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Chapter 8 - Three Blond Boobs

Rie's life isn't like she wants it to be. She doesn't feel loved or needed. Till somebody shows up who claims he needs her

Chapter 8 - Three Blond Boobs

Chapter 8 - Three Blond Boobs
Chapter 8

The next morning, when Rie is entering the kitchen with Seth on her tail, her dad puts a large plate with pancakes in front of her nose. ,,Goodmoring, chicky."
Rie stares down at her plate, then shoves it aside and let her head bang downon the table. She isn't hungry. Eating in the morning is a murder, especially with everything that happened yesterday and last night.
,,You must eat, squirrel." Her father says and Seth is nodding.
,,I don't want to eat." Rie looks up at her father, who smiles at her. ,,Well, mom is helping Aye in his clothes, so... how's Seth doing this morning?"
Rie covers her head up with her arms. ,,Ask him."
,,I can't ask him." Her father says, sitting down next to her, helping himself to some of her pancakes. ,,I can't see him, like you can."
,,Try me!" Seth cries out with enthusiasm.
,,Seth says: Try me!" Rie mumbles and she peeks through her arms to her dad. ,,...I don't think you believe me... I think you think I'm making Seth up."
,,I don't think you're making him up." Her father promises.
,,When is the little van showing up?"
,,That one of the House For Crazy Girls? Did you call it already?"
Now Seth jumps right next to her ear and shouts: ,,You're not crazy, dammit!"
Rie sits right up and pushes her pink in her ear. ,,Ouch! You stupid @$$! Don't shout like that! I don't want to end up with eardamage!"
She gives Seth some Dark Looks and he sticks out his tongue.
Rie notices her dad looking a little surprised. ,,So... that was Seth."
,,Hell yeah." Rie growls. ,,But from your point of view I might as well look like a lunatic."
,,Well, I believe you on your word, because you are being so cranky about him." Her father promises her. ,,If he wouldn't be a nuisance, he would be made up... I guess."
,,Dad, you don't know shoot about psychology!" Rie sneers. ,,But I... what if I am crazy, huh? What if it turns out that asshole here isn't real at all and I'm just losing it?"
Now Seth looks really insulted. ,,Not real? I am real! I'm the real thing!" He is making energetic gestures with his hands to his chest.
,,Shut it, you aren't part of the visible conversation now!" Rie locks Seth out of the conversation and eyes her dad. ,,Well, dad? What you think?"
Her father leans back in his chair and thinks. ,,Well... then if you think this way, I think you should try to think of evidence that he isn't a mindthingy."
,,I am not a mindthingy, dammit!" Seth cries out! ,,I can touch you! I CAN TOUCH YOU! That's proof! I'm not totally made of air!"
,,Stop shouting!" Rie cries out. ,,You sound like somebody is killing you!"
,,You can touch me! TOUCH ME! THAT'S PROOF!" Seth now hops up and down, totally excited all of a sudden. ,,Touch me! Lean against my shoulder in a way no normal human could do without somebody to lean on!"
Rie stares at Seth, but then she thinks this isn't a really stupid thing to do.
,,Okay... dad... you want evidence?"
,,Yeah, bring it on." Her father sits up, looking amused.
,,Seth stand here." Rie demands. Seth hurries to the spot Rie is pointing, right in front of Rie's father. He is looking like a 5 year old kid who had just been handed out candy.
,,Dad, stick out your hand and move it here." Rie says.
Her father does as he is told and his hand moves right through Seth. Seth is shivering, apparently not liking the feeling of the hand moving through his body.
,,You're moving through Seth's body now." Rie explains. ,,You can't touch him. But I can." She stands up and stretches out her hands, wraps them around Seth's neck and let herself hang on his body, pulling her feet of the floor.
To her it is like she is just hanging on somebody's neck, but her father pushes his chair back so hard he thumbles over and with large eyes he stares at his daughter floating in mid air. ,,You.... You're.... How... ow dear god!"
,,I think we got our proof." Rie says.
,,You're heavy." Seth mumbles, trying to keep his neck straight.
,,Heavy?!" Rie lets herself go and slaps him in the face. ,,I'm not heavy!"
,,You don't have to slap me!" Seth cries out.
,,Shut up, you ... pile of cheese!" Rie now turns to her dad.
,,I think you really believe me now huh?"
And he dad nods, seeying a little white in the face. ,,Yeah... I absolutly believe you now, honey."

