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Chapter 10 - Earth

Who'd would ever think that Jack would have a identical twin brother, thats a PIRATE!!!???

Chapter 10 - Earth

Chapter 10 - Earth
"Why?" questioned Gracie as she layed face up, on her tear stained bed, staring at the white celing(SP). Despite the warm weather outside Gracie was wearing a black hoodie and blue jean capris. Her room was unusually dark. There was no music bouncing off her light blue walls. The only sounds in her room were the sounds of Abby sleeping and Gracie's breathing.
"I'm scared. Gracie may kill herself." said Melissa, her voice sounded worried. Melissa had gotten rid of her green hair. She was wearing a white t-shirt that had a basketball on the front and on the back were the words Basketball is Life, she also wore black biker shorts. "I know. Gracie has been really depressed ever since we were banished last week." said Kelsey sadly. Kelsey's sunburn has healed somewhat, she still had some on her face. She wore a light purple tank top and blue jean shorts. "Lets take her to the mall. That would cheer her up." said Deseree in a hopeful tone. Deseree was wearing a red t-shirt and black jean shorts.
Then the door oppened and Melissa, Kelsey, and Deseree walked into the room. "Yo Frizzo!" yelled Melissa. Usually Gracie would of laughed at her nickname, but she just replied with a heavy sigh. "We're going to the mall and we want you to come with." said Deseree. "I hear they're havin a sale on Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice things at Hot Topic." said Kelsey hoping that would get her friend exiced. "I don't care." muttered Gracie. Then Melissa walked over to the window. She almost tripped over Abby. "Hey Gracie. Tim Burton is outside!" said Melissa trying to hide the giggles from her obvious lie. "Tell him to go back to England." muttered Gracie. Melissa's jaw dropped in shock, normally Gracie would of ran to the window to see if her idol was really there. "WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BEST FRIEND!!!" yelled Melissa at the top of her lungs. "C'mon. This Lydia Deets depression is getting to the point when it feels like your gonna kill yourself. Lets go outside and get you some much needed sun." said Deseree getting Gracie off her bed and on her feet.
Before Gracie could protest everyone heard the pitter patter of, what sounded like, reindeer on the roof. Then they heard a crash. "What was that!?" questioned Gracie, actually showing emotion in her voice. Then they heard 2 sets of feet walking on the roof. "It sounds like there going towards the chimney(SP)! C'mon lets go catch them!" said Gracie running ahead of her friends.
Gracie ran down the steps 2 at a time. She did not stop for her friends, she just continued running. Finally she reached the family room where the red brick chimney was. "Gracie wait up!" yelled Melissa out of breath. "Girl, what happened?" questioned Deseree. "One minuite you were, all, like, depressed and now you are your normal self." said Kelsey. Before Gracie could answer a big cloud of ash appeared at the oppening of the chimney. Gracie and her friends were coughing and gaging at the ash. "Oh its not that bad." said a low cheery voice. "I (cough) know (cough) that (cough) voice!" said Gracie in between coughs. Finally the ash cloud dissapeared and standing on the heart of the chimney was Santa!
"Santa is that you?" questioned Gracie. "Yes the one and only." replyed Santa. "But its the middle of June." said Melissa in a confused tone. "I'm very well aware of that Melissa." Santa snaped back. "Why are you here?" questioned Deseree. "We need your help." replyed Santa. "We? Who's we? I only see one." said Kelsey looking around.
Then another ash cloud appeared leaving the girls, and Santa, coughing up a storm. When that cloud settled there stood Vince.
"VINCE?!?!?!?!?" yelled Gracie and her friends at the top of their lungs. "What are you doing here?" questioned Gracie in a happy tone. Vince then told the girls what had happened to Halloween Town ever since they were banished. "Jack has gone too far." said Melissa when Vince was done with his story. "That is not Jack...its Zack." said Gracie. "Uhh earth to Gracie," said Deseree as she tapped Gracie on the head, " Zack left last week!" "No he didn't. He's been in Halloween Town posing as Jack." said Gracie trying to sound like a dective. "Not this crud again. Jack and Zack switched places and Jack didn't know about it. Now Zack is posing as Jack and he, somehow, made Sally love him and not Jack." said Melissa in an annoyed tone. "Yes those were my thoughts exactaly. How can we help?" questioned Gracie. "HELP! Girl, we can't help them!" yelled Kelsey. "And why not?" asked Gracie in an angry tone. "Hello! Did you forget about the shadows??? If we go to town they will catch us and we'll be in jail along with Ann, Kim, and Michael." yelled Deseree. "No you won't. We have costumes of the shadows so that you all will blend in the other shadows." said Vince in a reashuring(SP) tone. "Oh yea Ann and Kim's plan. I almost forgot." said Gracie. "Hey Sherlock! How will we get Ann, Kim, and Michael out of jail?" questioned Melissa. "Santa do you know where Zack's pirate ship is?" asked Gracie in a hopeful tone. "Yes." said Santa. "What does Zack's ship have to do with all this?" asked Melissa in a confused tone. "I bet that Ann, Kim, and Michael are being held captive there. Plus if I was right about Jack and Zack switicing places then we will find Jack on Zack's ship also." replyed Gracie in a know-it-all tone. "Well then what are we doing here? Lets go and save them!!" yelled Vince. "Good idea." they all said in unison.
Then Santa put a finger by his nose and in a matter of seconds everyone that was in the room had found themselves on Gracie's roof. "Wow!! You can see the whole neighborhood from here!" said Melissa in an exicited tone. "Quick! Put these on!" yelled Vince as he threw the girls the robes. "Eww!! This is the tackiest shade of black I've ever seen!!!" said Kelsey in an disgusted tone. "Oh stop complaining and put the robe on you little Clare Brewster wanna-be." said Gracie in an annoyed tone as she put her robe on over her outfit. "Clare Brewster? Oh that bully from the Beetlejuice tv show!" said Deseree as she put her robe on over her outfit. When the robes were on the girls put the hoods over their heads. You would acutally mistake them for acutal shadows.
"Hey wait a min! Didn't those shadow tingys fly?" asked Melissa in an confused tone. "Oh your right!! We're gonna stick out like sore thumbs if we walk. Santa do you have anything that can make us fly?" questioned Gracie in an worried tone. "You girls don't need it." said Santa in an ashuring tone. "Look down." said Vince in a nervious tone. The girls looked down and noticed that their feet weren't touching the ground! "We're flying!!" said Deseree in an exiced tone. "More like levitating(SP). I wonder how they work?" questioned Gracie as she put her hood down, resulting in her falling on her butt. "Ouch. Ok they're hood activated. Not magical." said Gracie painfully as she put the hood over her head again, resulting in her floating upwards. "Huh?" asked Gracie looking around. "What is it?" questioned Melissa in a worried tone. "I thought I heard the sound of Abby's collar and tags." replyed Gracie. "Your ears are playing tricks on you." said Deseree in a lets-just-get-out-of-here tone. Then Santa and Vince jumped in the front of the sleigh, Santa said the names of his reindeer and they were off with Gracie and her friends following behind. The girls did not get in the sleigh because they wanted to get the hang of flying.


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