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Chapter 10 - Stay Away For Today

Rie's life isn't like she wants it to be. She doesn't feel loved or needed. Till somebody shows up who claims he needs her

Chapter 10 - Stay Away For Today

Chapter 10 - Stay Away For Today
Chapter 10

Chapter 10 already, I'm going like a burning stuntman over here.
I'm happy you guys like this story of mine too! Luv luv luv!

,,Lunchbreak, I hate lunchbreaks." Rie mutters under her breath, slowly packing her bag.
Seth observering her every move with the greatest security.
,,You know what." He finally says, cuz he hasn't talked to her all morning, since there were so many people around. Rie looks up in an answer.
,,You would look great in a tight shirt or a short skirt." Seth breaths, like the idea is elavating his brain to it's maximum.
The next moment Rie has thrown her Biology-book right at his head. Ofcourse it doesn't hit Seth, but goes right through him. With a stunned look Seth stares at her.
Not daring to shout at him, since there are still people in class, she gives him deadly looks.
,,Ehm, Mrs. Stalker, your book, please don't throw it around." The teacher picks it up from the floor and hands it over to Rie. ,,You oughta be more careful with your schoolsupplies, Mrs. Stalker."
Rie puts up her innocent face. ,,I'm really sorry, thank you." With the book clenched in her hands she hurries out of the classroom, cursing Seth in her head. She wonders if he looks at her like that all day. Picturing her in more daring outfits or maybe naked, that stupid, perverted idiot. She hides under the staircase, like usual and crashes down on the floor.
Just as she is dumping her lunch into the bin, Seth arrives, looking really upset. ,,What's wrong with you?"
,,Me?! Wrong with me?" Rie cries out furiously. ,,You are the perverted one!"
,,What do you mean perverted?!" Seth cries back.
,,Picturing me in tight and short clothes! Thanks a lot, you crazy perverted asshole!" Rie breaths. ,,You are not allowed in my bedroom anymore! And you do not tell a girl how to dress!"
,,I was only saying you are pretty!" Seth says, grabbing her wrists and urgeing her back.
And for an invisible guy he sure is strong.
Rie isn't going to let him push her away like that and with red cheeks she unscrews her wrists from his hands. ,,Shut up! You are saying I should dress up and show of my body! Like all those other nitwits! While... while you said I was good the way I was, because I wasn't like all the others!"
,," Seth falls back and looks at her, not knowing how to react on this.
Rie, at the other hand, stand up and looks down at Seth, feeling really pissed of. And she hates to admit it, but she didn't like Seth telling her she should dress up to be pretty. Somehow that hit her very hard.
,,You know what, Seth, I may not be the prettiest of all. I don't put on the latest fashion, only wear dark clothes and my hair is straight and dull, but I'm the only access for you to the real world. I don't think you want to waste that, right?" She says, she wishes her voice wouldn't tremble so much. ,,So shut up about my looks. You won't get anything done with it! I'm not like the others, okay?"
Seth, still too stunned to say anything, looks up at her.
,,And if you don't mind, I don't want you around me anymore today. I will see you tomorrow." And with these words, before Seth has a chance to say anything at all, she runs away. Her cheeks wet and nothing she can do about it.