Seth just comes to school with Rie and she ignores everybody she sees, even the teachers. She doesn't dare to look anybody in the eye, but the whispers around her back are even worse. The news of her losing her mind is known by the whole school now. Everybody who didn't know about her, now do.
And it's starting to pull on Rie's nerves. She doesn't want to stand out in school.
But the school is starting to look like a boy giantic version of her little annoying brother. Lucky Seth is helping her as good as he can.
He is really shutting up when he has to, but sometimes he does talk and Rie shuts him up very easy, by using the signs the agreed on. Like coughing and poking.
But when a lot of girls are talking about her behind her back, with the intension being loud enough for Rie to hear, Seth begins to sing as loud as he can, to cover up the gossip. And Rie thinks it's very sweet, but Seth is a terrible singer.
But today, when Rie is walking through the hallways to her next class, she passes this group, also known (by Rie) as the Three Blond Boobs.
She hates them, because they are always flipping their dyed blond hair back, their full chest showing in their tight shirts, chewing pink bubblegum with their mouths half open for everybody to see, leaving guys drooling behind them.
They aren't as popular as Fanny and her Gang Of Popularity, but they do get a lot of attention from everybody in the school.
And usually the Three Blond Boobs don't pay attention to Rie; don't even know she excists. But apparently they have taked notice of her.
,,Hey, you're that crazy girl!" The first one says loudly.
What an entrance, Rie thinks, forcing herself to continue her walk.
,,Hey, I talked to you!" Blond Boob No. 1 repeats.
,,Hay is for horses." Seth mutters under his breathe and Rie grins.
,,Hey! Crazy chick!" The second one now shrieks. The Blond Boobs aren't used to being ignored by people.
The bubblegum in their mouths are making sobbing noises.
Rie just passed the Three Blond Boobs, staring straight in front of her, completely ignoring the Blondies, who can't totally not stand this. Especially when they are trying to pick on somebody in front of a public, for as they are quite a lot of students in the hall, making their way to class too.
It happens in a flash.
Rie's way is being blocked by a high heeled foot, belonging to Boob Numero Three.
Rie looks up at her and she wish she didn't have done so, because the Boobs now have what they want: her attention.
,,Hey! It's true huh?" Number Three says.
Rie frowns.
The second Boob pats her foot impatiently. ,,She means: that you're crazy, hey!"
,,Gowd, what's with the hey?" Seth growls, feeling slightly annoyed.
,,Hayfever." Rie mumbles to him as a reply.
She shouldn't have said this, because not only the Three Blondies are looking at her, but so is the whole hallway.
Too late now, she thinks, and she continues her stare at Cilicone #3, who is now staring back at her with her mouth open in surprised shock. The big piece of horrible pink colored bubblegum is a sore in the eye. Then she jams her jaws shut, opens them again to talk and the chewinggum makes an aweful sucking sound.
,,Ow... my... gowd." Blond Chick 3 says.
,,You're right... I'm grossed out." Rie agrees on her, judging her on the sucking bubblegum. She can't keep her eyes of it. Come on, the gum is brighter colored then the clothes the Boobs are wearing!
,,I am grossed out!" Booby 1 mingles in. ,,I mean,... hey! You are like talking to like... nothing! I mean, hey, what's that all about?"
,,Yeah! Like the hayfever thingy, you know! That was totally weird." Number 2 now says. All three of them keeps chewing on their bubblegum.
Seth is eyeing them and then he makes gagging gestures, like he's throwing up.
Forcing herself not to laugh, she continues to stare at the Three Blond Boobs and then mutters: ,,Yeah, totally weird... ehm... you know you can chew too much bubblegum? Causing your jaw to unlock?"
About every pair of eyes is staring at Rie now. They didn't expect this answer.
,,Wha-?" Number 2 says while breathing out in 'shock'.
Thinking it's not true what she says, Rie just continues her lies. ,,Well, if you chew on those giant pieces of gum every day you are bound to chew your jaw off. I don't think you three look so stunning when your jaw is hanging on your collarbone, right?"
Apparently this conversation is containing a too high IQ for the Blond Boobs to follow.
They smack with their bubblegums a couple of more times, look at eachother. The students around them are holding their breath, looking at them.
Then Number 1 says: ,,You're like so crazy! What do you think you are saying?"
Rie narrows her eyes. ,,What I'm saying? If you don't have anything usefull to say, then keep your blowjob-mouth shut! That pink bubblegum is making my eyes hurt!"
Judging by the stunned look on their eyes, they didn't had a clue what Rie tried to say, but they did catch the words: Blow-Job and Bubblegum.
But they don't know how to respond.
With this silence Rie has stalked away, Seth on her tail, laughing so hard he is running out of air, his cheeks red like apples.
,,Hey! You are a total freek!" Boobie Two now shrieks. ,,You are so crazy! You talk to people in your head! Everybody thinks you're crazy!"
The third joins her by crying out: ,,Crazy! Crazy!"
The first quickly follows: ,,Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!"
It echoes through the hallway and Rie turns around in her footsteps. This is really starting to look like a home situation. It's like Aye has transformed and duplicated into a few pubering schoolmates.
The rest of the students in the hallway either laugh or join the cry.
It echoes through the hallway and Rie is clenching her teeth, her hands into fists: her fingernails are pressing so hard in her hands, it starts to bleed.
She is staring at all those students who are all being against her and she wants to cry. She wants to buckle her knees, fall on the floor, surrender to being an everlasting loser and cry.
But Seth is standing next to her, his upperarm pressed against her. And he starts shouting back: ,,SHUT UP! SHUT UP!"
And Rie doesn't feel alone. It doesn't matter that they can't see him! He is really here!
Her dad knows! She isn't crazy! She isn't alone!
And she has nothing to lose!
With a few quick pases Rie walks towards the Three Blond Boobs and with one single gesture slaps the first one in her face.
The shouting stops abruptly, everybody holds their breath as one person.
,,You dog!" Rie bellows. ,,You stupid dog! You have inhaled too much nailpolish if you ask me! Why don't you all leave me alone huh?"
She focuses on everybody her now. ,,Just leave me alone! I never bothered you! You never bothered me! You are just too stupid to go with the flow! To judge me on the base of a rumor! You really are shallow! All of you are so immature! All you care about is popularity, on the heads of people who aren't as social as you are! Well, you can all drop dead where you standing for all I care!"
And she turns around on her heels and walks away, she doesn't run, she walks; leaving everybody to look at her, because nobody knows how to respond.


