she goes?
,,Except for some privetplaces.” Seth promises her. ,,You know, like the bathroom and all.” He smiles at her.
Still not quite believing she is going through all of this, she continues her staring at him and he stares back.
,,I'm sorry for scaring you.” Seth says suddenly. ,,I didn't mean to.”
Somehow now she relaxes a bit and she closes her eyes, turns her back on him.
,,Yeah, yeah, whatever.” She mumbles. ,,I want to sleep.”
,,I guess you deserve that. Do you mind me sitting here?”
Rie doesn't reply, acting like she's already asleep.

An hour later her mother comes back into her room, waking her up.
Surprised she actually slept she sits up, turning around. Seth is still sitting on her bed. Apparently this whole time he barely moved.
,,You're still here?” She snarls to him.
,,Rie, what do you mean?” Mother says, giving her a new cup of tea.
Rie looks at her mom, but her eyes are stuck at the door. A man is standing in the doorway, wearing a white coat and a bag in his hand.
,,Mom! I didn't ask for a doctor.” Rie shrieks. ,,I'm fine! I'm not that sick.”
,,I thought it was wise for him to come, honey.” Mother says and she moves away so the doctor can come closer.
His friendly face smiles at her, but Rie knows that in his mind he is already checking on her sanity. She knows her mother already told him she was talking about boys being in her room.
,,How are you feeling, Rie?” the doctor says calmly, as he sits down on a chair next to her bed, opening his bag.
,,I'm fine.” Rie says. ,,I'm not sick anymore.”
,,Let me check on you, please.” The doctor says.
,,No.” Rie backs away, bumping into Seth. ,,I'm feeling fine. Now go away.”
Surprised the doctor looks at her mother, who lifts up her shoulders.
The doctor decides to take different measures. ,,You're mother said you were being really panicky when you got home today.” He says. ,,Talking about a boy being in your room.”
,,I never said that.” Rie lies. ,,I have been asleep ever since mom left to pick up Aye.”
,,So, maybe you were talking in your sleep.” The doctor says.
,,How should I know?” Rie snaps. ,,I was asleep until you two rudely woke me up, thank you!”
Being turned down on her snapping, the doctor stands up. ,,It is possible she talks and moves around while she is actually asleep, mississ.” He tells her mother. ,,Especially when she is ill. So I'd say you keep her in bed for a day or 2 and check out the progress.”
,,Yes, doctor, thank you.” Mother says, helping the doctor out of the house.
Rie turns around to look at Seth. ,,I already am doubting my sanity. I don't need them to do the same.” She says.
,,You're not crazy.” Seth says.
Rie narrows her eyes. ,,What do you know about being crazy?” She moves out of her bed. ,,I'm going to get me something to eat. Do you want some too?”
,,I don't need food.” Seth says, as he stands up. ,,But I want to come with you.”
Rie shakes her head. It's going to be an awful big of a deal to accept somebody following her everywhere she goes.


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_theater_freak_147 on August 21, 2006, 1:31:55 AM

_theater_freak_147 on
_theater_freak_147Oh my god this story is really good!

DrNefarious on February 20, 2006, 11:59:39 AM

DrNefarious on
DrNefariousreally... interesting
but good anyway

Drugs are Bad M'kay

mandy94t on October 22, 2005, 1:18:00 AM

mandy94t on

CranberryZorroRaz on June 20, 2005, 8:29:32 AM

CranberryZorroRaz on
CranberryZorroRazOiii, i really like this story! ^^ It's so cool!

MitsukaiOkeruOozora on April 4, 2005, 1:14:46 PM

MitsukaiOkeruOozora on
MitsukaiOkeruOozoraIs he a ghost? I don't know how to explain it! It sounds so professional like an actual screenplay! I love it!

S_dragon_master on March 21, 2005, 7:11:38 AM

S_dragon_master on
S_dragon_masteri love that name seth i dont know why but its pretty cool meh great story im writeing sum but they all suck soooooo negh (i like makeing funny noises) ok im losing the point here sooooo great story bye

Maylia_Intusha on March 19, 2005, 6:34:48 AM

Maylia_Intusha on
Maylia_Intusha-glomps Seth- YAY!! My aunt's son's name is Seth!!! He has a twin brother named Mason; nya!!

-huggles- Mmyup, I love Seth and Rie!! They both rock. ^~^ Keep up the good work, Kiki-chan!! -frantic flail and banners-