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Chapter 8 - The Halloween they'll Never Froget

What happens when 4 girls open a portal that leads to Halloween Town? Read to find out. I only own real world characters. The rest belongs to Tim Burton and Touchstone. R&R

Chapter 8 - The Halloween they'll Never Froget

Chapter 8 - The Halloween they'll Never Froget
"Gracie calm down." said Melissa. "Yea girl, chill." said Deseree. "Remember, you got lungs use them." said Kelsey. "I can't!! Its Halloween night, what if something goes wrong??" said Gracie. The girls were by the fountain in Gillotine Square waiting to begin the Halloween celebration. "Nothing will go wrong." said Kelsey. "Yea, just relax." said Melissa. "Pretend we are at the movie theater watching Sleepy Hollow." said Deseree. "Ok. Breathe, Gracie, breathe. Nothing will go wrong. Just relax." said Gracie to herself. Then she felt a bony hand on her shoulder. She jumped and turned around to see a guy in a scarecrow costume (that was similar to the scarecrow from Sleepy Hollow) that had a pumpkin on his head. "Don't do that Jack!!! You really scared me." said Gracie. "Gracie was actually scared!?!" said Melissa. "Oh shut up!!! And besides I wasn't really scared I was just...umm...nervious thats all." said Gracie. "Yea right." said Kelsey and Deseree in unison. "You all remind me of me on my first Halloween." said Jack with a laugh. "Anyway, great job on the costume Deseree." he continued. "Thanks, its based on the scarecrow from Sleepy Hollow." said Deseree. "Let me guess, Sleepy Hollow is another Tim Burton movie I shouldn't really ask about." said Jack. "Right, unless you want Gracie to start rambling on and on about how great he is." said Deseree.

"Vincent Malloy is 7 years old. He's always polite and does what he's told..." said Gracie to herself. "What is she doing?" asked Jack. "Oh she's reciting the 'Vincent' poem again, but I guess its for the best." said Melissa. "Why?" asked Jack. "It will calm her down before the show." said Deseree. "He saw Ambercrombie his zombie slave. He heard his wife call from beyond the grave..." said Gracie. "Gracie?" said a voice from behind her. Gracie was so shocked that she jumped onto the fountain. She looked down and saw someone in a scarecrow costume, similar to Jack's but it was more of a dress, pulling a stroller. "Sally!! DON"T DO THAT!!!" said Gracie from the top of the fountain. "Here we go again." said Kelsey. "Whats wrong with Gracie?" asked Sally. "Oh she has the pre-Halloween jitters." said Jack. "No I don't!! I'm just nervious. What if something goes wrong?" said Gracie as she got down from the fountain. "Gracie, we already told you NOTHING WILL GO WRONG!!!" yelled Kelsey. "Kelsey's right. I haven't had any bad premonitions about this Halloween at all." said Sally. "Really? Ok I'm not nervious anymore." said Gracie.

"Good, because we don't want you to freak out in the middle of the whole performance." said Deseree. "Well I'm gonna go drop off the kids at Dr. Finkelstine's." said Sally. "Dr. frackawho???" said Melissa. "You've met Dr. Finkelstien before, haven't you?" asked Jack. "Uhhh...oh yea, Sally's creator." said Deseree. "That dude that looks like a duck." said Kelsey. "Kel!!" said Gracie as she jabed an elbow in Kelsey's ribs. "Ouch!!" said Kelsey. "Its ok I didn't like living with him anyway." said Sally. "Yea, you usted to drug him with deadly nightshade." said Melissa. Then Sally let out a little giggle. "Well I'll be going you all can come if you want." said Sally. She then left followed by Gracie, Melissa, Deseree, and Kelsey.

