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Chapter 6 - Forgiveness

What happens when 4 girls open a portal that leads to Halloween Town? Read to find out. I only own real world characters. The rest belongs to Tim Burton and Touchstone. R&R

Chapter 6 - Forgiveness

Chapter 6 - Forgiveness
At the party everyone was dancing to the music of the street band. Well everyone that is except Gracie and her friends. "Oh I hate this type of tourtue." said Melissa. "I know this is just as bad as having to wait a few more months for Sleepy Hollow to come out." said Gracie. "Girl, you need to stop obsesing over Tim Burton." said Deseree. "Oh no here it comes." said Kelsey as Jack and Sally walked over to them. "Hey girls why aren't you dancing?" asked Sally. "Because its our last day in Halloween Town." said Melissa. "What makes you say that?" asked Jack. "Because my dog found the portal and draged you for miles." said Gracie. "Oh theres no harm done. I'm still able to walk." said Jack. "But still someone found the portal. And what if it wasn't Abby? What if it was someone important?" asked Deseree. "And you said if someone of great importance found the portal a war would start and all the towns would be destroyed." said Kelsey. "So we understand if we aren't allowed in Halloween Town." said Gracie. "Theres no need to do that. You all are still allowed in Halloween Town." said Sally. "What! But why?" they said in unison.

"Because we need your help." said Jack. "With what?" asked Gracie. "Well we were wondering if you girls would be official planners for next Halloween." said Sally. "So, what your saying is we are in charge of Halloween?" asked Melissa. "Well if you want to that is." said Jack. "We'd love to." they all said in unison. "But why us?" asked Deseree. "Well I hear that in the real world you humans have great Halloween celebrations." said Jack. "Well, not to brag or anything but, I did go to a lot of haunted houses and I could use what I saw in the scenery." said Melissa. "I did take dance class for 6 years I could teach the citizens some moves." said Gracie. "I could do costumes." said Deseree. "If I could borrow Gracie's Danny Elfman CD, I could do music." said Kelsey. "See you all are perfect for the job." said Sally. "Really Jack why are you letting us stay?" asked Gracie.

"Yea." said a voice. "Ok who invited Lock, Shock, and Barrel?" asked Melissa. "Shut up human!" said Lock. "You shut up you human haters!" said Deseree. "THATS ENOUGH!!" yelled Jack. "Jack why are you letting these...these...humans stay in Halloween Town?" asked Barrel. "Because they are our very best friends and we would never shun our best friends." said Jack.

"Uhh earth to Jack. Wasn't it humans that shot you down on Christmas?" said Shock. "That was uncalled for." said Gracie. "Gracie's right and I've learned to forgive those humans for what they done." said Jack. "Come to think of it if it wasn't for those army men blasting Jack out of the sky we would of never met." said Melissa. "More the reasion to hate those humans." said Lock. "Huh?" everyone said in unison. "Anyway, Jack aren't you worried that these humans will ruin Halloween?" asked Barrel. "No, because we know they would make it better." said Sally. "Or worse." said Shock.

"No, it will be our most horrable Halloween ever." said Jack. "Uhh horrable is good, right?" asked Melissa. "Yes." said Sally. "C'mon Lock, Barrel we don't need to stay here with these idiots." said Shock. "Your the idiots." said Gracie. "Yea you all still have a grudge over Jack because he killed Oogie." said Deseree. "Well word of advice, GET OVER IT!!!" said Kelsey. "THATS ENOUGH I WILL NOT ALLOW THIS ON MY WEDDING DAY!!!" said Sally. Then Lock, Shock, and Barrel ran away. "We swear by Oogie's bugs that we will find a way to get rid of you humans for good!" they all said in unison. Then they all stuck out their tounges at the girls and left. "Glad thats over." said Deseree. Then they all nodded their heads in agreement. "Does anyone want anything to drink?" asked Jack. "What do you have?" asked Gracie. "Gracie are you sure you wanna know?" Melissa whispered in her ear. "And this coming from the girl who wanted to eat spider cake." Gracie whispered back. "We have rotten pumpkin punch." said Jack. "Ok, Mel you were right." Gracie whispered. "No thanks." they all said in unison. "I'll have some dear." said Sally. "Ok honey." said Jack as he walked to the punch bowl

Then Gracie looked at her watch. "Woa this can't be." she said. "Whats wrong?" asked Jack when he returned with the drinks. "Well my watch says its 6:00 am but the town hall clock says 12:00 midnight." she said. "Thats because of the time zone difference." said Sally. "Time zones confuse me." said Melissa. "Wait did you say it was 6:00 am?" said Deseree. "Yes." said Gracie. "That means we need to go home before Gracie's parents wake up." said Deseree. "Why worry its Saturday on Earth." said Kelsey. "We should worry. Remember my parents get up really early on Saturday to make breakfast." said Gracie. "Well lets get Abby and go then." said Melissa. "That reminds me, Jack is Abby allowed here?" asked Gracie. "Yes, but under one condition, keep her away from me." said Jack. "Not to worry while you two are away at Valentines Day Town I'll personally train Abby so that she will be as obedient as Zero." said Gracie. "I hope so." said Jack.


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