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Chapter 9 - Zack's Plan

Who'd would ever think that Jack would have a identical twin brother, thats a PIRATE!!!???

Chapter 9 - Zack's Plan

Chapter 9 - Zack's Plan
Then the shadows who caught Michael dragged him to the shadows who caught Ann and Kim. "Oh no Michael!" said Ann. "You got caught too." said Kim. "Where's Vince?" asked Ann. "He's with Sandy Claws. Carying out your plan." said Michael. "I hope they make it to Earth." said Ann. "Me too." said Kim. Then the shadows flew their prizoners to Jack's tower and took them to the bacement. "Zack we brought you prizoners." said the shadows in unison. "Zack? Our dad's name is Jack!" said Kim. "Well, well, well look what we have here. If it ain't my nieces and nephews." said Zack walking out of the darkness of the room. He still looked like his brother. "Uncle Zack? What are you doing here? You left last week!" said Ann. "But I didn't. I was here posing as your dear old daddy." said Zack. "Huh? But...but why?" asked Michael. "Why!? I'll tell you why?! I'm fufilling a lost dream." whispered Zack. "Huh? What did you say?" asked Ann. "Your dad was always the center of attention. I was always left in the dust, even though I was 5 minuites older. It was always Jack this and Jack that. It drove me crazy! So I thought I should get away and persue my own dreams." said Zack. "So if you went to get away from my daddy's fame then why did you come back?" asked Kim. "Because I was a terrible pirate. I wanted to try my luck as pumpkin king," said Zack "But little would I know of my dear brother's 'improvements' to Halloweentown. The humans, Sally, you kids. I had to get rid of those blasted humans first. I knew they would jeporidize the plan. And besides I hate humans." said Zack. "But why? Humans are nice, caring, and cool." said Kim. "If they're so nice why did they steal everything from me? Human pirates were the people who stole the girl I love away from me. When I saw her being dragged away I swore to get revenge on all humans for what they done!" said Zack. "Seesh talk about holding a grudge." said Ann. Then Zack gave Ann an evil stare. "You have a lot of spunk, Kim. You take after your worthless mother." said Zack looking at Ann. "Ok first things first, I'm Kim. And second, you must of brainwashed mommy so that she would love you and wouldn't suspect anything." said Kim. "Ahh your very clever. But I bet you didn't even think that I used this to do the job!" said Zack pointing to the bat bowtie. "That thing? Its just a fashion statement." said Ann. "Oh its more than that. Its foretold that this bowtie has magical powers that your dad didn't even know about. Heck my dad didn't know either." said Zack. "Your crazy." said Michael. "I'm not crazy Vince." said Zack. "I'm Michael!" said Michael. "Hey wait where's Vince?" asked Zack. "He's with Sandy Claws and they are gonna get Gracie and her friends here to kick your butt." said Ann. "WHAT!!! Shadows!" said Zack. Then some shadows appeared in front of him. "Go find VInce. He could't have gotten far." said Zack pointing to the door. Then the shadows left. "As for you three. Say hello to your dad for me." said Zack. Zack pressed a button on the bowtie and the shadows and prizoners were gone.
Jack was looking around his small jail cell. He picked up some rocks that looked like bird seed. "This better trick that bird into giving me the keys." said Jack as he rolled some of the rocks in his hand. He walked up to the small window on the door of his cell and looked outside. He saw a skellington parrot. The parrot was Zack's, its name is Parlay and the reason why Jack wanted it was because it had the keys to his prizon in its claws. Jack stuck his hand between the bars. "Here little birdy. Come here you poor excuse for a rat with wings." said Jack. Parlay was about to come to Jack when he heard someone and flew away from Jack. "No wait I didn't mean it come back!!!" said Jack trying to get the bird back. Then Jack heard footsteps. He hid in the darkness of his cell. He saw a weird hooded figure open the door magically and shove 3 kids in. Not just any kids, his own kids.
The door closed with a bang. "NO!!!" said Michael as he and Ann tried to open the door. Kim walked around the prizon cell trying to find another way out. Jack walked out of the darkness and up to Kim. "DAD?!?! IS THAT YOU?!?!" said Kim. "Dad? Dad's here?" asked Ann getting away from the door. Ann, Kim, and Michael were shocked at the sate their dad was in. He wore a red and black striped shirt (the stripes were going in a horizontal direction), black pants, and a big black pirate hat that had a skull and cross bones on it. Jack fell to his knees and hugged each of his kids. "Are you all ok? Where's Vince?" asked Jack. Ann, Kim, and Michael told their dad what had happened to Halloween Town during his abstence. At the mention of Sally being brainwashed, Jack got up and punched a wall. "Zack, you will pay!!" said Jack. "Oh he will. Once Gracie and her friends kick his butt." said Michael. "Now lets find a way out of here!" said Ann. "Its no use. I've searched this blasted place countless times and there isn't any way out other than the door." said Jack. "Are you sure? Maybe there's a loose floorboard or a secret passage somewhere. Like in the books I read." said Kim. "This isn't a book." said Michael. "There are no loose floorboards or any secret passageways. Believe me, if I found one we wouldn't be here now." said Jack. "I guess we would just have to wait until Gracie and her friends defeat Zack, when they do Zack will tell them where we are." said Michael. "Hey daddy, did Zack want to be pumpkin king?" asked Ann. "Nope. He would always flinch at the thought of it." said Jack. "So what was the lost dream he was talking about?" asked Ann. "Wait! That girl! Maybe the girl that Zack loved wanted to be pumpkin queen and Zack her king. Maybe Zack is doing this in her memory." said Kim. Jack was somewhat confused until Ann, Kim, and Michael explained what Zack had just told them. "Well we know why he did this but that still doesn't help us get out of here." said Michael. "We'll just have to hope that Vince can get Gracie and her friends here to help." said Ann. "I hope he can." said Kim.


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