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Chapter 4 - Crazy Girl

Rie's life isn't like she wants it to be. She doesn't feel loved or needed. Till somebody shows up who claims he needs her

Chapter 4 - Crazy Girl

Chapter 4 - Crazy Girl

Chapter 4

Seth really doesn't leave her side. He walks closely next to her, not talking really, just following her and watching her every move. When she goes to the bathroom or have to change clothes, he waits in the hallway patiently.
It's like a toddler following his teacher around, a chick chaising his mother, he acts like her shadow.
From time to time he reaches to her and touches her arm or back, like he wants to check if she is really there.
Rie ignores him most of the time, though it's hard getting used to this new appendix.
No matter what she does, he follows her. If she gets out of her bed because she has to use the bathroom really bad, he follows her there and back to her bed.
If she drinks some tea, while reading in her bed, he watches her moves closely. Observing how she turns every page, sips her tea and puts her hair behind her ear.
The first time he was doing that, that means: on day 1, she had almost smacked his face with frustration. ,,What…is… it?!” she had hissed.
But he hadn't replied, just looked at her.
He doesn't know any better, Rie thinks. He couldn't communicate with a living soul before he met me, so he doesn't really know how to now.
But he does talk to himself a lot, he mutters words to himself when he sees things or just say them out loud. When her mother came into her room, he had said out loud that dress looked really sexy on her mom.
Rie had troubles keeping her tea inside and wacked him over the head, which was only more reason for her mother to keep her in bed another day.
,,Don't you talk like that about my mom!” Rie had hissed to Seth when her mother left the room. Seth had just shrugged his shoulders and smiled at her.

Now it is weekend and Rie claims to be better.
,,Are you sure honey?” Her mother asks, looking worried. ,,You were talking to `somebody' again last night in bed.”
Rie sighs. She wasn't talking to Seth, she was telling him to shut up his big mouth. Seth has this annoying habbit to talk to himself when it's night. Probably he gets bored and just start talking to himself, exposing his thoughts. It's also hard for him to getting used to somebody actually listening to him, hearing every word he says.
,,Mom, I know for sure!” Rie hisses. ,,I'm not a crazy lunatic with invisible friends.”
,,Maybe we should get an appointment with a psychiatrist.” Mother mutters.
,,Gowd, mom!” Rie cries out and angry she rushes out of the room, hurrying out of the house, Seth closely behind her.
,,Psychiatrist… They dig in your head… Childhoodtraumas…. Rapeing….Losing your job… Bad marriage.” He mumbles, more to himself then to Rie.
,,To who are you talking?” Rie breathes, kinda pissed of, she stops walking and heaves down on the sidewalk, not wanting to walk further, since she doesn't know where she must go.

,,I don't know.” Seth mumbles, sitting down next to her. ,,…I don't really know.”
,,Well, I think you were talking to yourself.” Rie says, not on her most politest tone. ,,And I also think you should stop that! It's annoying!”

,,You're yelling, you're upset…” Seth says. ,,I think you should calm down.”

,,Don't tell me what to do! I didn't ask for you to come to me!” Rie backfires.
,,You're really upset, you're cheeks are red.” Seth says. ,,I like red.”
,,Talk to me, you @$$! You don't say things like that! Who cares if you like red!” Rie jumps up again and walks away, heading to the park.
She hardly comes outside, why did she go outside? She hates being outside.
,,Look at that @$$…” She hears Seth mumbles.
,,Why… you!” Rie turns around and smashes her fist into his face.
Seth, really surprised by being hit so hard, look at her with a stunned look.
,,Not you… you're @$$ is just fine…” He mumbles quitely. His finger rises up to a woman a few feet away, eating icecream, her enormous behind swinging from left to right as she walks. Rie had never seen anyone with an @$$ that big.
,,That's still no reason just to flap out whatever you are thinking!” Rie grabs his hand and drags him along. ,,You are a stupid idiot, you know that? You should stop talking out loud! You're really being a burden!”

Seth looks at her, not knowing what to say really.
,,Well, you can talk now!” Rie says. One thing is for sure, she loses her temper easy.
,,Ehm…” Seth starts. ,,I like you.”

