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Chapter 9 - Swings Are For Babies

Rie's life isn't like she wants it to be. She doesn't feel loved or needed. Till somebody shows up who claims he needs her

Chapter 9 - Swings Are For Babies

Chapter 9 - Swings Are For Babies
Chapter 9

For some strange reason Rie doging of those who are directly bugging her has it's effect. The one the most surprised about it, is Rie herself, but she is happy the bigger part of the school chooses to ignore her like before. Plus, it's easier dealing with Seth now she knows she isn't losing it and her dad knows about him. He hasn't asked a lot about Seth yet, only if he ever ate or slept and that was about it. Ofcourse Seth must be a totally weird thing for him too, but at least he is treating her as a normal human.
The few that stil try to make a fool of Rie are those little annoying boys who think they are cool and though by picking on those who aren't socially high in the standards.
But every now and then Rie threatens then to kick them impotent and flashes her foot up, hitting one of them fully in the croch, making the rest run away in fright.
,,What if they all turned on you?" Seth asks, watching the boys run away, one of them crying in pain.
,,Matter of getting the leader." Rie breaths.
,,If they decided to revenge their leader?" Seth asks.
,,They won't, they are too selfish for that." Rie heaves her schoolbag on her shoulder and turns around, suddenly facing Marten a.k.a. Fanny's boyfriend. Before she is able to recover she bumps into him, but he pushes her on her feet gently, making a cute 'wow' sound.
Rie backs away and looks at him. ,,Pardon me."
,,I'm not blaming you." Marten says and he smiles, passing her. ,,See you around."
Rie looks over her shoulder at Marten. What was that about? Since when did anybody of the Fanny Fan Club act nice to her like that? Following the rules of the We Love Fanny Club he oughta yelled at her, called her a big beeatch and whiped his foot on her back!
,,Mathclass." Seth sings, dancing around in front of her, immediately stopping this because a student walks straight through him. He shivers. ,,Crap, I don't like that."
Rie ignores him and hurries of to Mathclass.

