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Chapter 8 - Christmas Town

Who'd would ever think that Jack would have a identical twin brother, thats a PIRATE!!!???

Chapter 8 - Christmas Town

Chapter 8 - Christmas Town
"Oomh." said Vince as he fell into a mountain of snow. "Eww I just ate some yellow snow!!!" said Michael as he spit some snow from his mouth. "At least your not freezing your butt off." said Vince shivering. Then they both got up from the snow. "Wow its even prettier in June." said Michael looking upon the town of Christmas. "Yup just like Daddy said, color everywhere, white things in the air." said Vince. Christmas Town was way different than Halloween Town. Every house was red and had Christmas lights in the windows, but the coolest thing was the 10 ft Christmas Tree that was in the middle of the town. "It looks like that Dr. Seuss book Gracie and her friends always read us. I think it was The Grince that Stole Christmas or something like that." said Vince. "Hey speaking of Gracie and her friends we need to carry out Ann and Kim's plan if we ever want to see them again. And besides, we've been to Christmas Town every Christmas whats so different about today?" said Michael. "Umm we aren't here to help Sandy fill his sleigh." said Vince as he gathered up the robes. Then they started to walk down the hill.
"C'mon we need to get ready for Christmas in July." said a voice. Michael and Vince looked inside a window. "There's Sandy Claws." said Michael pointing at a small, fat guy wearing a red suit and cap. He also had a beard as white as snow. Then Michael and Vince ran to the door and rang the bell. The familiar tune of Jingle Bells rang through the air. "Oh now who can that be?" asked Santa as he went to the door.
Santa then answered the door. "Michael? Vince? What in the name of holly berries are you all doing here?" asked Santa. "Who's at the door?" asked Christene. Christene is Santa's wife, she is short and pudgy, and she wears a long red dress that has a white trim. "Michael and Vince." answered Santa. "Well let them in already, we don't want them to catch cold now do we?" asked Christene. Then Michael and Vince walked inside the warm house. Christene then set out Christmas cookies on the table. "Please help yourselves." she said. "No thanks." said Michael trying to hold Vince back away from the cookies. "Sandy we need your help." said Michael. "Why?" asked Santa. Then Michael and Vince told Santa what had happened to Halloween Town, and of the narrow escape they had from the shadows. "Oh my." said Christene. "I always knew your dad was crazy but I would never think he would do anything like this. How can I help?" asked Santa. Then Michael and Vince told Santa Ann and Kim's plan. "I'll be happy to take you to earth and get Gracie and her friends back. Lets go now before your dad finds out your here." said Santa. "Your gonna help them after what they have done to you." said Christene. Santa knew that she was talking about the Christmas ordeal that happened 13 years ago. (Remember, in this story its the year 2006) "Christene, its the least I can do. I mean Jack did save me from Oogie. Don't you worry. We'll be fine." he said. Then he kissed her on the cheek. "If you need me you can always call me on the raidar." said Santa as he left the house sith Michael and Vince at his side.
Outside they went to a redish-brownish cabin where the reindeer and sleigh were kept. Santa, with the help of his elves, got everything ready. When they were done Vince put the robes in the back and he and Michael sat in the front next to Santa. Santa quickly said the reindeer's names and they were off into the sky.
They were barely halfway to Earth when Christene came in on the radar. "Chris, your in grave danger," Christene said "I just saw some weird grim reaper creatures flying your way!!" "Mrs. Claws can you describe the creatures?" asked Michael. "They wore all black and they had on big robes." said Christene. "Shadows!!!" said Vince. Then the sleigh stopped. "What happened? Why did we stop?" asked Michael. "I don't know but the reindeer seem to be acting strange." said Santa. The reindeer were making weird noises and trembling, as if they were scared. Vince looked over the edge of the sleigh. Then a black skellington hand reached out and grabbed him by the throat! "Vince!" yelled Michael he looked where Vince was and saw a shadow choking Vince. Vince was trying to remove the hand from his throat but his fear of the shadows overtook him. Then Michael ran to the shadow and tried to help Vince but the shadow's grip was too tight. Michael knew that the shadow would not let go unless it had himself or Vince, better him then Vince. Michael went to the very edge of the sleigh and looked like he was gonna jump off. "Vince its up to you. Good luck." he said. Then he jumped. "You fool grab him!!" said the shadow that was under the one choking Vince. "But what about this one?" asked the shadow choking Vince. "We'll come back for him later." said the other. Then the shadow let go of Vince's neck and they both went after Michael. And all Vince could do was watch in horror as the shadows grabbed Michael and dragged him away. "Ok the reindeer seem to be getting back to normal. Lets hope we can get out of here before those shadows return. I'm terribly sorry for your brother." said Santa. Vince sat back down and took out his bat toy from his pocket. "Don't worry guys. I won't let you down." said Vince as he stroked the wings. He then put the toy back in his pocket.


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