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Chapter 6 - A Premonition Comes True

Who'd would ever think that Jack would have a identical twin brother, thats a PIRATE!!!???

Chapter 6 - A Premonition Comes True

Chapter 6 - A Premonition Comes True
Just a reminder before I post this chapter; the citizens still don't know about Jack and Zack's switch so they call Zack Jack because they're stupid and can't tell the difference between them.
"I look like a lobster!!" yelled Kelsey as she walked inside Jack's house. "If you've just wore some sun tan lotion then we wouldn't have this prob." said Gracie as she followed Kelsey. "Don't rub it in." said Kelsey. Over the week off Kelsey's fair skin turned red because she layed out in the sun for too long. "Kel look on the bright side. At least you don't have green hair." said Melissa pointing to her green ponytail. "That would of never happened if you would just get out of the pool and not swim a hundred billizion laps around the pool." said Deseree. "At least I didn't spend all my time at the Junior Grill flirting." said Melissa. "Girls you came back!!' said Sally hapily as she walked into the room, she was trying not to laugh at Kelsey and Melissa's new looks. Then Ann, Kim, Michael, and Vince walked in and burst into laughter. "You look funny." said Ann in between giggles. "Hey where's Jack?" asked Gracie. "He's still sleeping." said Kim. "What!? I must have water in my ears. Did you say that Jack, the early bird, is still sleeping?" asked Melissa. "Yes." said Michael. "But its, like, 10:00 am." said Deseree. "Is he sick?" asked Kelsey. "No, I don't think so." said Vince.
Zack jumped out of bed. "Ah my first day as pumpkin king. Now this little town will feel the wrath of Zack!" he said as he walked to Jack's closet. He oppened it and inside was a lot of black and white pinstripe suits. He grabbed one and quickly put it on.
"So what else did you do over your week off?" asked Sally. "We went to the movies a lot." said Gracie. "But other than that we did nothing." said Melissa. "We also went to the pool." said Deseree. "Yea, Des like they didn't know that when we walked in." said Kelsey. "Good morning." said Zack trying to hide the pirate accent in his voice. "Why did you sleep in?" asked Sally when Zack came down. "Oh umm...I stayed up late last night saying good-bye to Zack." said Zack. Then at the sound of the name Zack, Abby, who was having a play fight with Zero and Sally's cat, got up. She looked at Zack, growled, and ran up to him and bit him in the leg. "Ouch!!" cried Zack frogetting to hide his accent. "ABBY!! BAD DOG!!" said Gracie as she ran up to Zack to take Abby off his leg. Then Gracie reached into her red purse and put a mussle on Abby. "Take that dumb mutt out of here NOW!!" yelled Zack once again frogetting to hide his accent. Then Gracie picked Abby up and put her outside. "I'm terribly sorry. I don't know what got into her. You know she's not normally like that." said Gracie. "Well, its ok. Welcome back." said Zack frogetting to hide the accent. "Hey whats wrong with your voice?" asked Melissa. "Uhh..what do you mean?" asked Zack disguising his voice. "Well it sounds raspy, like Zack's." said Deseree. "Oh umm...last night Zack tried to teach me pirate talk." said Zack. "Pirate talk?" asked Kelsey. "Yea and now my voice is suffering." said Zack. "I'll get you some water for that." said Ann. "Oh no thanks Kim. I think it will heal on its own." said Zack. "I'm Ann." said Ann. "Of coarse you are. I'm sorry I'm still waking up," said Zack "well I'm gonna go." He then kissed Sally on the forehead and left before more questions could be asked.
"My Nancy Drew sence is going crazy." said Gracie. "Huh?" asked her friends in unison. "You know, Nancy Drew, one of the most popular girl crime solvers of the 70's." her friends gave Gracie confused looks. "Those books I always read. Anyway is it just me or is Jack acting weird?" asked Gracie. "No, I noticed that too." said Sally. "Yea his voice is weird." said Melissa. "Its not just that, he never sleeps in and today he sleeps in until 10:00." said Gracie. "He messes up the kids names. He never does that, no matter how early it is." said Sally. "Abby bit him. And Abby would never bite him no matter what. And he called her a dumb mutt. Zack is the only one that calles her a dumb mutt. You don't think...?" asked Gracie. "Thats proposterious." said Deseree. "I didn't even get to say what I was thinking." said Gracie. "We already know." said Melissa. "Yea you were gonna say that Jack and Zack switched places. Which would never happen." said Kelsey. "Oh come on twins, with the exception of Ann, Kim, Michael, and Vince, always switch places." said Gracie. "But Jack would never agree to do something so childish." said Sally. "Maybe Zack found someway to switch places with Jack without Jack knowing." said Gracie.