When Rie is walking out of the schoolbuilding after school she catches her dad waiting for her, Aye on his shoulders. ,,Goodafternoon Rie!" He says, a happy note in his voice.
,,Ellow." Rie mutters, hurrying towards him and pressing her body against her father's as a hug. She doesn't feel wrapping her arms around him in full enthusiasm.
,,I thought you would like icecream." Her father says, gesturing to walk along with him towards town.
Rie hestitates. ,,Ehm... I have homework."
,,Lie to somebody else, you are 3 weeks ahead in homework." Her father says, putting a hand on her shoulder, urgeing her along. ,,We're getting some icecream. You like chocolate flavour right?"
,,No lemon." Rie mumbles, liking the urgeing hand on her shoulder. She smiles faintly.
,,And how's Seth?" Her father asks.
,,I'm fine." Seth cries out happily. ,,Somebody walked through me today! Didn't like that very much!"
,,He's fine, somebody walked through him, he didn't like that." Rie repeats and her father nods. ,,Okay, that's great!"
,,No it's not, I don't like people walking through me!" Seth says.
,,Stop your whining." Rie snaps. ,,Come on!"
Her father frowns. ,,Makes me wonder... how old are you Seth?"
Seth stops dead in his tracks, thinking, then he hurries to catch up with Rie and her father who didn't wait for him. ,,Ehm... I don't know. Seventeen or something, I guess."
,,Do you age then?" Rie ask now.
,,What did he say?" her father asks, very interested in Seth.
,,He's 17." Rie quickly says, looking at Seth, who has his answer on her question ready.
,,Yes, I age." He nods very fast along with it. ,,I can recall being smaller and suddenly I just... grew...I guess I must have been 10 years old or something."
,,Are you walking around for 7 years already?"
,,I don't know. I guess. Maybe longer." Seth says, shrugging. ,,I have been everywhere, looking for somebody... I have been around spiritual people and they... sort of sensed me I think. But from the other hand, they were all complete frauds."
,,You have been everywhere?" Rie says, now very excited.
,,Yeah, I guess. Just went on a plane or a boat." Seth says. ,,Just went to look everywhere, didn't have anything else to do. I also went to school!" Now he looks at her with a very proud look on his face. ,,I felt I still had to do a lot of normal stuff for when I would turn visible again one day! I wouldn't be too far behind in school if I did!"
Rie stops walking and looks at Seth. ,,You ... you went to school?"
Somehow this touches her so badly. Eventhough nobody can see him, everybody ignores him, he still keeps his hopes up and goes to school.
,,I just went everywhere. Not filled with enthousiasm, though... Being ignored is the worst thing. The only thing that comforted me is that I still could be around people." Seth smiles faintly and then shrugs. ,,It doesn't matter. I'm with you now. I'm happy again."
Supressing the urge to hug Seth very tight Rie quickly starts walking again.
,,So what did he say?" Her father asks, who waited patiently.
Rie looks at her dad. It's still weird that nobody can see and hear Seth while she can.
,,He's ageing, so I think he's not dead or something. And he traveled a lot and went to school... to ehm..." She can't say it.
,,Interesting." Her father frowns, apparently thinking of something.
Aye, who was sitting on his shoulders in silence all this time, now says: ,,Who's Seth? Why is Rie talking to herself?"
,,To scare you." Rie snatches. ,,And Seth is a friend of dad and me!"
,,Friend?" Aye wraps his hands around his father's face, blinding him. ,,I wanna be his friend too!"
,,You do?!" Seth now cries out happy, his face cracking up in a grin. He is flapping his arms up and down in enthusiasm. ,,That's so cool! I'm having friends."
,,Seth,... do you have a last name?" Rie's father now asks, trying to adress Seth and not ask it too obviously through his daughter, still he casts glances to his daughter, because he himself hasn't got a clue where Seth might be standing.
,,A last name?" Seth repeats.
Rie nods. ,,Yeah, mine is Stalker, so what's yours?"
,,Rie Stalker... mmh." Seth thinks. ,,I thought... it's so hard to recall, because... I don't remember anything from the time I was visible. If that would be the case I would be hanging around my family... I think..."
,,What do you remember?" Rie asks. ,,There must be something you remember, or maybe there a things that remind you of your visible life, so you can remember."
Seth shrugs. ,,I don't know. I really don't know."
Rie looks at her dad. ,,He can't remember, dad. He only knows about being invisible."
,,But I must have been visible, because I remember the youngest age I have been in this state was 10 years old! So I must have been visible when I was younger!" Seth cries out, not wanting to let all hopes get lost.
,,If we want to help Seth, we have to find out who he is." Rie's father says to Rie. ,,And we can't do anything with the knowledge of his first name and the uncertainy of his age. He doesn't even know where he used to live, we're eve further away from home!"
Seth now looks really excited, though Rie would think he would be dissapointed. Her father just said there is so little chance they can find out who he really is, but still Seth is looking like a kid who just got a box of candy.
,,You want to find out who I am?" he cries out. ,,Oh jolly! I'm so happy!"
,,Seth, did you hear him?" Rie snaps. ,,You are one of the thousand people on the Missing People List. We can never find you if we don't even have a clue where you came from in the first place or what you're last name is!"
Seth calms down and swings his arms around Rie, urgeing her to a stop, almost cutting of her air. ,,Yeah, but you're trying to help me and that's already more then I could ever hope for."
He rubs his cheek past hers and whispers a thank you.
Rie feels her cheeks go red and eyes her father, who is looking a little taken aback by Rie's sudden stop and now red face. ,,Don't worry dad, Seth just hugged me in a Thank You."
,,Thank you?" Her father replies. ,,Thank you for what?"
,,That we're helping him... though it's very little help." Rie mumbles, freeying herself from Seth's arms and catching ahold of her father's arm. Her cheeks are still burning red.
,,I think you're a nutter." Aye giggles and he rocks back and forth on his father's shoulders.
With angry eyes Rie looks at her little possum of a brother. ,,What?"
,,Aye learned a new word at school." Her father explains. ,,The first thing he said to me when he saw me was: Nutter. I don't think he has a clue what it means."
Aye smiles with bared teeth and hugs his father's head. He can't make his arms meet while doing this, but he does block his father from view. ,,Hey watch it Aye!"
He grabs Aye in his collar and lifts him off his neck. ,,You better walk for yourself for a while now, huh? Exercise is good for you."
As soon as Aye's feet touch the floor he's racing away, to the playground a few feet further. He's going like the wind, apparently not tired of the schoolday. Rie watches him climb upon the slide and she wishes she dared to take a seat on the swings. She likes swings a lot, but she stopped playing on them when Aye was born.
,,You sit, I push you." Her father says, like he's reading her mind, and he nods his head to the swings. A smile on his face.
,,Dad, grow up please." Rie mutters, turning her face away. ,,Swings are for babies."
,,I don't think they are for babies." He says, walking towards the swings. ,,If we had a big tree in the yard I would hang a swing in it and swing on it every day."
,,But you are crazy and a grown-up." Rie says, following him akwardly, Seth on her tail.
,,Meaning?" Her father asks, sitting down on a swing, his eyes on Aye, who is going up and down the slide without taking a pause.
Rie stuffs her hands in her pockets and kicks against the swing next to her father's. ,,I'm a teenager, I have to keep an eye on my social status."
,,Yeah right. You don't give a damn about that." Her father laughs. ,,You're not a follower, Rie. You like doing things your own way, so sit down on that swing and enjoy yourself."
,,I pass." Rie turns her back on him and faces Seth, who is looking at her with a frown.
It's kinda enjoying how Seth dares just to look at people without a trace of embaresment. He just looks and stares at everything he wants to stare at, without blinking.
,,What do you want?" She snaps, not meaning to be so mean to him, but she can't stop herself.
Seth comes closer to her, he's so tall. He's a whole head taller then she is.
,,Why don't you sit down on that swing?" He asks.
Rie's mouth drops. ,,Mind your own bussiness, Seth!"
,,You're my bussiness!" Seth says, folding his arms over his chest, a grin on his face.
Rie pokes his finger in his chest. ,,And who are you to decide that?"
,,I'm Seth!" And he turns around to watch Aye, who is apparently really enjoying himself on that stupid kiddy-slide.

