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Chapter 2 - The Reunion

What happens when 4 girls open a portal that leads to Halloween Town? Read to find out. I only own real world characters. The rest belongs to Tim Burton and Touchstone. R&R

Chapter 2 - The Reunion

Chapter 2 - The Reunion
Well it has been 5 years since the meeting of our heros and they haven't seen each other for 5 years. But fate may work its magic again and bring our heros back together.

"Boy I hope this new school will get me more friends than enimes." Gracie said as she fixed her long brown hair. She just moved into a LARGE house the other day and was nervious about her new school. Then her bus came and picked her up. On the bus a slightly plump girl with short blond hair, fair skin, and a homley face bullied her. "Not a good start to Halloween." she thought.

At recess that same girl took her lunch money and knocked her off the swing. While this was happening a girl with a long blond ponytail and fair skin, a girl with short black hair and brown skin, and a girl with long blond hair and fair skin were watching Gracie being bullied. "Hey we should help her out." said the girl with the ponytail. "Yea she looks like she needs some friends now." said the girl with the short black hair. "Well what are we waitin for lets help her out." said the blond-haired girl. Then each girl ran over to the bully and told her to stop hurting Gracie or they will tell the mean Mrs. Jaffy. Then the bully left. "Need some help?" said the girl with the ponytail extending her left hand. "Yes, thank you so much." Gracie said as she extended her right hand. The girl with the ponytail helped her up and saw a red cloth bracelet on her right hand that matched hers and her friends. "Hey where did you get that red bracelet?" she asked Gracie. "Uh 5 years ago on christmas." Gracie replied. "Thats when we got ours." the 3 people said in unison as they showed the hands that had the bracelets on. "NO WAY!!!" said Gracie. "IT CAN'T BE! THE ODDS ARE 1000000 TO 1!!" she said. "I'm Melissa." said the girl with the ponytail. "I'm Deseree." said the girl with short black hair. "I'm Kelsey." said the girl with blond hair. "And I'm Gracie." Gracie said to her new friends. "Hey wanna sit with us today?" asked Melissa. "Sure why not. But could someone buy lunch for me that girl took my money." Gracie said. "Oh you mean Heather McClure. She's mean to everyone except Hannah Spears." said Deseree. "Yea she hangs out with Hannah because Hannah thinks she is a witch. But don't worry if you stay away from her you will be fine. And we will buy you lunch." said Kelsey. "Thanks." said Gracie

Even though the girls haven't seen Gracie for 5 years they talked like they just saw each other yesterday. "So Gracie where have you been for the past 5 years?" asked Melissa. "Moving around because of my dad's stupid job." she replied. "Hey so what are you guys doing this Halloween Night?" she asked. "Nothing." Gracie's friends said in unison. "Great do you all wanna spend the night at my house?" Gracie asked. "Sure lets ask our parents." Melissa said.

After lunch the girls went to the office to use the phone to call their parents. All of them said yes to the idea. And after school they got on Gracie's bus and were taken to her house. "Woa! You actually live here?" asked Deseree as they neared the brick 2 story house. "Dang I only live in an appartment." said Deseree. "Small house." said Melissa. "Normal house." said Kelsey.

Inside the house Gracie's mom set out pumpkin cookies. "Oh yea wanna a tour of the house?" asked Gracie. "Why wouldn't we?" said Melissa. "Ok lets go!" said Gracie leading the girls up the stairs. "Oops frogot these great cookies." said Deseree walking back to the kitchen to take the cookies.

After the tour the girls were watching TV in Gracie's room. "So do you guys like the house or what?" asked Gracie as she walked in the room with sleeping bags in her hands. "You bet." said Melissa taking the bags and unrolling them. "And this TV rocks! Do you get cable?" asked Kelsey. "Yes." said Gracie. "So Gracie what are you going as for Halloween?" asked Deseree still eating Gracie's mom's cookies. "A Voodoodoll." said Gracie. "I'm going as a witch." said Kelsey. "Devil." said Melissa. "Grim Reaper." said Deseree. Then it was 7:00 and the girls decided to get their costumes on. "Oh you all look so cute." said Gracie's mom. "Thanks Mrs. Gracie's Mom." said Gracie's friends in unison. Then the girls went Trick-or-Treating.

"So how much candy did you get?" asked Gracie when they were home. "Enough to end world hunger." said Melissa. Then the girls started to laugh. "Lets vow to always be friends." said Gracie putting her hand with the bracelet out in the center. Then each girl put their braclet hands on top of Gracie's and vowed to always be friends. "Wouldn't it be great if we could see that fake santa again?" asked Gracie. "Yea." they all said in unison. Then all of a sudden a big swirly warp hole appeared where the window was. "What is that?" asked Melissa. "Should we enter it?" asked Deseree. "Gracie what do you think?" asked Kelsey. "Shh I think my parents are asleep lets enter it." said Gracie.

Then they entered it and on the other side were trees with paintings of pumpkins, christmas trees, shamrocks, turkeys, hearts, and fireworks. "Where are we?" asked Gracie.

Then hands shot out of the pumpkin tree. The hands grabbed the girls and dragged them into the tree.

"What happened?" asked Gracie when the hands let them go. "And what are we wearing?" asked Melissa. The girls' pj's were replaced with long black gowns and on their heads were witches hats that has silver hair coming out of it. "We look like witches." said Deseree. "Hey does anyone hear music?" asked Kelsey.


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Sam400 on June 3, 2006, 12:02:44 AM

Sam400 on
Sam400Chapter 2 is really good! Will you write more Halloween town stories? =D