"That was close." said Zack when he was out of the house. "I thought I got rid of those wretched humans!! Oh well. If I can't get them out of this town by questions or embarrasement then I'll just have to scare them." while Zack was talking he took off the bowtie and pressed a few buttons. In a matter of seconds a dark hooded grim reaper-like creature appeared in front of him. You couldn't see his face because of the big hood he was wearing. Then more of creatures appeared. "Hide out in Town Hall. I'm gonna go make a new law, making it so that those stupid humans may never walk the streets of Halloween Town EVER again!!" the creatures followed Zack's orders and flew to Town Hall.
"Hey Gracie I finised Harry Potter." said Kim. "I had a feeling you would. Thats why I brought you this." said Gracie as she reached into her red purse and took out the book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. "Woa. Gracie you carried that big book in this purse!!" said Melissa. "Wasn't it heavy?" asked Deseree. "Nope." said Gracie. Gracie then gave the book to Kim who almost fell over under the weight of the book. "You are actually gonna read this book?" asked Ann as she oppened the book. "Yes." said Kim as she closed it. "Its gotta be at least 10000 pages long." said Michael. "734 to be exact." said Kim. "Thats still a lot." said Vince. "Then I should start..." Then everyone heard the sound of a bell. "After the town meeting." finished Kim. "Strange." said Kelsey. "Sally did Jack tell you anything about a town meeting?" asked Deseree. "Why no. I'm just as surprised as you are." said Sally. "Another thing to add to my list of suspicions." said Gracie. "Well lets go and see what its about." said Melissa.
On the way to Town Hall the girls were stopped by the citizens, who just wanted to say hi. "Yes we missed you too." said Gracie as she got out of the big crowd. "Now I know how a famous person feels." said Melissa. "Boy, I'm so glad you all worked on Halloween while we were gone." said Deseree. "Yea they did a months work in a week. Thats amazing." said Kelsey.
"Welcome back." said a voice. The girls turned around and they saw the Mayor. "Oh hi Mayor." said Deseree. "Say, Mayor did Jack tell you anything about this town meeting?" asked Gracie. "Nope." said the Mayor who switched his happy face to worry. "Strange. Jack would never hold a town meeting without telling us or you, Mayor. Are you sure he didn't even give you a hint?" asked Gracie. "Yes. He didn't tell me a single thing." said the Mayor. "Well we will just have to find out what this meeting is about then." said Melissa. Then they all started to walk into Town Hall.
Inside, the girls sat down in the front row. "Psst Melissa, Kelsey." said a voice. Everyone turned around and they saw big witch and small witch, who was trying to hide her giggles. "Shut up. Listen come by our hut after the town meeting and we'll find a cure for your new looks." said Big Witch. "Oh thank you." said Melissa and Kelsey in unison. Then everyone turned around just as Zack walked onto the stage. "Listen everyone." said Zack trying to imitate his brother. Yet no one listened. "SHUT UP!!!" yelled Gracie and her friends. "Uhh...thank you." said Zack as he took out a piece of parchment. "Jack just wrote up a new law." whispered Kelsey. "There hasn't been a new law in Halloween Town in ages." whispered Sally. "Then what could this law be about?" asked Gracie. "Ahem. Gracie, Melissa, Kelsey, Deseree would you please stand up?" asked Zack. "Uhh...sure." the girls said in unison as the stood up.