On the way to Dr. Finkelstien's the girls saw a black cat running in fear. Behind it was Abby. "Oh no. Gracie tell your dog to stop chasing my cat!" said Sally. "Abby!! COME HERE!!" yelled Gracie. Then Abby ran to Gracie. "Bad dog! You know better than to chase cats, especailly Sally's!" she continued. "Sally I'm so sorry." said Gracie. "Its ok." said Sally. "Its weird. You'd think that because Abby spends so much time with Zero, she'd be a good dog." said Melissa. "I just hope she didn't wake the kids." said Sally. The girls looked inside the stroller and saw the kids sleeping. Even though they were wearing pumpkin hats you could see strands of red-orange hair coming out of Ann's head and you can see strands of black hair on Kim. "Wow they slept through all that noise. I wish I could do that but no, if I sleep and a pin drops in China I wake up." said Kelsey.

Then the cat, knowing that Abby would not hurt her anymore, ran to the graveyard. Abby tried to run after it but was stoped by Gracie. "Oh no you don't. Your coming with us to Dr. Finkelstien's." said Gracie as she grabbed Abby by the collar and dragged her the rest of the way.
Then they finally arrived at Dr. Finkelstine's. Sally rang the doorbell and a little green guy with a hump on his back answered. "Hello Igor." said Sally. "Hello Sally. We've been expecting you." he answered. Then the girls entered. "This place looks like the lab from Edward Scissorhands." said Gracie. "Except it doesn't make cookies it makes monsters." said Melissa. "Oh hello Sally." said a girl with a duck-like mouth, blonde hair, white lab coat, and black gloves. "Hi Jewel. How are you?" asked Sally. "Fine. Oh I see you brought friends." said Jewel looking at Gracie and her friends. "Hi." said Gracie and her friends in unison. "Its nice to see you again." said Gracie. "Hey when was the last time we met?" asked Melissa. "It was either the pre-wedding party or the welcome home surprise party." said Deseree. "I think it was the surprise party." said Kelsey. "I think it was too." said Jewel.

"Whats going on here?" said a voice. Everyone looked up and saw a guy, who looked alot like Jewel except he was bald and was in a wheelchair, come down the stairs (well wheeled, you get my point). "Oh Gracie. Its nice to see you again." said Dr. Finkelstine. "Its...umm...nice to see you too. Hey would you also watch Abby for me. I know its kinda last minuite and everything but I just don't want her to ruin Halloween." said Gracie. "Well ok but if she breaks anything you will pay. I put too much work into these inventions to have them destroyed by some weird shelty dog." he said. "Fine." said Gracie. "Hey we better get going." said Deseree. "Your right we don't want the citizens to wait any longer for Halloween." said Melissa. "It was nice seeing you all again." said Kelsey.
When they walked out of Dr. Finkestien's house the mayor ran up to them. He had his worried face on. But when he saw the girls it changed to happy. "Its about time we were starting to worry. The citizens are starting to get wreckless. We better start Halloween before they burn down the town." said the mayor with a laugh.

"Well in that case lets get this thing started!!" said Gracie. "I'm gonna go join Jack." said Sally walking away. Then the girls ran to the top of the mayor's car. "Ok everybody settle down." said Melissa into the black and white megaphone attached to the car. Everybody looked at Melissa for a few seconds then they started talking again. "Let me try." said Deseree. Melissa gave Deseree the megaphone mouthpiece. "Yo people be quiet." said Deseree. Yet no one listened. "Is this thing even on?" asked Deseree. "Here let me give it a try." said Kelsey. Deseree then gave Kelsey the megaphone mouthpiece. "Everybody please be quiet." said Kelsey. "This is taking too long." said Gracie. "SHUT UPPPPP!!!" she yelled. Then everybody froze and looked at the girls. "Woa, you didn't even need the megaphone." said Melissa.

