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Chapter 2 - Sally's Premonition

Who'd would ever think that Jack would have a identical twin brother, thats a PIRATE!!!???

Chapter 2 - Sally's Premonition

Chapter 2 - Sally's Premonition
Meanwhile in the kitchen Sally had finished cleaning so she started cooking vulture for Zack's arrival. "Why?" she said to herself. Memories of Zack calling her useless ragdoll swamped her mind. She looked on the ground and saw Abby, Zero, and her cat were staring hungerly at the food. "Its not like I hate Zack or anything, but its just so hard to believe that Zack the troublemaker is related to Jack the nice, wonderful, charming man." she continued. The pets were still staring at the food. "You 3 aren't listening to a word I say aren't you? You just want some food don't you?" she asked. "Well ok. Oops." she said as she droped 3 pieces of vulture meat on the ground. The pets fought over it like canibles. Then Sally started to feel sleepy, she quickly put the vulture in the fridge so that the pets won't get to it, and went into the family room to take a nap.
While she slept she had a dream. In her dream she saw Jack and the kids being thrown in jail. Then that vision faded into a piece of parchment. On the parchment there was Gracie, Melissa, Deseree, and Kelsey's names and under the names were the words BANISHED from all towns. Then that faded into a vision of herself running into Zack's arms. Sally awoke covered in sweat and out of breath.
Meanwhile upstairs Gracie and her friends were looking at the photo album. "Awwwwww look first day of school photos." said Gracie. "Ok thats enough." said Jack taking the album out of Gracie's hands and puting it back on the shelf. "So this was Zack's room?" asked Deseree. "Yes." said Jack. "Cool you each had your own room." said Melissa. "Do you think Zack likes humans?" asked Kelsey. "I hope so." said Gracie. "Yea this town has enough human haters." said Deseree. "I thought Lock, Shock, and Barrel were the only human haters in this town." said Kelsey. "Yea thats 3 people too many." said Gracie. "Why do they hate us?" asked Melissa. "Who knows but everyone else likes you so we shouldn't really worry." said Jack. "Woa its 10:00 pm on earth." said Gracie looking at her watch. "Your point?" asked Melissa. "Its 4:00 pm here meaning we have to work on Halloween." said Gracie. "Oh your right." said Kelsey. "Bye Jack." said Deseree as they all walked out the door.
The girls ran down the stairs. "Bye Sally we're gonna go work on Halloween then go back to Earth." they said as they ran out the door. "Wait girls I had a premonition." said Sally but it was too late the girls were already out the door followed by Abby.
Meanwhile upstairs Jack had just walked out of the guest room when he heard music coming out of Ann, Michael, and Vince's rooms. "These rooms better be clean!" yelled Jack. The music stoped for a few seconds. "Their clean!" the kids yelled from behind closed doors. "Ok carry on then." said Jack. Then the music started again.
Then Jack walked downstairs. Sally was looking out the window biting her lip. "You had a premonition didn't you?" asked Jack as he walked up next to her. "Is it that obivious?" asked Sally. "What was it about?" asked Jack. Sally told Jack of her dream. "Hmmm. Well you know I'm not good at figuring out your premonitions, thats a job for Gracie and her friends." said Jack. "Yea with all the mystery books they read." said Sally. "Anyway, somehow those 3 visions are connected. But how? Why would the kids and I be in jail? Why would Gracie and her friends be banished? And why would you hug Zack?" asked Jack. "Wait! Zack's coming tomorrow may have something to do with these premonitions." said Sally. "But no matter what Zack is coming tomorrow. We'll just have to keep a close eye on him while he's here." said Jack. "I don't know. I still have a bad feeling about this." said Sally as she hugged Jack.
Who is Zack? Find out in my next chapter.


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