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Ray's history - INFO

Okay, wanted to write yaoi. Finally was there, explaining all about Ray. So if you wanna read, go ahead: NO SPOILERS ^-^



Chapter 1 - History of my Ray
Submitted: August 13, 2004 • Updated: August 13, 2004
Word count: 1739 • Size: 8k • Comments: 20 • views: 588


Comments (20)

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ren_fan on February 5, 2005, 3:02:48 PM

ren_fan on (Chapter: 1)
ren_fanY'know... I really enjoyed reading this. I loved all the psychological stuff about creating one's own world, etc. because that's what I do. Personally, I'm trying to find something that made me so strange *shrugs* I'm still on my quest though. ^^' Keep up the good art! I can't wait to see the whole Ray comic when it's done and I hope you publish it.

Peril879 on September 29, 2004, 3:07:57 AM

Peril879 on (Chapter: 1)
Peril879Hmm... the worst scars are from being ignored or abused? I must be a real screw-up then... either way this was cool! You did sort of sound like a psyciatrist, trust me I know how one sounds. Matt!*hugs Matt*Ryan! Ray! Mike1*hugs them*Luvvies.*faves*

kiaragurl03 on August 23, 2004, 10:06:30 AM

kiaragurl03 on (Chapter: 1)
kiaragurl03I feel like Ray alot and I guess since were the same age....I can relate alot except for the whole alien thing I was curious about this line though ......(And wouldn’t it be worse for a kid to witness this all without being able to do anything about it, to help out? And when this kid has a certain ‘disorder’ it can only get complicated for a child to accept it and go on with his life.
Hiding in your own fantasy, in your own thought, your own interests, because here you feel safe. This is what you know, you know what to expect from it all.
Other find it weird, but you don’t see it, you go on, you feel good.)Were you trying to say that when people are upset or scared or scared they hide in thiere fantansies??Cause if so I think I'm scaref hiding in my own fantansis.....,but I was just curious.....Anyway like I said I hope you contnuie to draw these comics because I fell like I'm safe when i reading Ray...Okay now I'm actiging stupid...All I'm trying ot say is I guess I look up to you and even though that might sound corny...I really do!! Anyway I'm sry I didn't look in your profile to see That you don't request and all this time I have been asking...god I feel dumb....Anyway contunie drawing you got a brillant mind and quiet the talent...Just wanted to tell you that your comic rocks....and that you do too...Have fun drawing them Cause I enjoy reading them.....Oh do I sound corny?Anyway byies and get back to me on what you meant in that scentence...As a 13 year old I'm dumb ^ ^

Chanika on August 20, 2004, 3:46:50 AM

Chanika on (Chapter: 1)
Chanikastupid pop up blocker..anyways..i must say i've been following ur comic and it's so awesome! i was waiting for somebody to do a comic in english with yaoi..(i don't really read japanese) anyways..i can tell your a very smart and talented person.(and u can spell a hell of alot better then me lol ^^) anyways keep up the good work

p.s i love ryan! lol ^^


BloodRoses1619 on August 14, 2004, 7:33:10 AM

BloodRoses1619 on (Chapter: 1)
BloodRoses1619that clears up alot ^^ im glad u wrote that, and its so interesting how one comes up with an idea without even noticing. and i like all the background stuff u put in, its very helpful ^^ awesome work on the whole ray thing, its ROCKS!!!

Niyuko on August 13, 2004, 10:20:10 PM

Niyuko on (Chapter: 1)
NiyukoCoolies! dit is best sugoi gedaan...!! wahaha normaal lees ik nooit zo veel maar was ff bored en ik had dit nog niej gezien! maar tis Vet geschreven girl!! Go U Go u! oja Earthian uhm..00:00:35!!! ja ja :P--> i wanna sex u up i know the way u like it!! wahah kan maar geen genoeg krijgen van die clip! wahaha Dinsdag Yippi!!! nog 3 nachtjes slapen en dan kom je Yay!! lol hele verhaal geschreven nu!..okay ik stop..anders komt er maar geen eind aan..!! Xusies!!

cptShort on August 13, 2004, 12:42:51 PM

cptShort on (Chapter: 1)
cptShortThat explained alot!! Thank you! This has been very helpfull and entertaining. ^-^

KichigaiNeko-Chan on August 13, 2004, 11:14:15 AM

KichigaiNeko-Chan on (Chapter: 1)
KichigaiNeko-ChanI'm Learning! ^^

Wait o_O; Im...learning?! Im not suppose'd to do that!!! It's Summer! I DON'T LEARN DURING SUMMERS!!!! *falls outta chair* x_x;;

Dark_Fire15 on August 13, 2004, 8:18:04 AM

Dark_Fire15 on (Chapter: 1)
Dark_Fire15OOPS! keep**YAY RAY you are a great artist and author *WEEE i'm also second comment i think*

Dark_Fire15 on August 13, 2004, 8:15:17 AM

Dark_Fire15 on (Chapter: 1)
Dark_Fire15*YAY FIRST COMMENT!!!w00t***It's great to know what's behind the scenes This is acculally a great story (+to favs) kee up the great work kiki!! you the best!