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Chapter 6 - Fight With A Teacher

Rie's life isn't like she wants it to be. She doesn't feel loved or needed. Till somebody shows up who claims he needs her

Chapter 6 - Fight With A Teacher

Chapter 6 - Fight With A Teacher
Chapter 6

The rumor about Rie's weird behaviour a few days earlier in the park apparently spread itself through the school like a walking fire, because Rie has this weird feeling everybody is looking at her. And she hates it, not only because of the rumor. That's the part she cares about less, but she hates those eyes staring at her.
Those eyes, who used to ignore her, who didn't even know who she was or even knew she was there, are now staring at her. And they don't just look, they look for a reason. The brain behind those eyes says: ,,Look, there's the freak everybody is talking about."
She is no longer the unnoticed shadow everybody ignored with all their mights (geeks included), but now she is on the frontpage of the Daily Gossip.
Rie tries to act like she doesn't see the eyes staring at her, pretends not to hear the whispers behind her back. She clenches her fists around her books.
If it was Aye who was staring at her, she would have whacked him over the head with those books. But she don't want to put more pressure on the fact she is exciting right now. She wants to dissapear, be one with the walls around her.
Her mind gets drawn to Seth when she thinks about this.
Does she really want to dissapear? It must be a murder not to be noticed by a single soul. Nobody who responds at your call. Not even a scream or a "dog" when you hit somebody in the face with all your streigth.
No answer on your question.
Rie straightens her back and turns to look at the 3 girls, who are momentarily looking at her, talking about her behind their pink-colored and perfectly manicured nails.
She wants to say something, something to hurt their feelings.
The Terrible Three look at her and the little streight she had, is chaised away from her body. She can't, she feels so weak. She doesn't want to make a scene in school.
She bows her head to the ground.
Two feet with worn out sneaker are blocking her view. She looks up in Seth's face.
,,Hey, sorry about the hug-thing. I mean, I was going a little overboard and all, but you know, I never really hugged somebody before and..."
Rie turns around on her heals and walks to Economics-class, leaving Seth talking to himself. Why can she hit Aye and Seth over the head when they upset her, but not tell those doges in school what she thinks about them?
See, one more prove she is worth nothing. Rie quickly enters the classroom, gets her books out of her bag and starts working. This way she doesn't have to look at anybody and look like a sad and alone person with no friends, desperartly looking at the others in class.
Usually when she sticks her nose in her books, nobody bothers her, but apparently today everything's different. Because she can hear Madison, Fanny's (Evil Beeatch Numero Uno) best friend say: ,,Ow, there she is, she talked to her invisible friends right?"
Fanny's voice replies: ,,Yes, haha, it was terribly cute in one way though. But still... it only makes clear Rie is crazy. Maybe her brain got overexcited, I've read about such cases."
Rie clenches her teeth. She wish she could lock her ears of this.
Seth apparently walked in the classroom too and heard Fanny talking too, because he starts yelling at her. ,,Shut up, you dog!" He stands right in front of Fanny, he fists clenched into fists. ,,DON'T TALK ABOUT RIE LIKE THAT!"
Rie wished he'd shut up, because of his shouting, she can't hear the other voices in class. But on the other hand, she doesn't want to know what they are saying.
The teacher enters the class and everybody sits down. Seth stops his shouting too.
He narrows his eyes as Fanny is sitting down, wishing he could kick her and hurt her like Rie had hurt him earlier today.
,,I'm going to make her pay." He hisses, sitting down on the table next to Rie.
,,I swear I am going to make her pay!"
Rie tries to ignore Seth and tries to pay attention to what the teacher is saying, but Seth is so full with frustration, he is not shutting up at all.
And if Seth is still raging on, making up Plans Of Doom, she knows she can't keep sitting here and doing nothing, risking an A- instead of a A+ on a test.
So, as a rocket, she launches her fist to her right, right into Seth's stomach, who gets whiped off the desk and crashes on the floor.
Rie's quick movement was obviously cought by everybody, who were all closely watching her, apparently begging for more Weirdness from her.
Even the teacher frowns his eyesbrows at her, but continues his lesson.
Rie can hear the soft whispering behind her back, but she can also hear Seth yowling in pain. ,,That wasn't fun! That hurt a lot more then the other punch you laid on me!"
Tears are running out of the corner of his eyes. Rie ignores him.
Doesn't he understand she wants him to shut up?!
Seth sits right up on the floor, a hand on the back of his head. ,,What if you gave me a brainfracture or something and nobody can fix me, because they CAN'T SEE ME!"
Rie can believe he isn't shutting up! How can she follow her class like this?!