How can you feel so bad about such a stupid matter? Rie rocks herself back and forth on her chair in the library. She has been here all day, not went to class, because she felt so miserable.
And she questioned herself over and over again for the last 3 classes, why she feels so miserable about Seth telling her she could look much prettier if she changed her looks.
She never used to mind people telling her she looks dull, her outfit wasn't acceptable anymore these days, or that she had to get a haircut linea recta. She didn't care, she burried her nose in her book and shut herself of from the world.
But why does this bother her so much now? It's stupid, it doesn't make any sense.
At least Seth has respected her wish to be alone for today. She couldn't face him at the moment, even if she wanted to.
,,Why did you hang up on me?"
Rie freezes.
Marten?! What is Marten doing here? Talking to her?!
She slowly turns around, Marten is standing there completely solo.
,,You hang up on me yesterday." Marten says, he doesn't look annoyed.
Rie turns her back on him, focusing on her books, which lay open on the same page for the last few hours, without Rie reading them.
,,Now you do it again. You ignore me!" Marten takes a seat next to her, one hand supporting his head. Rie doesn't want to look up, so she keeps her eyes focused on her english book.
She hopes for Marten to leave, because she doesn't feel comfortable at all.
But Marten lifts up his hand and touches her hair, puts it behind her ear. ,,Such a shame you hide your face behind your hair like that."
,,Keep those words to yourself, please." Rie mumbles, finally facing him, her cheeks getting red for the second time that day. One more time and it's a record.
,,Ah! You can talk." Marten smiles in a way like only a pretty boy can.
,,I'm not going to help you in maths or anything." Rie quickly spits out. ,,I prefer not to talk to you at all, so leave me alone, thank you." And she shakes the hair back in her face.
He's right, she hides her face. This way she doesn't have to go through much trouble not to look at people.
,,Why not?" Marten asks.
Rie keeps her mouth shut. Ignore him girl, ignore him.
,,Did you put on the mute? Come on, why won't you help me?" Marten puts her hair back her ear again and lifts up her chin, forcing her to look at him.
She doesn't try anything to stop him and she hates herself for it.
,,I don't like you." She says. ,,You are popular, I'm the freak. Let me go, please."
,,Why don't you like me?" Marten asks, not letting go of her face.
Rie clenches her teeth. Damn Marten. She narrows her eyes. ,,Why are you so desperate in making contact with me, huh? Did you get knocked over the head by a windmill or something? Got a couple of screws lose up there? Whatever it is, stop bothering me. I have more important stuff to deal with without you around! Please remove youself!"
With her hair back in front of her eyes, she grabs her books and replaces herself a few seats away from Marten. But he follows her stubborn.
,,I'm not crazy? I think I like you?" Marten whispers.
A chill runs over Rie's spine, she forces her cheeks not to go red. Why is she feeling so uncomfortable? Why is he making her feel so unfocused? She has the feeling she wants to run away far away from him.
Deciding to follow the urge, she scoops up her books again, turns on her heels and hurriesherself out of the library, bumping into Fanny in the hallway.
,,Was Marten talking to you?" Fanny says, watching Rie picking up the books she dropped.
Fanny sounds amused, like she expected Marten to talk to her. And it hits Rie. Marten talks to her, wants her attention, because he and Fanny set something up to embarres her.
Ofcourse they did. Now she is known as the freak, it's become legal to make fun of her like that.
Gaining her trust and then lure her into a trap, so she would be a public joke. Nothing is more fun then to play a prank on the schoolloser.
Rie looks up at Fanny from below and she wishes she could inflict some serious pain on her.
Fanny and her gang of loyal friends decide to ignore Rie and pass her, walking over her books while trespassing.
Clenching her fists, Rie ignores them in return, whipes her books clean with her hands, picks them all up, stuff them under her arms and hurries away through the corridor. Her goal: right outside, going straight home.

Rie is laying in her bed, gazing at the ceiling. It's so quiet. She can hear everything.
Passing cars out on the streets. A dog barking a few blocks away. The baby from next door crying. The movements upstairs. The sounds of footsteps on the staircase to her basement.
The door of her bedroom opening. And finally the soft voice of her father: ,,Are you asleep yet?"
Rie takes a silent breath. ,,No."
,,It's 9... I figured you would be awake. It's too early." Her father says, sitting next to her on her bed. Rie turns around to him, wrapping her arms around his waist.
,,I was surprised you said you went to bed at 7.30, Rie." Stroking her head softly with his hands, pulling his legs up on the bed too, laying down next to her, enclosing her into a hug.
Rie hugs him back, so happy she has him as her father. So happy he is willing to be with her.
It takes her a while to find the explanation of her early bedtime.
,,I... I didn't know what else to do..." she finally mumbles. ,,I already picked on Aye during dinner... so that job was done..."
,,Isn't Seth here then?" Her father asks. ,,Normally he is around, you talk to him until you fall asleep."
,,He talks too much." And Rie burries her face into her father's chest. ,,Doesn't know when to shut up or when to talk."
,,Nobody is perfect." Her father says wisely. ,,I mean, when I am excited about a subject, I tend to talk about it non stop, driving a lot of people crazy."
,,Yeah, but you can't help it. You aren't mentally normal." Rie says, hugging her father tightly. ,,But that's okay. I still like you, okay?"
,,Well, as long as you do, I'm not complaining." He kisses her hair, pushes her back in her pillow and covers her up. ,,Now you go to sleep and not worry about Seth talking too much, okay? Just go to sleep."
,,Yeah, I'll try." Rie mumbles, feeling extremely exhausted for some reason now. She yawns, pulls up her legs and claws her hands into her blanket, pulling them close to her.
Wishing her dad a goodnight, she closes her eyes and falls asleep almost immediately. It's weird, it's like she has been waiting for something like her father to bid her goodnight, before she could actually fall asleep.

