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Chapter 5 - Wedding Disaster

What happens when 4 girls open a portal that leads to Halloween Town? Read to find out. I only own real world characters. The rest belongs to Tim Burton and Touchstone. R&R

Chapter 5 - Wedding Disaster

Chapter 5 - Wedding Disaster
"Ok is my hair ok?" asked Gracie frantacly. "For the 100th time its beautiful." said Melissa. "Are you sure? Maybe I should use a curling iron." said Gracie pulling out the curling iron. "NO!! Your hair is curly enough already." said Deseree. "Now c'mon the wedding is in an hour!" said Kelsey pushing Gracie into the portal.

"Where are they? The wedding is in an hour." said Jack pacing back and forth. Then Gracie and her friends ran to spiral hill. "Sorry we're late." said Melissa. "No time for sorrys quick put these on." said Sally shoving the red gowns in Gracie's hands. The girls then ran to the nearest dressing room to put the gowns on. "Look at me I'm Lydia Deets."said Gracie when her gown was on. "Yea all you need to do is dye your hair black, style it goth style, and develop a goth attitude." said Deseree. "Don't froget about living in a dark room w/people who are dead." said Kelsey. "C'mon we have a wedding to go to." said Deseree as she dragged Gracie out of the dressing room.

Then the girls ran back to spiral hill. "Ohhhhh cake." said Melissa gazing at Jack and Sally's 2ft tall cake. "You realize that that cake is spider flavored right Mel?" asked Deseree. "Who cares? Its cake!" Melissa said. "C'mon we don't want them to wait any longer do we?" said Kelsey. "Your right." said Melissa unwillingly. "Huh?" asked Gracie. "Whats wrong?" asked Deseree. "I thought I heard a bark." Gracie said. "It's probably Zero." said Kelsey. "Your probably right." said Gracie. "Helllllo we need to get to spiral hill, like, now!" yelled Melissa.

Then it was time for the wedding. Everyone, slowly, walked to their places while music played. Then Sally walked up the hill to where Jack and the Mayor were. Then right near the end of the ceremony disaster struk. "There it is again." said Gracie. "The bark?" asked Melissa. "Yes." said Gracie. "Girl, we already told you its Zero." said Deseree. "It can't be. Zero is over there." said Gracie pointing to Zero (who was by his doghouse). "Then who can it be?" asked Kelsey. Then a fast brown figure ran into the audience making them all scream. Then it ran up to Jack just as he was about to say I do and it grabbed him by the leg and dragged him down the hill and into the woods. "Holy crap it got Jack!" yelled Gracie. "Let's go after it!" they all said in unison.

They ran for hours after the figure. "Oh God! Its Abby!!!" said Gracie when they caught up to the figure. "You mean your weird mini Lassie dog?" asked Melissa. "She found the portal! Oh no!" said Deseree. "We're probably not gonna be allowed in Halloween Town again after this." said Kelsey. "Never mind that. Lets just save Jack." said Gracie. Gracie and her friends yelled the word stop but Abby would not stop. "We tried everything and she won't let go of Jack." said Melissa. "Wait, I got it!" said Gracie. "Abby squirel." Gracie yelled. Then Abby's black ears perked up. She let go of Jack and bumped head-first into a tree. "Jack are you ok?" they all said in unison. "Well except for the rips in my suit I'm fine." he said. "Listen. I"m sorry about Abby. I mean she's not even allowed to eat bones." said Gracie. "Now I bet Sally is very worried so lets go back and finish the wedding." said Jack getting up and walking out of the forest. "Oh no." said Gracie. "What?" asked Deseree and Kelsey. "Its the waiting torture method." she said. "Huh?" asked Melissa. "See instead of telling us right away if we are allowed in town again hes making us wait." she said. "Oh great." her friends said in unison. Then gracie went up to Abby and tugged her by the collar out of the forrest. "You have beed a very naughty puppy Abby." said Gracie in a very angry tone.

"Its ok everyone I'm still alive." said Jack when they got out of the forest. "Thank God." said Sally running up to him and giving him a hug. Then Gracie and her friends walked out with Abby. Everyone screamed when they saw her. "Its ok she's my dog and she's friendly." said Gracie. Then everyone took their places and went on with the wedding. "Sit Abby sit." said Gracie. But instead of sitting Abby ran to Zero. "Why didn't I put her in obedience school?" asked Gracie. Then Jack and Sally said their I dos and it was time for the afterparty.


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