,,Drop dead!”
,,You yell and get angry really fast, but I like you.”
,,You like me because I am the only one who can like you back!”
,,Yes, do you like me back?”
Looking slightly dissapointed Seth turns his face away. ,,Ow…”
,,You're way to annoying to like!” Rie says.
,,People are looking.” Seth mutters, looking around. Several people are looking at Rie making a scene. She turns around and looks at the people surrounding them.
,,What? Yes, I am crazy! Why do you care?” She cries, frustrated.
A familiar giggles rises up from the few people watching her. The blood pulls away from her face.
Just behind the woman with the enormous butt is the most populair girl with her clan.
The most populair girl in her class, in her school: Fanny Dawn.
Rie doesn't know what to say anymore, she doesn't know how to hold her arms, where to look or how to breathe. This can't be happening! Why did she talk out loud to Seth? Why did she even went outside?
,,You really are crazy.” Fanny giggles. ,,I guess your brain finally exploded huh?”
Her perfectly manicured nagels cover her mouth as she laughs at her own joke.
Rie can't think of any excuse of her weird behaviour. The only thing she can think about is how they are going to bully her when she goes back to school monday.
,,She looks kinda cute, yelling to her invisible friends, you know.” Fanny's boyfriend, Marten, says. Rie holds her breath. Why did he have to mingle in?
He had never said anything to her or about her and now he did. Why?
,,Stop it!” Seth now says, really angry.
Ofcourse the clan of Popular People can't hear him.
But he is really angry and he stands in front of Fanny, yelling in her face. ,,Stop it! She hasn't done anything to you! Leave her alone!”
Fanny just giggles and laughs. ,,Where is your friend now huh?” She says. ,,Why did you stop talking to him when we arrived? Aren't you going to introduce us?”
,,STOP! STOP TALKING TO HER!” Seth cries out, really angry and trembling all over now. ,,GET LOST! GO AWAY!”
Rie can't hear Fanny talking, because Seth is going wild.
She is afraid to move or talk too, the tears are forcing their way out of her eyes.
She tries to hold them down.
Her father's voice!
She looks up, behind Fanny and her clan is her father. He is carrying a grocerie bag in one hand. Aye is holding his other hand.
Fanny stops dead and turns around too. ,,Ow Hello, mister Stalker. How are you today?” She says in her sweetest voice.
,,Hi, Fanny.” Rie's father says. ,,Is everything alright here?”
,,Yes, certainly.” Fanny says.
,,We were just telling her how hard the tests were.” Fanny's Popular Friend bugs in.
Fanny nods. ,,But I'm sure Rie will do them with ease.”
,,She is the smartest in class, you know.” Another Popular Friend says.
Fanny smiles her most cute smile.
Father narrows his eyes. ,,I guess so, yes. Well, Rie are you coming home with me? You can help me unpack the groceries.”
,,Yes, dad.” Rie mumbles, taking over the groceries, turning around and walking home immediately.
He showed up to save her, but why does she feel bad about it?
Why does she wish he hadn't? She is thankfull he helped her out here, but she just wish he hadn't.
,,Are those mean people?” Aye says, catching up with Rie.
,,I don't know. Why would you care?” Rie growls angerly.

,,You're my sister. I don't want people being mean to you!” Aye says, looking extremly cute with those big puppy eyes. So cute Rie feels an urge, for maybe the first time in her life, to hug her little brother.
,,You're right. You're the only one who can.” Rie says.
,,Yes!” Aye says, looking proud and worried at the same time.
,,I thought it was suprising to see you in the park.” Father says, also catching up with them. ,,You never go outside without a reason. Are you sure things are alright, Rie?”
,,Yes, why wouldn't it be?” Rie mutters, not looking at Seth who is walking next to Aye, scanning Rie with his big blue eyes.

Later that night Rie is laying in bed, curling up like a ball.
What are they going to say to her when she goes to school? She thought she was safe in school by not being known by many people. By living like a shadow between all the students. The only outstanding thing about her are her grades.
Why did Seth help her out? Why did he start yelling, while he knew they couldn't possibly hear him?
She hears Seth mumble in himself. ,,Stupid…. They….Not ….I hate…”
She turns around to face Seth, who stops talking and focus his eyes on her.
Seth doesn't sleep, he doesn't need it. He doesn't need to eat either.
,,Why… why did you yell at Fanny?” Rie asks in a whisper.
Seth blinks with his eyes. ,,Shouldn't I have?” He asks.
,,Why did you?”
,,…I don't want… I don't want people to be mean to you.” Seth answers. ,,You are the only I have now. I can't efford losing you.” His blue eyes are shimmering.
He reaches out his hand to her arm and touches it for a few seconds.
,,They can't hear you, you can't help me by yelling at them.” Rie says, turning her back to him, covering her self up with her blanket.
,,I know they can't.” Seth says. ,,But… I can't stand them acting mean to you either.”
When Rie doesn't reply, Seth stands up, walks around the bed and sits down in front of her face. ,,What if they hurt you? Or if they make your life so terrible you want to kill yourself? I have seen it happen before, Rie. I don't want to lose you! Not now I finally found you!”
,,You don't even know me.” Rie says with a razorsharp voice.
,,You don't know me.” Seth replies. ,,But I would like you to know me.”

,,If I would say I like to know you…” Rie says. ,,Will you promise me you will stop talking to yourself so you won't distract me when people are around?”

,,Do I talk to myself?” Seth asks.
,,Yes, all the time.” Rie snaps.
,,I'll try then.” Seth smiles at her, patting her head with great care. ,,Do you want me to know you?”
Actually enjoying the soft patting Rie closes her eyes, not replying his question.
She doesn't know what she wants from Seth, if he just keeps patting her head like that, or laying his hand down on her cheek, it's okay.
Seth doesn't remove his hand from her face, keeps looking at her while she dozes of in a quite dream.


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_theater_freak_147 on August 21, 2006, 1:38:23 AM

_theater_freak_147 on
_theater_freak_147Yay! She and Seth better end up together... ^^

KitsuneFlamez on July 30, 2006, 7:39:58 AM

KitsuneFlamez on
KitsuneFlamezomg...!!ha ha... i reall am enjoying this story! i luv it lots! please promiss not to leave any cliff hangers!.... i heart your storie tho!! so keep up the good work!^^

mandy94t on October 22, 2005, 1:30:51 AM

mandy94t on
AND YOUR LITTLE SUICIDAL BOYFRIEND,YOU PLASTIC!!!! *stabs all dose ppl like serial maniac**panting*great...job...
*passes out*

WishGranter on September 23, 2005, 11:41:58 AM

WishGranter on
WishGranterAww! That's so cute! I wish I had a guy like that, a guy who fallows me around and sticks up for me! I don't even live close to my guy... *cries* I can't wait to read more! More of this and more of RAY!!! YAY!!!

MitsukaiOkeruOozora on April 4, 2005, 1:25:19 PM

MitsukaiOkeruOozora on
MitsukaiOkeruOozoraawe... it's so sweet. It also kinda reminds me of... CITY OF ANGELS! Ya... that one. I really like it ^^

S_dragon_master on March 21, 2005, 7:24:21 AM

S_dragon_master on
S_dragon_masteryay more chappies plllllz i love this story it rocks