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Chapter 5 - The Old Switch-Aroo and Jack in Jail

Who'd would ever think that Jack would have a identical twin brother, thats a PIRATE!!!???

Chapter 5 - The Old Switch-Aroo and Jack in Jail

Chapter 5 - The Old Switch-Aroo and Jack in Jail
Zack sneeked into Jack's room. It was his last night in Halloween Town so he knew he had to put his plan into action or he wouldn't have another chance. Jack's room was very dark, the only light Zack had was the fireplace behind the bed. Zack was too busy searching for something he didn't realize that Zero was asleep in his little basket bed. Zack tripped over Zero. Zero started to bark madly, but surprizingly neither Jack nor Sally woke up. "Good thing I put Deadly Nightshade in the tea." thought Zack. Zack kicked Zero out of the room and continued his search. "Where is it?" thought Zack. Then he looked on the desk and saw what he was searching for. It was the bat bowtie in a glass case. He walked up to it and took off the case. "Ah the symbol of the Pumpkin King. The crown." said Zack as he picked up the bowtie. He quickly oppened up a secret latch on the back and pressed a few buttons. He closed the latch and aimed the bowtie at Jack. Zack pressed one of the eyes of the bat and in a matter of seconds Jack looked exactally like Zack. Zack pressed another eye and Jack was gone. "From this moment on I shall be Zack the Pumpkin King!!!" yelled Zack.
The sun shone through the window. Jack oppened his eyes to the morning daylight. "(Yawn) Good morning Sal..." Jack looked around and saw that Sally wasn't there he also noticed that the room was smaller. "Where the heck am I?" asked Jack as he got up out of the small bed, he walked up to a small window and looked out of it. "Holy crud!!! I'm on a ship!!" said Jack. He continued to look around and he saw a mirror. He looked in it and his jaw dropped. "I look like Zack!!" said Jack as he touched the mirror to see if it was real, indeed it was. "I don't know how he did this but when I get back to town Zack will pay! But how will I get back? We must be millions of miles away from home." said Jack. Jack started to think for a while but then an idea hit him. "I know I'll just tell the crew what happened, they'll understand and turn the ship around." said Jack as he started to walk to the deck.
On the deck Zack's skellington crew was playing cards. "Sheesh it looks like Oogie's lair." thought Jack. Jack walked up to who looked like the first mate and tapped him on the shoulder. "Umm excuse me." said Jack. "Ah Captain Zack. Welcome back. How was your visit with your brother?" said the first mate as he turned around. The first mate had an oval-shaped head and he had a red bandana on his head, and big holes in his head for eyes. He wore an outfit very similar to Zack's. "Well, thats what I want to talk to you about. We need to turn the ship around. There was a mix-up. See I'm Jack. Not Zack. And..." started Jack. "Well, well, well look what we have here. Its a stowaway. You know what we's do to stowaways?" asked the first mate. "Uhh send them home?" asked Jack hopefully. "Nice try. Send him to the brig!!" yelled the first mate. Then heavy-set pirate skellingtons walked up to Jack and grabbed him. "Wait you got it all wrong. Please send me home!!' yelled Jack. Then the pirates stopped at a big door that had 1 small window that had bars on it. They threw Jack inside and locked the door.


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