Then Gracie grabbed the megaphone mouthpiece. "Thank you. Now before we start I just want to say that it was a great honor working with you all. This Halloween will be the most horrible ever!! So, in the words of Beatlejuice, its showtime!!!" said Gracie into the mouthpiece. Everyone stared blankly at Gracie. "What Gracie is trying to say is, lets get this party started." said Deseree. Then everyone ran to their places as the music played. "Thats the last time I use a Beatlejuice quote here." said Gracie.
The celebration went on flawlessly. "Uh oh." said Gracie. "What?" asked Melissa. "Its time for the vampires to do their jumps." said Gracie. "And your scared because you didn't practice the jump alot after the accident. Right?" asked Kelsey. Gracie nodded her head. "They better not mess up. It took us all a month to paint the Haunted Graveyard from Haunted Mansion." said Deseree. Then the vampires did their jumps. "I can't watch!" said Gracie as she hid behind her hands. "Gracie you can look now." said Melissa a minuite later. "Is the set ok?" asked Gracie as removed her hands from her face. She looked at the set and saw that it was still in one piece. "They did it!!" said Gracie.

"Tender lumplings everywhere. Life's no fun without a good scare." sang corpsekid a few minuites later. "Ok girls are we ready?" asked Gracie. "Yup." they said in unison. In the upcoming part, where Jack and Sally are in the fountain, Gracie and her friends were going to announce Jack and Sally's names as they arose from the fountain. "I just hope I don't froget what I need to say." said Melissa. "You won't." said Gracie. Then Bethmoth arrived pulling the fake horse that had Jack and Sally on it. "I just noticed this. That horse lookes like Daredevil, from Sleepy Hollow." said Gracie. Then torches were given to Jack and Sally and instead of just putting them in their mouths, Jack and Sally twirled them in their hands then they put them in their mouths and danced with each other and jumped in the fountain. "And now introducing." said Gracie into the megaphone. "The master of fright." said Melissa into the megaphone. "The king of nightmares." said Deseree into the megaphone. "Your favorite pumpkin king and mine." said Kelsey into the megaphone. "Jack Skellington!!" they yelled in unison as Jack arose from the green fountain his hands layed across his chest in the death position. "And now." said Gracie into the megaphone. "The mistress of terror." said Melissa into the megaphone. "The queen of all things that go bump in the night." said Deseree into the megaphone. "Your favorite pumpkin queen and mine." said Kelsey into the megaphone. "Sally Skellington!!" they yelled in unison as Sally arose from the fountain just like Jack.

"La la la (repeat) WEEEEE!" sang the citizens. "Its over!" said Melissa. "We did it!!" said Gracie. Then Gracie and Melissa gave each other high-fives. "Wasn't it terrifing?" asked Deseree. "What a night." said Kelsey. "Great Halloween everyone." said the mayor. "This truly was our most horrible yet." said Jack as he was helping Sally down from the fountain. "Jack you say that every year." said Sally. "Yea but this year I really mean it. This was our most horrible Halloween ever. And we couldn't of done it without Gracie, Melissa, Kelsey, and Deseree." said Jack. Then everyone looked at Gracie and her friends. "What?! It was nothing, really." said Gracie.

"Its not like you all do the same Halloween every year. Right?" asked Kelsey. Everyone had a guilty look on their faces. "Actually we do have the same Halloween every year." said Jack. "Wait a minuite. Remember in the graveyard in that song you sang. 'I just can't wait untill next Halloween, cause I got some new ideas that would really make them scream and my God I'm really gonna give it all my might' remember that verse?" asked Deseree. "Yes, what about it?" asked Jack. "Well what happened to your new ideas?" asked Melissa. "They didn't work." said Jack. "But you girls did a horrible job. This is the kind of Halloween we only dream about." said Sally.
"Coming through!!!" said a high-pitched voice. Everyone turned around and saw Lock, Shock, and Barrel. "Hey Gracie!" yelled Barrel. "Yes?" asked Gracie. "We just wanted to say that great job on Halloween." said Lock. "What? Can this be? The great human haters being nice to us? We must be dreaming!" said Gracie. Then Shock threw a rock at Gracie. "Ouch! Ok we're not dreaming." said Gracie. "Don't get any ideas! We still hate you guys. And we swear by Oogie's bugs that we will find a way to be rid of you humans for good!!" said Shock. Then they left.


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