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Chapter 7 - The Pumpkin Princess Twins are Born, an

What happens when 4 girls open a portal that leads to Halloween Town? Read to find out. I only own real world characters. The rest belongs to Tim Burton and Touchstone. R&R

Chapter 7 - The Pumpkin Princess Twins are Born, an

Chapter 7 - The Pumpkin Princess Twins are Born, an
Gracie was in Gillotine Square gazing at the clock. Unlike other clocks instead of telling time it told months. Behind her tons of the citizens were gathering waiting to start dance practice. She then turned around to see the happy faces of the monsterious citizens. "Ok people, thank you for coming. And if you look at the clock it says its near the end of July so that means we have less than 3 months to get these dance moves memorized. You all are great at the middle and end, but you all are a little shaky at the beggining. Don't worry 3 months is plenty of time. Now before we start I need to talk to the vampires." she said. Gracie and her friends just took the job of organizing, and planing the yearly Halloween celebration for Halloween Town 9 months ago. Melissa was in charge of sets, Deseree was in charge of costumes, Kelsey was in charge of music, and Gracie was in charge of dance moves. Even though the job was hard it was fun for the girls. "You vanted to see us Gracie?" said the vampires in Transylvation accents. Gracie looked at the 4 vampires who were right next to her. The first vampire was very tall. The second one was also tall. The third was a little shorter. And the forth one was short and a little on the puggy side. "Yes. You all know that Melissa just put up a new part of her set and its the one you all would be jumping off of. She gave me permission for you all to jump off it today. And I advise you all to be very careful. Mel worked for a long time on this set and would kill me if it was destroyed." she said. "Von't worry. We vill be very careful." said the first vampire. Then they joined the others. The stunt for the vampires was to yell Halloween, jump off of the set, turn into a bat, land, and turn back to normal just in time to say In this town we call home everyone hail to the pumpkin song. It was very simple for them. "Ok lets begin." she said clapping her hands. Then the street band started to play the music. The girls decided to keep the lyrics to This is Halloween but change the background tone. It was a mix of Beetlejuice and the original tone to This is Halloween. It sounded very scary. Then the monsters started to dance scarry dances that would scart the bravest of all. Then it came to the part when the vampires made their jumps. The first 3 did their jumps flawlessy, but the forth one was a disaster. "Halloween!" he yelled as he jumped and turned into a bat. Then he started to fly very confused-like. Then he lost control and he bumped into the set. Making it fall on him.

Meanwhile in the graveyard Melissa was painting a bat. "Ohhhh this is gonna look great on my set." she said as she added some red paint to the fangs. Then she heard a crash. "That better not be my new set!" said Melissa as she ran to the gate to Gillotine Square.
Back at Gillotine Square there were dust clouds everywhere. "Is (cough) everyone (cough) ok? (cough)" asked Gracie when the dust cleared. "Hey where's vampire number 4?" she asked. "Vown here." said a voice from under the set. "Wolfman, Bethmoth, I may need your help lifting this." said Gracie. Then Wolfman and a guy with an axe in his head helped Gracie lift the set. "Its completely destroyed." said Wolfman. Gracie looked at the set and it had holes everywhere. "Are you ok?" asked Gracie helping the vampire up onto his feet. "Vine, just vine." he said. "Well at least one of us is ok." said Gracie. "Vhat do you mean?" asked one of the vampires. "When Mel sees what happend to the set I'm dead." she said. Then Gracie turned around and saw Melissa stomping her way to Gracie. She was so mad that she was all red. "Hey look its Matchgirl!" said Gracie pointing to Melissa. "Oyster Boy humor will not save you Gracie. I don't even know the Matchgirl poem." she said. "Stickboy liked Matchgirl...." that was all Gracie could say before Melissa interupted her "Don't even recite the poem." Melissa said. "Don't worry Mel I'll be happy to help rebuild the haunted-mansion-like set." said Gracie.

Meanwhile at Jack's house Sally was in the living room drinking spider tea. Sally has changed dramatically over the past 9 months. It had become obivious that she has become pregnant. All of a sudden she dropped her teacup making it shatter. "Sally are you ok?" asked Jack as he ran into the room. "Its time." said Sally in pain. Then Jack grabbed the overnight bag and he and Sally ran out the door. "Good thing the Mayor let us borrow his car." said Jack. "Just get me to the hospital." said Sally.

Back at Gillotine Square

"DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY BASKETBALL AND SOFTBALL PRACTICES I HAD TO MISS TO MAKE THIS SET???!!!" yelled Melissa. "Calm down Mel, Gracie said she would help you." said Deseree. "Yea." said Kelsey. "OH SURE. I'D LOVE TO SPEND ANOTHER 2 MONTHS MAKING THIS SET!!!" said Melissa.
"Whats going on here?" said a voice. Then everyone turned around and saw the Mayor's car and in the driver's seat was Jack. "What are you doing here Jack?" asked Gracie. "Well I was taking Sally to the hospital when..." that was all Jack could say before Kelsey interupted "Why are you taking Sally to the hospital?" "She's going into labor." whispered Jack.

"Practice is done for today!!" yelled Gracie to the citizens. Then her friends and herself got in the Mayor's car and Jack drove off.

In the hospital Jack decited to wait in the delivery room while Gracie and her friends waited in the waiting room. "Gracie you know you have to appoligise to Mel sooner or later." said Deseree a few hours later. "And we'd prefer that you appoligise now." said Kelsey. "I know I know." said Gracie as she got off the blood-colored couch to go talk to Melissa. "Hey." Gracie said. Melissa was deaply engrosed in a book and didn't look at Gracie. "Umm Mel I'm sorry about the set." said Gracie. "No I should be the one to appoligize. I didn't mean to explode on you Gracie." said Melissa looking up from her book. "Its ok Mel." said Gracie. "No its not. Your my best friend I shouldn't of treated you like that." said Melissa. "Look on the bright side." said Deseree walking up to them. "Yea we all are gonna help you rebuild the set." said Kelsey. "You guys are the best." said Melissa. "Hey thats what friends are for." said Gracie.

"Well it looks like you all are friends again." said Jack as he walked into the waiting room. "Yes. Isn't it great?" asked Gracie. "Yes, because in a few years we will need you 4 to babysit the new heirs to the pumpkin queen throne." said Jack. It took awhile for the words to sink into the girls' minds. When it did they were screaming at the top of their lungs. "Wow, you can wake the dead with screams like that." said Jack. "Can we see them?" the girls asked in unison. "Well, I guess so." said Jack.

"AWWWWWWWW there soooooo cute." said Melissa when they were in the delivery room. "They look just like you, Jack." said Deseree. "Yea, if Jack was a girl and had stitches around his eyes." said Gracie. "So whos-who?" asked Kelsey. "The one on the right is Ann and the one on the left is Kim." said Sally.


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