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Chapter 12 - Icecream Fight

Rie's life isn't like she wants it to be. She doesn't feel loved or needed. Till somebody shows up who claims he needs her

Chapter 12 - Icecream Fight

Chapter 12 - Icecream Fight
Chapter 12

Seth is suffering from a really bad mood, judging from the fact he hasn't come back yet. With tonight being the night of the schoolparty, Rie is actually happy he isn't around. She is nervous as it is and with Seth yabbering about how stupid she is to fall for Marten like that, she would definatly whack him or yell at him and then the real proof of her crazyness will be there. She will be the laughingstock at the party, at the school for the rest of her life.
Not eating dinner, Rie is tapping on the table with her nails. Her head resting on the other hand, staring out of the window. But the truth is also there, that without Seth the day is a lot more boring. She thought she would be able to do her homework now, but she can't. She threw it aside, it's still piled up in a corner of her room.
And demontaging the old toaster her mom gave her yesterday isn't something she can enjoy now without Seth staring along with her over her shoulder. Stupid idiot, she thinks. It would be more usefull if he was a dog or something, at least they are loyal and don't ask so much.
,,Aren't you hungry?" Her father wakes her up from her thoughts.
Sighing in a response, Rie continues to stare out of the window.
,,I think she is nervous for tonight." Her mother says. ,,She has got a real date! That's so exciting!" And she feeds Aye some slices of cucumber, who is chewing them so rappidly, half of it falls back on his plate.
,,You did have to go tell her, didn't you?" Rie adresses her father. She would have rather kept her date from her mom. Now her mom thinks she is finally becoming a real teenage girl who giggles a lot, wears pink and dates every hotshot that catches her eye.
Her father grins back. ,,Sorry, sweetcheeks."
Rie pushes her chair back and leaves the kitchen without saying another word and she goes to the livingroom. A place she barely ever enters and she sits down on the couch. Surprised of herself for turning on the tv and actually watching it, she puts the tv on a musicchannel.
She can't remember watching tv here for the last time. At some point she started avoiding the livingroom, was only to be found in her room, the kitchen or the bathroom.
Trying to call back how long it must have been, she realizes she stopped watching tv and avoiding this room around the time Aye was born.
She sighs. Since Aye was born everything changed rappidly. Her mother had tried to give Rie a little brother or sister so many times and when she reached the age of 10, she finally got pregnant and Aye was born 9 months after. Everything went as it was supposed to go, accept for the fact Aye was born a few weeks to early. So they had to watch him closely and if something was wrong, they would drop everything and speed to the doctor, no matter where they were.
One of those times was during Rie's 11th birthday. They just gave her the presents, she still had to unwrap him when suddenly Aye was having trouble breathing. Both of her parens took immediate action, took Aye along with them to the hospital, leaving Rie alone in her room.
After sitting there for an hour, she slowly unwrapped her gifts.
Aye was always the middle of the attention. Rie always backed away, not wanting to be in the way. And deep in her heart she wished he was never born. She was jealous from the moment he was her in her mother's belly. Because already on that point Aye was favorite.
She never touched Aye, never went to look at him. She hide in her room and her parents let her be. Wanting to show she was worth the attention too, she started to act more like an adult. She started cooking, doing the laundry, try to demontage electric machines and studying non stop. Studying was never a problem, she always got good grades.
Her parents never suffered problems from her, so everything was going as it should go. Easy and quiet, Rie taking care of her self, abondinging herself from everything Aye was now doing. That included going on the swing, eating a lot of candy and watching tv.
Proving she was too old to do that stuff.
And she abonded her parents from her life. She always had been a loner in school, with almost no friends. And she didn't care. She was too cought up in being an adult.
But the jealousy always grew. She wanted attention from her parents. She did her best to make them look at her and on what she achieved. But Aye always got on first place.
Always. Hate against her brother grew with every day.
It didn't matter what she could manage. What Aye did was more important.
And she grew cold, found out she was more at ease when she was alone.
Rie sighs once again. Aye messed everything up. If he never was born her life would be a lot better. She would have friends and a great bond with both of her parents.
,,Rie, I got icecream for you!" Aye's voice shrieks as she hears his little feet dripple to the hallway, yelling downstairs to the basement. ,,Rie! I got icecream! Icecream! I put it in the cup for you! Look!"
,,I'm here, you nitwit!" Rie spits out.
She hears Aye stand still for a while. ,,Where?"
And his little feet drag him to the livingroom, a smile on his face, covered up in his own icecream. ,,I got you icecream! Look!" He hurries towards his big sister and pushes the sticky cup of melting icecream in her hands. ,,Ow! Ow! You need a spoon!"
He hurries of again. Rie listens closely how he demands a spoon from his father, who laughs and gives him one and then Aye comes back.
,,Spoon! Here, now eat it! It's yummy!"
Rie takes the spoon and stares into those big chocolatebrown eyes of her little brother.
What shall she do? Eat it? Or just throw it back to his head?
Before she can decide, Aye has crawl on the couch with her, snuggling against her like she is a big teddybear. ,,You never sit here!" And he hugs her.
,,Eew! Aye! Your hands are too sticky! Gross!" She shrieks and she punches her fist on his head. Aye giggles and scoops some icecream out of the cup with his hands. ,,Here, before it melts!"
Surprised over the fact she actually opens her mouth and let Aye stuff the cold icecream in her mouth, she watches Aye dig his little hands in the cup again. With the most serious look on his face, he stuffs it in her mouth and she feels his little nails tick against her teeth.
A little part of her is grossed out over the fact she is being feed and half of the icecream is on her face and clothes instead of her mouth. But she let's Aye feed her.
,,Here, have some too, shrimp." And she too scoops icecream out of the cup and pushes it in Aye's mouth, who grabs her hands with his own sticky ones and pushes the icecream in his face. His whole face is covered in the white stuff.
,,Eeeew, gross!" Rie can't help to let out a laughter. ,,You got icecream all over you!"
,,Haha! I'm an icecream!" Aye cheers and he grabs more icecream and before Rie can stop him, she too has a mask of icecream.
Going into an icecreamfight, while rolling of the cough and making everything sticky, Rie doesn't notice her mom and dad watching them from the livingroomdoor. When mother finally lifts Aye up from the floor, she freezes in her actions.
With large eyes she stares up at her mother, expecting a speech about cleaning and being irresponsible. But her mother is smiling. ,,I think that was enough icecream fun for today huh?" she says and she hugs Aye, smeering all the icecream on herself too.
Rie sits still on the floor like an deer staring into the carlights.
,,You guys had fun didn't you?" Her father says, his face in such a big smile.
No response from Rie, she just stares back at him. She doesn't know what to do. She wants a moment to run. For some reason she feels ashamed and she feels like she has done something terribly wrong.
Her mother lifts Aye up the sky. ,,You made such a mess! Well, let's get you cleaned up first, Aye! Don't worry about the rest! As long you don't make is a daily routine."
Aye lets out little cries of joy, while his mother brings him upstairs to the bathroom to give him a nice warm bath.
Pulling her eyes away from her dad, Rie starts picking up the cup and whiping the floor with her sleeve, which is already so filthy of the icecream, this little bit won't matter much.
,,You heard your mom, it's no big deal." Her father says, bending down through his knees. ,,A little mess isn't bad when you are having fun, Rie."
Rie doesn't reply. She feels like such a baby. She feels like her mom just didn't get upset because it was Aye who started the icecreamfight. If it was Rie who had started, she would have been angry.
,,Rie, let me clean this up. It's okay, Rie, why are you being so down?" Her father whispers.
Turning her face away from him, she lifts her shoulders up. ,,Leave me alone."
,,No, I won't. Come on, Rie, let me handle the cleaning! I thought it was great you had so much fun with Aye." He says and he grabs her wrist.
Trying to pull herself free, she shakes her head. ,,No! Let me go! I didn't have fun! I was acting like a little kid and let me clean up!"
,,Why are you being so strict on yourself! You didn't act like a little kid! You acted like a big sister!" And he forces her into his arms, but she lets herself hang down, facing the floor.
,,I only didn't get punished because Aye started this!" Rie cries out, holding her tears down with all her might.
He pulls her close to his body, making his clothes dirty with icecream. ,,No, that's not true!" he promises her. ,,You're wrong, Rie. Now calm down." He kisses her cheek.
Rie whipes her face with her hand, not looking at her father.
After sitting with her father on the floor for a while, she suddenly hears him asks: ,,It's bothering you that Seth has been gone, huh?"
She straightnes her back and directly looks her father in the eye. ,,Why would I be bothered by that?"
,,Ah, you have your fire back." And he smiles. ,,I think you have a little weak spot for that guy."
,,I don't!" Rie bites. ,,I'm glad he is gone! I finally have some peace on my mind!"
And she struggles herself free from her father's arms. ,,Now let's clean this up! You get a bucket with water, I will get us some towels."
Laughing about his daughter's red cheeks, he quickly lifts himself up his feet and does what his daughter has ordered him to do.