During breaktime Rie escapes to the staircases, as soon as everybody left the hallway to have lunch. Nobody is allowed in the hallways and staircases when the lunch has started, but Rie always hides in here or in a scienceclassroom.
Seth follows her as a loyal dog.
,,Seth!" She starts.
,,You're going to apologize for that brainfracture you gave me?" Seth says, apparently still very upset about what happened during class.
The urge to whack him over the head again is so big.
,,No! I never want you around me in class! Ever!" she says.
Seth let his arms hang next to his body, while he stares at her with amazement. ,,Ehm... what? Why?"
,,Are you THAT stupid! What did I told you before about Not Talking To Me Around Other People, you @$$!" Rie yells at him.
,,Huh... but...I didn't noticed.... I mean, I kinda forgot, I'm not used to keeping my mouth, you know!" Seth explains, feeling really guilty right now.
,,Better learn to keep it and until that time I don't want you around when Im surrounded with people!" Rie decides.
,,That's not fair!" Seth yells back.
,,Why isn't it fair?" Rie asks, her eyes are now very little and angry.
Nervously Seth looks at her. ,,Ehm... I mean, you're being selfish... I want to be with you, I need to be with you!"
,,I don't need you and I don't like burdens around me!" Rie shouts back. ,,Remember, I never asked for you to be around me! So better follow my rules! It's my life you are totally wrecking now!"
,,I am not wrecking it!" Seth yells back.
,,You so totally are!" Rie has an itchy feeling in her hands.
,,I just want to be with you!" Seth cries out and he launches forward to wrap his arms around her, pulling her against his body and Rie is surprised how cold he feels.
,,Don't ban me out! I wanna be with you! Do you have any idea how long a schoolday lasts? I can't go that long without you!"
He places his cheek on hers and really holds on to her like a seastar would with his next meal. If you never saw this before, I suggest you watch Animal Planet or Discovery Channel more often.
,,You have done pretty well without me before you knew me, you big stupid..." Rie mumbles aggravated, though she has to admit to herself she likes this hug.
,,No, I haven't done well at all! Understand that! My life was terrible!" Seth pushes his nose in her neck. ,,I want to be with you, please! I'll promise I try harder to shut up! Please don't leave me out!"
,,I'll consider it if you let me go, NOW!" Rie bites.
Seth looks up at her, tears in his eyes.
Rie looks back, not with a happy face.
,,I hugged you..." Seth mumbles. ,,Sorry... I couldn't...resist."
,,You scemed this all out, asshole." Rie can't help grinning now.
,,I didn't! I didn't!" Seth waves his arms up and down. ,,I didn't sceme it out! Really! Believe me! I never meant to be a burden, I never...."
He suddenly stops dead, staring at something behind Rie.
Rie sees him looking and she quickly turns around, to face a teacher, who has a really weird look in his eyes.
,,Rie is your name huh?" he says.
,,Why?" Rie asks instead of answers.
,,To who were you talking? Are you feeling well?" The teacher asks, looking really worried right now.
,,Ehm... to nobody. What are you crazy or something! You can't talk to somebody when nobody is around, you know." The expression on her face shouts out: DUH!
,,Well, no, ofcourse not, Rie. But you were sort of talking to thin air right there." The teacher explains, pointing somewhere behind Rie.
,,I'm not thin air!" Seth protests. ,,I'm a boy, you big prick! Go jerk off in the dressingroom like you always do!"
,,He does?" Rie asks, without noticing she was talking back to Seth again.
,,Yeah he does." Seth cries out dramaticly. ,,That image can never be whiped out of my memory again! I will have nightmares over it the rest of my life!"
Rie slaps her hands in front of her mouth to cover up the giggles that escape from her mouth.
The teacher stares at her with a puzzled look. ,,I better go inform the principal..."
shoot! Not the principal! If she has to go there her reputation as Never Sent To Principal Student is over! She can't risk that!
Plus everybody will find out her acting weird again and people will stare ever harder at her then before. Maybe even start to bully her! She doesn't want that.
,,Before you go, don't you have to make a stop at the dressingroom." Rie's mouth says before she can even stop it from talking.
The eyes of the teacher become really big. ,,...what?"
,,We all know you go there to jerk off." Rie continues.
Stop! She thinks! This is a teacher
,,His wife cheats on him, she doesn't want to touch him anymore." Seth explains.
,,We all know you're wife cheats on you and doesn't want to touch you anymore." Rie copies. ,,And we all know you get horny of all these High School Girls, so you give yourself a hand, since you can't touch them, huh?"
She find it stunning of herself she just spits this out in the face of a teacher, but the more stunner is the cool expression on her face that goes along with it.
The teacher can't remain cool anymore. His face goes from snow white to bright red.
,,What nerves do you have, little missy!" His voice is trembeling in anger.
,,I can spread it around the school, you know. Kinda wrecking your reputation!" Rie hisses, going in a her real defence mode now.
Now the teacher is trembeling all over his body. ,,You can't do that!"
,,So you say it's true?" Rie says, a little astonished.
Now the teacher's eyes grow twice as big as they were before. ,,You..."
,,I think they would believe me, especially since I am a 16 year old girl after all. You know how easily teachers can get close to them." Rie says.
The teacher turns around and to Rie it's an answer: ,,Move on! Move on and don't tell anyone you told me!"
She smiles of pride, though on the inside she feels sick too.
,,You know what?" The teacher says, as he almost leaves the hallway. ,,No teacher would ever try to make a move on you! You're too weird and you're not even pretty, everyone thinks so. Everybody knows about what happened in the park." Rie stares at the closed door, her mouth hanging open. ,,Wha...wha..."
There you have it, proof of that what she always thought: She's ugly and weird, even the teachers think that of her. She bows her head. And even the teachers know what happened in the park when she was talking to Seth.
She should have never been so mean to him, talking about his private stuff.
Tears just whelm up, she can't keep them to herself.
,,Rie, hush." Seth puts his hand on her shoulder. ,,Come on, Rie, you're not ugly, you're not ugly at all."
Rie shakes her head. ,,No... I am! I am ugly and I am weird!" Her body is trembling, she can't control it.
,,Why do you even listen to what he says? He has no idea of what you really are!" Seth says. ,,He was upset too, of what we told him he was."
,,Did you hear him?!" Rie cries out. ,,The whole school thinks I'm weird and ugly! They all know of what happened in the park! When I was talking to you!"
She smashes her fists into his chest. ,,Why did you come into my life huh?!"
,,Rie, please! They don't know a thing! You're not ugly! Really! You're really pretty!" Seth grabs her fists and pulls them close to his body.
Rie stares at her hands. Seth's touch is so cold. It's like she's holding wind or something. She pulls up her nose and now looks up higher into Seth's eyes.
,,You're not dressed in the latest fashion, and you're not into make up or doing special stuff with you're hair, but it only tells me you're not like everybody else. It makes you even more pretty, Rie, just the fact that you're different."
,,Why... why do you only talk about the pretty-part?" Rie mumbles softly, continueing staring into his eyes.
,,You want me to cheer you up about the weird part?" Seth asks. ,,Because you're not weird. It's all my fault."
A little smile curls upon her face. ,,Yeah..." She bows her head. She doesn't know what to do. What must she do now? She ruined it all.
Slowly she bows forward, until she feels Cody's cold body pressed against her head and she lets his arms slip around his back. ,,Seth,..."
,,If you... if you want, I want you to stay with me, okay?"
She doesn't dare to put her arms around him, since it would look really stupid if somebody would accidently walk in, like that other teacher did. Now it looks like she is just kinda being tired or something.
,,You want me to be with you?" Seth repeats.
Does she want that? She closes her eyes.
He is so annoying and gives her troubles, but now she doesn't know if she rather haves him out or here. But she thinks it's harder to miss him once he's gone, since she knows about him now. Plus, it's hard to get rid of him in the first place.
Maybe it's better if she wants him around, so things can get better.
Plus, since he hugged her just a few minutes ago, she feels she wants them more.
,,Yeah... I want you to stay with me." Rie says.
Seth gently presses her more close to his body. ,,I will try to shut my yap around people then." He promises.
,,This time, try to actually shut it." Rie smiles.

