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Chapter 7 - Ann and Kim's Plan

Who'd would ever think that Jack would have a identical twin brother, thats a PIRATE!!!???

Chapter 7 - Ann and Kim's Plan

Chapter 7 - Ann and Kim's Plan
Vince was running in the Holiday woods. In one arm he had a bag of Frosted Bat Wings and in his other hand he had his bat toy. Vince was constantly looking over his shoulder to make sure he wasn't followed. Then, out of breath, Vince stopped in the middle of the forrest, a few yards away from the holiday trees. "Ann, Kim, Michael. Where are you?" he yelled. Then Vince felt a bony hand on his mouth. He was pulled behind a nearby tree. Vince looked up and he saw Kim. "Mim?" asked Vince in a muffled voice. "Shhhh do you want those shadows to hear you?" barked Kim. Vince looked around and saw Ann and Michael hiding behind trees. They peaked out their heads from their hiding places. Kim and Vince did the same. "I could of swore I saw someone here." said a shadow in a harsh whisper. "Lets go back." said another. Then the shadows flew out of sight. The kids stood still for almost a minuite just to make sure the shadows were gone. Then Kim took her hand off of Vince's mouth. "YOU FOOL YOU ALMOST GOT US CAUGHT!!!" yelled Ann. "Please tell me you brought the food." said Michael. Then Vince threw the bag of Frosted Bat Wings to Michael. "Thank gosh I was starving." said Michael as he oppened the bag and put a handfull of the bat wings in his mouth. "Hey save some for me I risked my life to get the bag here." said Vince as he reached for the bag. "Foanafjkklks." (translation: you also risked our lives.) said Michael spitting out some crumbs as he talked. Then Vince grabbed the bag and put a handfull in his mouth. "Your lucky skellingtons can't gain weight." said Kim. "Yea with all the food you eat you'd be as big as Sandy Claws." said Ann. "Ernklavs?" (translation: want some?) said Vince giving the bag to Ann. "No thanks." said Ann. "I don't understand how you 2 can eat. Just look at Halloween Town. Ever since Gracie and her friends were banished Dad has been acting weird." said Kim. "Yea, Mom has been acting weird too. Dad also took away Halloween and my drums." said Ann. "He also took away my books. I was just getting to a good part in Harry Potter too." said Kim. "Joanflfndslkfjgjfaklsfjloeijfklsjen." (translation: he took away my guitar.) said Michael. "Ruoiauroncasjfr." (translation: he took away my recorder.) said Vince. "Not to mention those shadows running around terrorizing the town." said Kim. "I'D HAD ALL I CAN STANDS AND I CAN'T STANDS NO MORE!!!" said Ann. "Yous thinking what I'm thinking?" asked Kim. "Yes." said Ann. "Riownc?salfpioew!!!" (translation: what are you thinking? Don't leave us hanging!!!) said Michael and Vince in unison. ((If you wanted to know Michael and Vince were talking like that because they had food in their mouths)) "Ok, this whole prob can be solved with 2 words." said Ann. "Sandy and Calws." said Kim holding up 2 bony fingers. Michael and Vince gave them blank stares. "Hello he has that sleigh and reindeer." said Ann. "We can use them to fly to Gracie and her friends' house's so that we can bring them back to Halloween Town." said Kim. "Then Gracie and her friends can talk to Daddy and get him and Mommy back to normal." said Ann. "Oh I get it." said Vince. "Umm there's just one prob. What about the shadows? If they catch us who knows what they'd do to us?" said Michael. Then before Ann or Kim could answer a shadow appeared behind Vince. "Vince don't move." said Ann. "Don't be alarmed but there's a shadow right behind you." said Michael. Then Vince turned around and screamed in horror. "Leave my brother alone!" said Kim as she ran up behind the shadow. Then Vince ran behind a tree. "Now lets see what lies behind the cloak." said Kim as she pulled on the shadow's robe. She got the robe off the shadow and underneith was a big black skellington. The pumpkin sun shined above it and the skellington turned to ash and was blown away by the wind. "Is it dead?" asked Michael. "I think so." said Kim. "Look what it left behind." said Ann as she picked up the robe. Then an idea struck her. "We can use this robe to disguise Gracie and her friends so that they can blend in with the other shadows." said Ann. "Thats a great idea." said Kim. "Umm so we need more robes so that we can disguise them." said Vince walking away from his hiding place. "Your right this robe is too small for all of them to hide under. So we need 3 more." said Ann. "And I think we are gonna get them right now!!!" said Michael as 3 more shadows appeared in front of them. Ann, Kim and Michael ran behind the shadows and took off the robes revealing more black skellingtons that turned to ash under the pumpkin sun. "Ok this has to be enough to disguise Gracie and her friends." said Kim as she gathered up all the robes. Then she gave them to Vince. "Since you were too scared to fight you are gonna be in charge of the robes." she said. "Now lets go to Christmas Town so that we can save Halloween Town." said Michael. Then they started to walk to the Holiday Trees, but little would they know of the surprise that awaited them when they got there.
"SHADOWS!!!" yelled the kids in unison. The kids just arrived in the Holiday trees and by each tree was a shadow. The shadows flew to the kids and grabbed Kim. "Let go of my sister!!!" yelled Ann as she ran up to the shadow. She tried to get rid of the robe but another shadow came up behind her and grabbed her. Michael and Vince froze in horror. Kim then bit the hand of the shadow that was holding her captive. "Michael, Vince stop staring and go to Christmas Town!!" she yelled before the shadow could place his hand on her mouth again. Michael and Vince then ran to the Christmas Tree. The shadows tried to fly after them but they were already swept away by the snow. "Well, go after them!!" said a shadow. Then 2 shadows oppened the door to Christmas Town and, just like Michael and Vince, they were dragged into the tree by snow.


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