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Chapter 9 - Awards for all

What happens when 4 girls open a portal that leads to Halloween Town? Read to find out. I only own real world characters. The rest belongs to Tim Burton and Touchstone. R&R

Chapter 9 - Awards for all

Chapter 9 - Awards for all
"Gracie are you ok?" asked everyone. "Yea, the rock hit my arm. I just hope it doesn't turn into rubber like Harry Potter's." said Gracie with a laugh. "I don't get it." said Jack. "You probably wouldnt." said Gracie. Then the mayor walked up to the group of friends. "Hey Jack when would you like to start the award show?" asked the Mayor. "Awards?" asked Gracie and her friends in unison. "Oh yea I froget this will be your first awards show wouldn't it be girls?" said Jack. "Whats it about?" asked Melissa. "Well every Halloween we give out awards to the monsters for doing their jobs." said Sally. "So this is what they get instead of payment?" asked Kelsey. "Kel!" said Deseree. "Well its 3:00am on Earth so we can stay." said Gracie looking at her watch. "Excellent." said Jack. Then everyone walked to the Mayor's car which had millions upon millions of trophies and medals. "Wow." said Melissa. "Shiny." said Gracie. Then the mayor grabbed the megaphone. "Ok everyone. Lets start giving out the awards. And the first one goes to the vampire for most blood drained in a single evening." he said as vampire 4 walked up to him and recieved a trophy.

The show dragged on for what seemed like hours. "So this isn't like the Emmys at all." said Melissa. "What?" asked Jack. "Never mind." they said in unison. "And now for our final award. This is a new catagory that will only be presented this year because if we presented this award every year the same people would win it over and over." said Mayor. Then everyone in the audience laughed. "Anyway Jack would you like to help me present this award?" asked Mayor. "Sure." said Jack as he walked to the Mayor. "Well over the past 3 years Halloween Town has gone through alot. These 4 girls have challeged us to think differently on how we think about humans, friendship, and Halloween. So it is a great honor for me to give this award, the most inspirational award, to none other than Gracie, Melissa, Kelsey, and Deseree." said Jack. "WHAT!!" the girls said in unison. "Well go up there." said Sally. Then Gracie and her friends went up to Jack. Then Jack put medals around the girls necks'.

Gracie picked up the medal that was around her neck and looked at it. It was a silver gravestone shaped medal and it had the words, Gracie Most Inspirational 2000 (Thats the year). "Wow." said Melissa. "Its beautiful." said Kelsey. "I love it." said Deseree. "Thank you." said Gracie. "No no, thank you." said Jack. "Well I guess I better get Abby and go home." said Gracie. "We'll wait for you by the portal." said Melissa, Kelsey, and Deseree in unison.
"I just hope Abby didn't break anything." said Gracie as she rang the doorbell. "Ah Gracie, come in, come in." said Jewel. Gracie walked in and was shocked by what she saw. Everything was intact. Nothing broken, destroyed, or on fire. Then Abby walked in and ran to Gracie's feet. "So, how was Abby?" asked Gracie as she bent down to pet Abby. "She was great." said Jewel. "My Abby a good dog? Are we talking about the same dog here?" asked Gracie. "Yes." said Jewel. "Well I guess I best be going." said Gracie as she walked out the door. "Wait I should pay you." said Gracie walking back in. "Oh no we don't want any pumpkin seeds for this." said Jewel. "Really?" asked Gracie. "We did this out of friendship." said Jewel. "Well ok." said Gracie. Then Gracie left the house with Abby at her heels.


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