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Chapter 1 - The Meeting

What happens when 4 girls open a portal that leads to Halloween Town? Read to find out. I only own real world characters. The rest belongs to Tim Burton and Touchstone. R&R

Chapter 1 - The Meeting

Chapter 1 - The Meeting
Some say its bad luck to mention the catoic christmas of 1993 but its a daily topic for me and my friends. Why you ask? Because it brought us together thats why! Now let me tell you all about that night.

There once were 4 girls. 1 has long brown hair, fair skin, and lived in a big house, another has short black hair, brown skin, and lived in an appartment, another had long blond hair that was always in a ponytail, fair skin, and lived in a small house, and the last friend had long blond hair, fair skin, and lived in a normal sized house. On Christmas eve in the year 1993 the girl w/ the long brown hair got a jack in the box that had a head of a crazy kitty when it tried to attack her she hugged it. That same night the girl w/the short black hair got a spider that shot black webs and she loved it. The girl w/the long blond ponytail got a babydoll that had fangs and a black baby gown, it tried to suck her blood but she didn't care. Then the girl w/ long blond hair got a nutcracker that tried to crack her hand and she thought it was funny.

Then as if fate had it planed they all turned on the news at the same time and saw the same broadcast about the fake santa. Then they all went on a walk and each taking 4 different paths that led to the same cemetary that the fake santa landed in. Each girl ran in and hid behind different gravestones. Then the fake santa started to sing about his woe. After his sad song the fake santa left. Each girl then came out of their hiding places and they saw each other. They all screamed at each other. "Who are you all?" asked the browned haired girl. "IIII'M Melissa." stammered the girl with the long blond ponytail. "I am Deseree." said the girl with the short black hair. "I'm Kelsey." said the girl with long blond hair. "And I'm Gracie." said the girl with long brown hair. For the next few hours the girls got to know each other then they realized that they had to be home soon. "Hey before we leave lets make friendship bracelets so that we would remember each other." said Gracie. "Lets use those scraps of cloth that fake santa left behind." said Melissa. "Ok." they all said in unison. Gracie then went over to the big gravestone that the fake santa was at and gathered a lot of cloth for bracelets. She then tied the cloth on each of the girls' hands. "There now everytime we look at these bracelets we will remember each other." said Gracie after she tied the cloth to her hand.

We were 4 years old at the time now its the year 1998 and we are now 9 years old and we havent seen each other ever since that day in 1993.


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Vikstar on March 12, 2006, 3:59:44 AM

Vikstar on
VikstarThis is the coolest story I have ever read on this site! :D well done hehe