A soft stirring feeling wakes Rie up from her sleep. Disturbed in her rest, she lifts up her head and tries to focus her eyes on the world around her. A big shadow is sitting in front of her, outlined by the moonlight outside. A hand moves towards her, touching her cheek.
,,Rie. It's tomorrow... so I can come back right?" An insecure voice says, trembling slighty.
Blinking, trying to gain back her concience, she turns her head around, inspecting her room, being disorientated.
Her eyes end on her alarmclock, showing a big 0:06 AM in flashing red light. Scratching her eyes, she turns now to look at Seth. Being used to the light now, she can see Seth's eyes glimmering with tears.
Still being really sleeping, not being able to process the information, she drops herself back into her bed, covering herself up with her blankets.
Why is Seth waking her up in the middle of the night? She thinks, almost drifting of in a sleep again. Stupid idiot waking her up! Maybe he doesn't need to sleep, but she does! Why didn't he say what he had to say before she went to bed, or saved it for tomorrow?
Rie stops breathing. She throws the blankets back and target her eyes back on her alarmclock.
It's tomorrow. She told him to come back tomorrow.
She looks up at Seth. ,,You're..."
Seth bows his head. ,,I have been outside all day, wondering around in the mall... checking out boxes with screws...watching people eat icecream..." he reports with a monotone voice.
Rubbing her eyes, Rie casts another look on her alarm again. ,,You're..."
,,You told me to stay away from you... come back tomorrow. So I did. I did what you asked, because I thought I had hurt you really bad..." Seth mumbles, not looking at her, but staring at his hands. ,,And whole day long I was afraid... that you would still be mad... and that you didn't want to see me again..."
Her alarmclock now saying: 0:11 AM, she once again says: ,,You're..."
Seth looks up at her finally, his eyes still shimmering. ,,I'm what?" His voice is so breakable, it makes her feel so weak. To avoid his eyes, Rie falls back in her bed.
,,You're late, asshole."
She can hear him breathe in and out. ,,I'm ...late?"
,,Six minutes late." Rie mumbles. ,,Now shut up and let me sleep. You're so cruel waking me up in the middle of my sleep." She turns her back on him and huggles her pillow. A happy feeling crawls up in her chest. He's back! He has come back!
He bends over her, his breath tickles her face, and his voice whispers in her ear: ,,You're not mad at me?"
Uncomfortably Rie moves away from him, to the other side of her bed. ,,Leave me alone, I wanna sleep."
But Seth follows her, crawling upon her bed, his mouth once again close to her ear, almost touching it. ,,Rie, can I still stay with you?"
His voice sends shivers up her spine, making her legs feel like jelly. She is so happy she isnt standing up, but is laying safely in her bed. She snorts, pulls up her blankets.
Ofcourse he can stay with her. He has to! She likes him around.
But she doesn't speak out the words.
Pretending to be asleep, Rie relaxes her face. She lays there for several minutes, Seth sitting close behind her, when a warm sleep creeps in her eyes, pushing her back in the soft and relaxing feeling you always have before sleep comes.
She is only slighty aware of Seth's lips kissing the shell of her ear, whispering one more thing before she drifts of.
,,I think I'm in love with you..."


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_theater_freak_147 on August 21, 2006, 9:41:34 AM

_theater_freak_147 on
_theater_freak_147YAY!!!!!!!! That is awesome!!!

KitsuneFlamez on July 31, 2006, 10:41:24 AM

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KitsuneFlamez0_0!!!!!!YAYZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FEEL SO FREAKIN HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! RIGHT ON SETH!!!!!!!! U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!>_< THIS JUST KEEPS GETTIN BETTER N BETTER!!!!

mandy94t on October 22, 2005, 3:02:33 AM

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Seth loves her!!*huggles Seth*I'm so proud of you!!

WishGranter on September 24, 2005, 10:31:53 AM

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WishGranterAw man... I just broke out into tears at the last sentance!! I hope this book NEVER ends!!

Koikaji_Saru_the_Wierd_O on June 29, 2005, 7:44:20 AM

Koikaji_Saru_the_Wierd_O on
Koikaji_Saru_the_Wierd_OOMG YESSSHHHH. *gives you a sock and runs away squeeling*
this is amazing.

CranberryZorroRaz on June 20, 2005, 9:47:51 AM

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CranberryZorroRazAWWW!!!!! -dances like a mad cow- HE LOVES HERRR!!! >w

zefi on June 8, 2005, 10:24:18 PM

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zefiOMG!!! this is so awsome!!! WRITE MORE!!! *read it all*

Spugg on June 7, 2005, 5:32:44 PM

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SpuggI luff the Seth! Hes so tooty, You ahve given me inspiration to write a story!

Como on May 27, 2005, 12:04:07 AM

Como on
ComoOMG! I read this whole story! Your such a good writer. I dont cry often and this story made tears fall. It was so amazing. Keep it up! I yearn to read more!

MitsukaiOkeruOozora on May 17, 2005, 10:13:44 AM

MitsukaiOkeruOozora on
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