While Zack was reading aloud from the parchement the girls listened carefully to him. "Futhermore from this day forth Gracie, Melissa, Kelsey, and Deseree shall be BANISHED from this town and all the others." said Zack. "WHAT!!!" yelled Gracie and her friends when they were sure he was done. "Guards, sieze them!!" yelled Zack as he pulled a rope oppening the curtain behind him. Everyone gasped in horror when they saw the hooded creatures. "Whats with the dementors?" asked Kim. "These creatures are not dementors, Ann. They are shadows. They do what ever I tell them to do and now I order them to take the humans out of Halloween Town and make it so that they can never return." said Zack. Then the shadows flew to Gracie and her friends, grabbed them by the arms, and lifted them in the air. "Let go of me!!" yelled Gracie kicking her feet trying to get to the ground. Her friends were doing the same but they too were unsuccessfull. Everyone watched in horror as their friends were dragged out of town hall screaming, everyone that is except for Lock, Shock, and Barrel who were prancing around in a happy circle chanting a happy chant.
Then everyone started to yell at Zack. Zack looked around and he saw Sally backstage. "One minuite." he said as he got off the stage. "Sally. Isn't my new law horrible? Just think no more stupid humans to disturb us." he said as he started to hug Sally. "How could you? Those girls are our best friends and you banish them without giving it a second thought." said Sally breaking free from his hug. "You know as well as I do that those humans are a nusance." said Zack. "Jack, how could you say such a thing? Whats gotten into you? You've been acting so weird lately, its like I don't even know you. Wait a minuite. Your not Jack, your Zack!!!" said Sally in horror. "Bingo. But you must keep this a secret." said Zack. "WHERE'S JACK?!?!?!?!?!?" yelled Sally. "Wouldn't you like to know you worthless ragdoll. SHADOW!!!" yelled Zack. Then a shadow appeared in front of him. "This worthless ragdoll has found out too much. Open her eyes." said Zack as he took off the bowtie and pressed a few buttons. Then the shadow got behind Sally and, using its black skellington hands, literally, oppened her eyes. Sally screamed in horror. "What are you going to do with me?" asked Sally. "Nothing much, love, I'm just gonna zap your memory of what just happened and make you love me and not my idiot brother Jack." said Zack. "Thats never gonna happen. My heart belongs to Jack and only Jack." said Sally. "Not for long." said Zack. Then Zack aimed the bowtie at Sally's eyes. Pink rays beamed from the bat's eyes onto Sally's. She tried to blink but the shadow's hands got in the way. Soon she stopped squirming and relaxed. "Thats enough!!" said Zack as the pink rays stopped. Then the shadow let go of Sally. Then Sally ran into Zack's arms. "I love you...Zack." said Sally. "Perfect." said Zack.
Then Sally went back to her seat. "So mom did you talk to dad?" asked Ann. "Are Gracie and her friends allowed back here?" asked Kim. "Those wretched girls never belonged here in the first place." said Sally. "Mom are you ok?" asked Michael. "I'm perfectly fine." said Sally. Then Zack walked back onstage. "If anyone tries to get the humans back here they will have to deal with the shadow army." said Zack. Then more shadows appeared and they started to fly around town hall, striking fear into even the most brave monsters.
"LET GO OF ME YOU SORRY EXCUSE FOR A GRIM REAPER!!!" yelled Gracie trying to get out of the shadow's grip. The girls and the shadows were in the holiday woods. Gracie looked around and saw that her friends were also trying to get out of the shadow grip. Then the shadows put the girls down by the portal. They siezed the girls' right arms and took off their red bracelets. "Hey give that back." the girls said in unison while they were trying to get back their bracelets. Then the shadows oppened some bottles of weird smelling toxins. Then the girls fainted and the shadows threw them into the portal.
Gracie awoke, what seemed like, hours later when she felt a wet tongue on her face. She oppened her eyes and saw Abby. Gracie got up and started to pet Abby. "Hey girl how'd you get out of your mussle?" asked Gracie. She looked around and saw her friends sleeping and she saw the mussle in shreds on the ground. Gracie looked at her right arm and remembered what just happened. She ran to the window and started to pound it. "Gracie what are you doing?" asked Melissa. "Trying to get the portal back," yelled Gracie "we gotta go back to Halloween Town!!" "But Gracie we can never go back." said Deseree. "Jack banished us remember?" asked Kelsey. "Of coarse I remember. But we gotta go back. Something tells me that Halloween Town is in trouble and if we don't go back the citizens are doomed forever!" said Gracie. Then Gracie got on her knees and started to cry. Then her friends walked to her to try to comfort her but they too started to cry.


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