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Chapter 4 - Town Meeting Disaster

Who'd would ever think that Jack would have a identical twin brother, thats a PIRATE!!!???

Chapter 4 - Town Meeting Disaster

Chapter 4 - Town Meeting Disaster
"Hi everybody!" said Gracie and her friends as they walked inside Jack's house. "What are you doing here?" asked Jack happily. "What do you not want us here or somethin?" asked Deseree. "No, of coarse not. You are always welcomed here." said Sally. "Its just that we thought you would't come back because of what Uncle Zack said." said Ann and Kim in unison. "Oh no. Nothing will ever stop us from coming here." said Kelsey. "We've learned to get over what Zack said." said Melissa. "And besides, I wanna appoligize to Zack anyway." said Gracie. "Why?" asked Michael. "Well I should of known that pirates like to make their stories all fancy and stuff." said Gracie. "Where is Zack anyway?" asked Deseree. "He's still sleeping." said Jack. "But its, like, 10:00am here and the town meeting is in a half hour." said Kelsey. "Well, I sent Vince upstairs to get him up half an hour ago but I haven't seen him since." said Sally.
Meanwhile upstairs Vince ran into his room and grabbed his recorder. "I didn't want it to come to this." he thought as he walked back into Zack's room. He went up to the king sized bed and blew a high pitched note right into Zack's ear. "Man the lifeboats!! Swab the deck!! Check my gold!!" yelled Zack as he jumped out of bed. "Uhh Uncle Zack?" asked Vince. "Oh I see I'm not on my ship. Michael why did you wake me up so early?" asked Zack as he look at the eyeball shaped clock. "I'm Vince. And you only have a half hour to get ready for the town meeting." said Vince. Then Michael walked into the room. "Hey Vince, mom wants to know why you're taking so long. Oh and by the way Gracie and her friends are here." said Michael. "Why didn't you say so?" asked Vince as he ran out of the room. "The humans are back? I thought I got rid of them. Oh well this town meeting will be my chance to get rid of them once and for all." said Zack as he got ready.
"Whats this town meeting for anyway?" asked Melissa. "I just want to re-introduce Zack to the citizens." said Jack. "Well, well, well. Look who came back! If it isn't the huma..." Zack was about to say humans but Jack gave him the evilest look known to man. "I mean Gracie, Melissa, Kelsey, Deseree. Its (gulp) nice to see you." said Zack as he walked down the stairs. "Hi Zack." said Gracie as she walked up to him. "Hi Gracie." said Zack. "Listen I think we got off the wrong foot yesterday..." started Gracie. "Oh you mean Abby. Its ok." said Zack. "Uh not exactally but I'm glad to hear it. Anyway I mean about the story thing. I just wanted to say that your story was great and I had no right to question it." said Gracie. "Thats right you had no right to question it, but I'll forgive you." said Zack extending his hand out. "Oh, great. So we have a truce then." said Gracie as she shook Zack's hand. Gracie was really mad at Zack's comment but she wasn't in the mood to fight again. "Say where is that dumb mutt of yours anyway?" asked Zack. Gracie was outraged by this comment but she still didn't want to start another fight. "I decided to keep Abby at home." said Gracie. "Good idea. We don't want her to ruin everything like she always does." said Zack. Gracie was about to explode on Zack. "Uh Zack hurry up we don't wanna be late." said Jack. Then Zack left. "I know you wanted to but thanks Gracie for not exploding on Zack." said Jack. "Oh no problem." said Gracie. Gracie's head was cocked to the right and she had the fakest smile in the universe on. "Don't do that." said Jack as he left.
"I don't like Zack at all." said Gracie when Jack left. "I know but he is Jack's brother." said Melissa. "Its so hard to believe that he is related to Jack." said Deseree. "I know they're complete opposites." said Kelsey. "There's something fishy about Zack." said Gracie. "Despite the fact that he's a pirate." said the kids in unison. "Yes despite that." said Gracie. "I have a bad feeling about him being here." said Sally. "You're having a premonition?" asked Melissa. "No, I had one the other day." said Sally. "Well tell us about it." said Kelsey. "Yea girl spill it." said Deseree. Then Sally told the girls about her premonition. "Woa." said Kelsey when Sally was done. "Back up here." said Deseree. "Why would we be banished from all towns!?!?!" asked Gracie. "We haven't even been to all the towns." said Melissa. "And Jack would never banish you all. He know that you all follow the pumpkin code so there is no reasion for him to banish you all." said Sally. "Why would we be in jail with daddy?" asked the kids in unison. "Thats another weird part of the premonition. You all are too perfect for jail." said Kelsey. "Why would you hug Zack?" asked Deseree. Then they heard the sound of a bell. "Well we can figure that out later. Now we gotta go to Town Hall." said Sally.