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mandy94t on October 22, 2005, 3:37:24 AM

mandy94t on

CranberryZorroRaz on June 20, 2005, 10:03:18 AM

CranberryZorroRaz on
CranberryZorroRazYes, i really like this story! ^^ Seth is so loveable, and Rie's just like any other teenage girl.. I can really relate to her.

MitsukaiOkeruOozora on June 12, 2005, 1:35:55 PM

MitsukaiOkeruOozora on
MitsukaiOkeruOozoraYAY! It's happy, but that's horrible what happened to her... and Seth is gone *tear* Great chapter as always, can't wait for more.

Como on June 11, 2005, 3:23:52 PM

Como on

When i saw the chapter up i freaked. But my mom was about to take me somewhere so i spent about 45 mins looking for it on a google search using her cell phone. But i FOUND IT! So sorry i couldnt comment earlier, and i await some more SOON! I still check everyday. THank you for writing it!

bek-ee on June 11, 2005, 1:48:17 PM

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bek-eeme luffs all off them =3 love this story, it should be published!!!

zefi on June 11, 2005, 9:33:56 AM

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zefi*melts* i cant wait for the date!!! *dies*

Spugg on June 10, 2005, 2:08:42 PM

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SpuggI lurves this story. Aye soudns so cute, great big choclate eyes. Seth! Come back! I luffs j00

Sondoloco on June 10, 2005, 6:33:20 AM

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SondolocoI love this story not only for its creativity but the wonderful realistic characters in it. Its based on true feelings and I love it for that!

Pienemien on June 9, 2005, 9:20:31 PM

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Pienemiensorry for the delay!
Heh, Im so happy and suprised you like this story so much