,,Rie, telephone!" Rie's mother calls from the top of the stairs. ,,Some guy from school!"
Rie frowns and looks at Seth. ,,Guy from school?"
Seth shrugs. ,,I don't know. How should I know if you don't even know?"
Rie pushes her chair back from her desk, where she was making his homework and hurries to the stairs, taking the phone from her mom, who has a Is-It-Your-Boyfriend?-expression on her face. Rie sends her a Are-You-Kidding-Me-expression back and dissapears in her room.
,,Rie Stalker." She mumbles with no enthusiasm at all, hopeing to keep the conversation as short as possible.
,,Hey, it's Marten."
Rie holds her breath. Marten? Why in the world is Marten calling her? She eyes Seth, who approaches her, his ear close to hers so he can listen along with her.
,,Ehm...I was wondering..." Marten asks with a little hestitation in his voice. ,,If you... ehm... help me with maths."
Rie frowns and Seth shrugs. Why is he wanting the help of the schoolfreak? This isn't making any sense! There are people in Fanny's Popular Group who can help him with maths.
Why doesn't he ask them to help him? Marten isn't even in her class!
,,Are... are you there?" Marten asks, sounding a little insecure and Rie can't help thinking it sounds so cute. She gasps at this thought and hangs up the phone.
She is not going to help him! There is something fishy about him wanting her help.
Seth now looks at her with the greatest frown ever. ,,You hang up on him."
But then the phone in her hand rings again. Like it's on fire, she throws it on her bed and muffles the sound with her pillow. She is not going to answer it again, he can choke in his stupid maths-homework. She ain't gonna help him!


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mandy94t on October 22, 2005, 2:46:15 AM

mandy94t on
mandy94toh,cute,Rie!!u have admirers!!!!
Rie:i do not!!shut up,*****!!

Xx_AviloriA_xX on September 5, 2005, 2:33:15 AM

Xx_AviloriA_xX on
Xx_AviloriA_xXRie is like me, always alone. I wish i had a friend like Seth!!

CranberryZorroRaz on June 20, 2005, 9:42:09 AM

CranberryZorroRaz on
CranberryZorroRazOo, so he's a taller guy, hm..? This story is so cool! ^^

bek-ee on May 6, 2005, 2:35:26 PM

bek-ee on
bek-eeooooo! what if its a set up?! this is getting more and more exiting! i can't wait to read more!

Deathelf on May 2, 2005, 1:40:22 AM

Deathelf on
DeathelfI always thought Seth was just as tall as Rie, it's kindof cool. It would be cooler if he could push Rie on the swing, very funny.

MitsukaiOkeruOozora on May 1, 2005, 6:43:08 AM

MitsukaiOkeruOozora on
MitsukaiOkeruOozorayay! First comment! If Marten likes her there will be some compition with Seth, eh? YAy, well good chapter as always. I like swings too lol ^^