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_theater_freak_147 on August 21, 2006, 8:36:59 AM

_theater_freak_147 on
_theater_freak_147Yay! Go Rie!

mandy94t on October 22, 2005, 2:35:08 AM

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mandy94tin ur ugly face,*****!!!!!!GO RIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

c_p_p on September 30, 2005, 10:21:43 AM

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c_p_pIt rocks

CranberryZorroRaz on June 20, 2005, 9:13:54 AM

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CranberryZorroRazYEAH!! Go Rie!! ^^ Finally she's yelling at them for a change! ^^

InsaneStuffedPenguin on April 28, 2005, 11:00:03 AM

InsaneStuffedPenguin on
InsaneStuffedPenguinWOOT. This story is seriously rocking XD !
You're a great story-teller~!

MitsukaiOkeruOozora on April 25, 2005, 1:17:22 PM

MitsukaiOkeruOozora on
MitsukaiOkeruOozoraoh yeah. You show them Rie. I can just see them in my head. Those Valley girls. lol.

bek-ee on April 24, 2005, 11:54:09 AM

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bek-eewrite more! puuuuleeese?

Deathelf on April 22, 2005, 6:20:04 PM

Deathelf on
DeathelfThat was a good move!! Go Rie, this is really good story !!
*adds 2 faves* It must look cool if someone floats in teh air like Rie... wish i had a Seth.

S_dragon_master on April 22, 2005, 5:29:35 PM

S_dragon_master on
S_dragon_masteryay go rie dog slap those ummm doges yay great story kiki