,,What is it, Clan Of Evil Witches?!" She hisses. ,,Nice gossips and rumors about me and my invisible friends?! Don't you have any nails to polics or eyelids to paint?!"
The Horrible Three look at Rie with looks full of disgust. Like they can't believe the Lunatic is actually talking to them.
,,I hope you die of the poison in all that make-up you rub over your skin! You're a disgrace to the human race! Because of you the ozon-layor has holes!"
In the back of her head Rie knows she is goind overboard, but she can't stop talking.
It's like somebody is pulling the words right out of her mouth.
Truth is, she is finally telling them what she thinks of them. Next point: Is she going to survive the consequences?


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KitsuneFlamez on July 30, 2006, 9:56:38 AM

KitsuneFlamez on
KitsuneFlamezYeah Rie!!!! Perfect leader type for all of us weird pplz!!!

TailsNejiswife on January 29, 2006, 7:04:16 AM

TailsNejiswife on
TailsNejiswifeWOW nice story just 1 question did u put cony instead of seth or am i seeing things

mandy94t on October 22, 2005, 1:56:38 AM

mandy94t on
mandy94tGO RIE!!!!!GO RIE,GO RIE,GO RIE,
WHOOT,WHOOT!GO RIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shove the plastics' plastic in their faces!!!!
u rock,Pie-chan!!

CranberryZorroRaz on June 20, 2005, 8:52:56 AM

CranberryZorroRaz on
CranberryZorroRazXD The part where she punches him made me laugh. I love Seth! He's so adorable!! ^^

MitsukaiOkeruOozora on April 18, 2005, 1:18:33 PM

MitsukaiOkeruOozora on
MitsukaiOkeruOozoraawe... YAY! It's so happy. Ha ha... he jacks off. I'm so happy he finally got a hug.

Deathelf on April 18, 2005, 1:49:18 AM

Deathelf on
DeathelfYAY! Thsi si sooo cool! I like seth, even if he can't shut up. LOL!! You're really good, and finally it's showing! *CHEERS!* Thsi rocks!