Meanwhile at Town Hall Jack was backstage with Zack. "You sure you know what you're doing?" asked Jack. "I have everything under control." said Zack. "Thats what I'm worried about." said Jack as he walked on stage. He walked up to the podium and saw everyone sitting down talking among themselves. "Listen everybody!" said Jack. But no one listened. "SHUT UP!!!" yelled Gracie and her friends in unison. Then everyone gave their undivided attention to Jack. "Thank you. Now you are probably wondering why I called you all here. My brother Zack is in town." said Jack. The audience responded with gasps of horror. "Not to worry, he's only staying for a week. Anyway, while he is here I would want everyone to treat him nicely, even if he doesn't do the same. So here he is my brother Zack." said Jack as he started to walk off stage as Zack walked on. Everyone, relunctantly, clapped. "Thank you." said Zack as he got to the podium. "Even though I've only been here for a day I can already see the changes my brother has made. Why last time I was here the Mayor could barely switch his head." said Zack. "Hey!!!" said the Mayor, then he tried to switch his head from happy to sad but it got stuck in mid-turn. "Oh no not again." said Gracie. "Ok who's turn is it now?" asked Melissa. "I did it last time." said Kelsey. "Fine I'll do it." said Deseree. Then Deseree walked to the Mayor and switched his head to sad. "Thank you." said Mayor. "And by the looks of it he still can't." said Zack. "Its only been 3 minuites and Zack has already messed this up." said Jack from backstage. "But the biggest change I've seen has got to be the fact that my brother is letting humans roam the town." said Zack. "What's that supposed to mean?!?!?!?!?!" said Gracie and her friends in unison as they got up from the bench. "Well I'm just saying that Halloween Town is a place for monsters, not humans." said Zack. "But they made an exception for us because we work on Halloween." said Melissa. "Do you even know the true meaning of Halloween?" asked Zack. "Of course we do!!" said Kelsey. "We've known the true meaning ever since out first night of trick-or-treating." said Deseree. "See thats what I mean. Humans only see Halloween as a night when they can dress up as monsters and go get candy. Thats not what Halloween is about." said Zack. "We do know the true meaning of Halloween! And we show that we know it every year in our Halloweens. If you didn't leave this town then you would know it." said Gracie. Then Gracie and her friends were so mad that they started to leave. "All work on Halloween shall be postphoned until next week. For we will be home...away from him!!" the girls said as they pointed fingers at Zack.
On their way out the girls heard giggles. They looked around and they saw a girl in a lavender witch costume, one boy in a devil suit, and another boy in a skellington suit. They jumped out from under the bench and took off their masks. "Lock!" said the boy in the devil suit. "Shock!" said the girl in the witch costume. "Barrel!" said the boy in the skellington costume. Lock, Shock, and Barrel are the only citizens who hate Gracie and her friends. "Oh great who invited you three?" asked Melissa. "Its about time someone started a conspiracy aganst you humans." said Shock. "Yea this town should of gotten rid of you all years ago." said Lock. "No one is getting rid of us!" said Gracie. "We are just cooling our jets at home." said Deseree. "Either way you are away from this town." said Barrel. "We're only gonna be gone for a week." said Kelsey. Then the girls left Town Hall. "Now look what you've done Zack!!" yelled someone. "Because of you, Zack, we will get very far behind in planning for Halloween." said another. Then Jack walked on stage and grabbed Zack by the arm and dragged him offstage. "Thanks for getting me off that stage, Jack. If I was on there for any longer they would of killed me!" said Zack. "You're lucky that I don't kill you. I told you yesterday to watch your tounge but do you listen? No! Now thanks to you Gracie and her friends may never come back!!" said Jack as he walked onstage. He walked up to the podium and tried to get everyone's attention, but nothing worked, then Jack decided to make a scarry face. (Its the same face he used when Lock, Shock, and Barrel brought in the bunny.) "Now everyone calm down. We won't get behind in Halloween. In fact we'll do what we do during the girls' school year. Vampires, you are in charge of dancing, Ann, Kim, Michael, Vince you are in charge of music, Sally and Jewel are in charge of costumes, and big witch and small witch are in charge of sets and props. Now get out there and start working! Oh and if anyone sees Gracie or any of her friends please bring them to me so that Zack can appoligize to them." said Jack. And with those words the citizens left the building, except for Zack. "Everything is going to plan. This unsuspecting town won't know what hit it!" he said.
Meanwhile in Gracie's room, Gracie and her friends just got back to the real world. Gracie got onto her starry light-blue queen-sized bed and started to punch a pillow. "Stupid Zack!" she said. "We try to be nice and what does he do?" said Melissa. "He treats us like curd thats what!" said Deseree. "I can't stand him!" said Kelsey. "Thanks to him our month long Halloween vacation was cut short by a week." said Gracie. "Now what are we gonna do?" asked Melissa. "Anyone up for the pool?" asked Deseree. "Ok." they all said in unison.


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